Goodbye…Again…Kind Of….

Okay, for real this time! I’ve decided to go ahead and merge two out of the three of my blogs. All of my natural hair posts have been moved on over to Scandalous Beauty. There you’ll find hair and makeup all in one easy to locate blog. Please excuse my indecisiveness. I excel at that.

May I just say, for the record, that I miss my fro like crazy. I’ve wanted to lather it in Honey Hemp conditioner, create funky twist outs, and see just how big and crazy it could have been! But, my hair is confined to the locs that are emerging at the moment. And ya know what? I don’t regret locking my hair at all. If I hate them, I’ll comb them out. I hope that you will continue to follow me over at Scandalous Beauty. Remember, you can watch my natural hair videos (which I have a slew of them to work on!) at and my hair albums at and