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Flirt Cosmetics is somewhat of a newbie in the makeup game, but it is definitely one of the hottest lines out. Available exclusively at Kohl’s, this line yells trendy, funky and fun! I left class the other day to drive to Kohl’s and play with the line. While I was an intern for the CEW, there was another lady interning at Flirt! Her name is Janjay, and the show was called “The Fashionista Diaries”, on Soapnet. I tivo’ed every episode! Each day, her hair and makeup was always done, which I loved! She took pride in her appearance, and that showed us that Flirt! is very brown girl friendly. She was always on point, getting her work done and making sure that she was the best intern that she could be. Find out more about the fabulous JanJay, who now works for Flirt! Check out clips of JanJay, working hard and enjoying city life!

Here are a few highlights of the line…

Big Flirt Mascara available in blue, pink, violet, teal, black and brown. Finally, some color!!!
Look of Love Eyeliner Pencils reminded me of less expensive versions of MAC Eye Kohl’s. The colors were SO rich and they cost less! Score! Licorice Delight is a midnight blue, close to MAC’s Blooz eye kohl. Green Expectations is a hunter green, similar to MAC’s Tarnish eye kohl, and Metallic Lace reminds me so much of Tin-Tin eye kohl, a bright silver, which MAC no longer makes.

I really like the mousse products, like Madame X Blush Mousse and High Maintanace, 24 Karat and Cross My Heart Eye Mousse. While I browsed through the Dream Eyes Eyeshadows, I found quite a few MAC eyeshadow dupes! Yeeeees! Here’s what I found…

Bronze Splash=Amber Lights
Golden Lady=Tempting
Glamourazzi= Trax
Feeling Light=Expensive Pink
Lime Light=Vex
Silver Fog=Electra
Vanilla Truffle=Kid

Quite a few to choose from huh? As for lips, there were quite a few lipsticks that I thought would look great in out makeup bags. Chickstick Smooth and Shiny Lipstick in Honey would be an awesome nude. High Wattage lipsticks in Smitten, Dazzle and Ace also looked like they would work well on darker skin tones.

Flirt also has a fragrance, Glamourazzi!!! I really like this scent because it is soft, and lets the smell of pineapple linger on the skin. I really think this fragrance will be part of my permanent rotation. Loves it!


  1. Anonymous says

    i was at the flirt counter and the two makeup artist present informed me that mac and flirt were formulated by the same company, with the flirt line being the less expensive of the two and made specifically for kohs. the american beauty (i hope that is the right name ) is equivalent to the estee lauder line. basically kohls cosmectics is the same as the high end lines for less, as most of their products being less exspensive than the other higher end department stores.

  2. paperdollrevenge says

    Thanks for the helpful info! I didn’t know that about Flirt! being owned by the same company as MAC until I looked for reviews online.

    I got a set of 40 limited edition eye shadows on sale for $20.99 yesterday! I like that they’re the same size as MAC and they can be put in palettes. I bought it as a gift but I’m tempted to go back and get one for myself. =P

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