Name: Erin
Residence: Maryland
Education: Currently working on BS in Accounting
Launch of Scandalous Beauty: December, 2005

Scandalous Beauty is a beauty blog dedicated to makeup, skincare and haircare for African American Women. Get the scoop on the hottest trends and the best products for US!


  1. Anonymous says

    You have a depth of information and an obivous passion for makeup which we all admire, do you work as a makeup artist. I say drop accounting and soar to the top of the Cosmetic Industry hahaha, keep the great info coming.

  2. Anonymous says

    Hey! Great natural hair videos! EXTREMELY helpful! I was wondering what’s ur hair type?? Mine is 4a/maybe 4b. And I was wondering if we have the same type, that maybe the products you use will work on my hair.


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