How to Moisturize Natural Hair: Video+Links

Natural hair gets dry all year around, of course. One of the most distressful emails I get from people, or read on blogs, etc. Is the cry to end dry hair! Yes, I understand. I’ve been there. That was one of the reasons why I almost relaxed my hair while I had a teeny weeny afro. It was the worst feeling ever. I made this video in early 2009, before I decided to loc my hair. It’s one of my favorite videos because it showed a luscious fro that I adored. I doubt I will stay loc’ed forever, and when the day comes, I’ll make a few changes to regimen. Here’s the video, with a list of products (and new recommendations) below it.

I definitely think it’s best to moisturize your hair in sections. I liked to make 4-6 small afro puff ponytails with bands, and mist it with water or moisturizing spray. After that, I would add the moisturizer of my choice, then seal with oil.

Here are the products mentioned in this video:
Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercream– It’s one of products that I had to use, even though I didn’t like the ingrediants. It’s overpriced, but it’s awesome. You can find it at or certain Target stores. Again, I only bought it during the Christmas buy one, get one free sale. I no longer use this product, but I loved it when I had it!

Qhemet Biologics-Amla Heavy Cream-I really liked this, but it was thick and my hair sometimes felt greasy. I used the Miss Jessie’s more.

Castor Oil- Random from Walmart, no name brand. It was $4, found it in the vitamin section.

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deeper Moisture Conditioner-I found another bottle of this in my cabinet the other day! It’s still great stuff!

Glycerine and Water mix-You can vegtable glycerine at your supermarket and probably drugstore. I stopped using that later in the year and instead used Oyin Handmade Juices ‘N Berries. It’s great to use morning and night, keeps my hair feeling amazing and really refreshes my hair. I’ve got 3 bottles in the house.


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