The Five Essential Guidelines for Bridal Beauty

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Spring weather usually equals happier people, more travel, and weddings, among other things. Bridal beauty is such a major part of the production! This month, Scandalous Beauty will produce a Bridal Beauty Guide to help present and future brides prepare for the big day. Anyone can use this information, of course!

1. No regrets- We usually hope that a marriage will last forever. During those happy times, you’re probably going to look at your pictures. If you decide to wear blue eye shadow and a matte pink lip, will you still think you looked impeccible in the year 2067? Hmm.

2. Wear your makeup ahead of time- Whether you decide to do your own makeup or hire an artist, try on your look! Decide what your full face of makeup will look like, and wear it all day and all night. Take plenty of pictures. Wear it with a white top (if you plan to wear a white dress). You’ll want to do this to make sure your makeup will last, and that it will look great on camera.

3. Own Your Beauty-It’s great to get consultations and accept your beauty look, but don’t forget to own the products! Unless you’d like to keep your makeup artist on call throughout the wedding and reception, it’s a great idea to purchase at least the lip products and a powder to keep the shine away.

4. Waterproof is loveproof-With all of the possible crying, sweating, or hanky panky that may possibly happen on your wedding day, wear makeup that will ensure longevity. You’ll be blowing air kisses and all of that frou frou, and you’ll want your lipstick to last and your lashes to stay on!

5. Decide on your beauty theme-Decide if you want to be a super glam bride, or an effortlessly stunning bride. This criteria works with everything else in your wedding party as well. Some brides would like to look so much more fabulous than they usually do, and aren’t recognizable.


  1. Milaxx says

    Great tips. I always share similar info with any brides I may work with. You would be surprised at the brides that don’t want to do a test run. I also have to always remind bridal parties get their brows waxed at the very least 3 days before the wedding.

  2. says

    Thank you for posting this! Your examples are nice. I’m thinking about an ‘effortlessly glam bride.’ Is that possible? Also, have you checked out Offbeat bride? I just finished reading there book and I’m planning a traditional type wedding with a family mario theme reception.

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