Sam Fine Step-by-Step Beauty: Jennifer Hudson

Sam Fine is the king of the subtle highlight and contour.  I’ve done so many stories on him already, I’m sure you don’t even need in introduction.  Here’s the scoop on Oscar Winner Jennifer Hudson’s look.  By the way, if you don’t have his instructional DVD, The Basics of Beauty by now, shame on you.  I’ve watched it one too many times!

Coverage: Every great look begins great coverage. Jennifer has beautiful skin, but like many women of color, she has varied tones. I use foundation to unify those varying tones. One of my favorites is the Queen Collection Natural Hue Compact Foundation because it’s cream- to- powder, so it dries down to a powdery finish and looks really natural.

Bronzer: Bronzer is always a must for all women to illuminate their complexion. It’s important to choose a bronzer that’s one shade darker than your natural skin tone and apply it to the outer perimeter of your face to warm the skin and create a halo of glow. After applying bronzer, you can go back and layer over blush to give the skin a pop of color. On Jennifer, I used CoverGirl Natural Hue Mineral Bronzer and Cargo’s matte blush in Laguna . (Scandalous Beauty Edit: Sam also has me HOOKED on Cargo bronzer in dark.  It’s not as dark as you would expect, but it’s radiant!)

Eyes: To create Jennifer’s classic, natural eye, I used a brown shadow.  Shu Uemura makes a great pressed eye shadow in an array of shades – in this case, their Matte Taupe with Golden Flakes Eyeshadow works perfectly. For this look, I didn’t use a ton of liner, and totally avoided lining underneath her eyes to keep them soft.  We used tons of mascara to enhance her look – my favorite is LashBlast from CoverGirl.  I always like to apply a coat of mascara, and then move on to something else to let the first coat dry. I’ll come back a few minutes later, curl the lashes, and then layer on a few more coats of mascara to really build the lashes. This makes them much more dramatic and makes the curl hold well. It’s like spraying your hair with a coat of hairspray before using a curling iron.

Lips: To complete her look, I gave Jennifer a beautiful nude lip. The key to a nude lip is to begin by lining the lips with liner that is one shade darker than your natural lip color. Don’t worry about matching the liner to your lipstick – if you match it to your lips, it will look great with any shade of lipstick. After lining the lips, feather the liner towards the center of the mouth to great a base for the lipstick. Next, apply your lipstick. On Jennifer, I chose IMAN Cosmetics’ Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick in Citron. I finished by slicking on a golden gloss add dimension and shine. CoverGIRL’s Shine Blast Lip Gloss is perfect!


  1. Blog Fan says

    Good post, but I don’t think Cargo makes a bronzer named Laguna, Laguna is actually made by NARS and I can’t see Cargo’s Matte Bronzer working on Jennifer’s skintone…I purchased that particular bronzer in both Matte and Dark and the Matte was clearly for light complexions….however, the Dark shade does leave a nice glow to my face…not too shimmery or bright, but really nice

    • Scandalousbeauty says

      @Blogfan-Yeah, you’re right. I made an edit about that but I see it didn’t update. Making the change now!

  2. says

    Hi Blog Fan,

    I saw your post and wanted to send you a quick note…
    The post reads, Cargo matte blush in Laguna; It’s not a Nars product. Also, I use Cargo bronzer in Dark on JHud often; I’m glad you enjoy it as well. If you require a deeper, richer colored bronzer try the Queen Collection Natural Hue Mineral Bronzer.

    Thanks Scandalous Beauty for all your support! I’ll be Tweeting this post asap!

    Sam Fine

  3. says

    Jhud make up is always dope! I always wanted to know who her team is because she is and are always on point in that manner. I often wondered why she is not a cover girl yet. Jennifer Hudson have always been a very gorgeous young lady. She is much more believeable than a lot of other stars. She has the warn spirit and a gaint size heart for all. Jhud is problemly the most humble and down to earth super star in the business. Jen is a real trooper.

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