I am available for custom consultations for you via the internet. This is a great way to find the very best products to create the look you desire! This is perfect if you are getting married, going to a prom, have a hot night out or if you are looking for a new look.

How It Works: Send 5-8 pictures for me to view, and I’ll give you a full consultation! This includes a list (and web links) of 20 products to help answer your questions. I can make sure to factor your budget, preferred makeup brands, location, climate, etc.

Price: This basic service is $10 for a list of 20 product recommendations.
-If you would like a personal video response of products to use and how to use them, this will be an additional $10.
-If you would like to discuss the recommendations over the phone, this will be an additional $10 per half hour. Note: This usually takes an hour. But we can condense it to fit a half hour appointment.
All payments are made via Paypal.

To Get Started: If you are interested, feel free to contact me via e-mail in the mean time. More info to follow!

What I Provide:

Products based on your skin type and skin concerns


Primers (If Needed)

Eye Shadows to compliment day, evening, etc.
Eye liner
Lashes, if needed

Liners, Glosses and Lipsticks for All Occasions

Any other things that you are looking to add, concerns, etc.


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi SB, I am a faithful watcher of your videos as a fellow blk women, I don’t really want a consultation, I just wanted to know if you sell any of your makeup that you don’t really use anymore? You can email me

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