Total Beauty: 13 Tackiest Lip Glosses
13 Ickiest Lip Glosses

Don’t look to these glosses for kiss-worthy lips. Readers say these left their lips chapped, goopy and worse

13 Ickiest Lip Glosses

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From glosses that “smell like moth balls” and “feel like little bits of broken glass,” it’s safe to say that these are best left in the 99 cent bin. Don’t waste your money on these awful lip products.

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No. 13: LORAC Lip Polish, $17.50 average member rating: 5.9

This is “somewhat sticky, not very long lasting,” and “not worth the price.”

No. 12: E.L.F. Plumping Lip Glaze, $1 average member rating: 5.7

“Not only does it not plump your lips, but it smells so disgusting. I can’t even describe the scent …”

No. 11: Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Extreme, $9.49 average member rating: 5.7

“Smell: hideous. Taste: awful. Price: outrageous. Fullness: no change.”

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Funky Brown Foodie: Korean Dinner at Shin Chon Garden

My honey took his favorite girls out to dinner this weekend.  In my attempt to upgrade myself and eat foods from other cultures, we ventured to Shin Chon Garden in Ellicott City.  Reviews stated it was an awesome place to go, newly renovated, very authentic, super tasty. We had two options, grill or barbecue.  We took the grill option, but we probably should have taken the bbq route. The only Korean meal I’ve ever had is fried chicken, and oh boy, it’s incredible.

8801 Baltimore Natl Pike # 27
Ellicott City, MD 21043-4108

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Haute Blogger: Watch & Analyze What Your Readers View On Your Blog

Oh Independent Fashion Bloggers website, how I love thee. While reading 5 Helpful Sites to Analyze Your Blog, they shared a link to This website actually lets you watch and analyze what people do while on your blog! Seriously…it’s a recording of people clicking links, reading articles, trying to steal your content, and all the other normal things that readers do!  It was super creepy at first, and I kind of felt like I was spying! But seriously, you should take a gander. It was totally worth it.

As the World Turns

Edited by Fajr of

With so much going on in the world, the Japan earthquake, the upheaval in Libya, the aftermath of John Galliano’s actions and the social phenomenon that is Charlie Sheen, it’s great to see the fashion blogging community talking about the issues and bringing a little light with the fancy of fashion! Included in this week’s amazing links: Shopping to Aid Japan Relief, an outfit post for Charlie Sheen, exploring the new neon trend and behind the scenes of how Hermes scarves are made!

Links à la Mode: March 24th


Shopbop Sale: Jen Kao, Maison Scotch, Free People, Tibi, Jil Sander, Herve Leger, Tory Burch, & Alexander Wang

Style: My Name is Erin and I’m Obsessed with African Print!

It all started while watching A Different World. It was the episode when EnVogue guest starred, and Charmane, Lena and Whitley wore African Print dress. This could be one of the worst images ever, but it gives you the idea!

Then, I find this image of Nicole Ari Parker. Umm, I need this dress, like last year. This shirtdress was created by brand Kiki, based in Ghana.

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