MAC Metal Rock Mineralized Skin Finish

Metal Rock Skinfinish is a classic. Back when the MSF’s debuted years ago, this was one of the fab lineup. There I am wearing the shade back in 2006. I put it on my blush brush, sprayed it with Fix +, then wore it to the club! Even though there is glitter and tons of shimmer packed into this product, I can’t live without it. I use it sparingly, because I’m terrified that I’ll never find it again!

One faithful day, I ran across Burnished Copper Cream Eye Shadow by Laura Mercier. I always loved the Creme Brule products that she made, the eye kohls, tinted moisturizer, etc. The shade that I tried completely boggled my mind…it looked so much like my beloved Metal Rock! Granted, it’s a bit darker, but it’s equally as pigmented, if not more. In fact, I may like the effect a bit more! I apply it with my fingers, but using the 129, 187 or 188 is just as good! The MSF is to the left, cream eye shadow to the right.

The MAC website suggests Chocolate Brown pigment as a good dupe. Umm, no. It’s been years and years, but MAC just refuses to re-launch Metal Rock. I swear, they can bring back every other product they’ve ever released twice, but not MR! It’s aggrevating! Come on MAC, hook us up!


  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks for this post. I’ve heard you praise Metal Rock so many times that I was looking for a substitute. I knew that the MAC website suggested Chocolate Brown pigment but that never made sense to me. Good to know they were way off base.

  2. princessvalecia says

    chocolate brown vs. metal Rock??? Nothing alike…Glad you found a dupe metal rock looks really great on u

  3. Nepenthe says

    I’ve seen Metal Rock used by quite a few people and it looks stunning, I’d love to find that type of pigmentation in a slightly lighter shade..

    ..any recommendations?

  4. Amina says

    see, I used to have metal rock but the glitter/shimmer was too much for me!
    I couldn’t wear it to work, classes and since I rarely go out, it was mostly there…doing nothing…
    unfortunately it committed suicide :(

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