3 Resources for Making 2012 (And Beyond) Fantastic!

Image c/o Oh the lovely things blog

I’m not really crazy about making resolutions weeks before the new year. I make them all the time. For instance, I want to keep on waking up at 6 am, maybe earlier. I’d love to keep focusing on small business, especially local ones. I want to cook at home, constantly. I’d love to be organized and hyper-focused. Here are a few ideas to keep your goals flowing!

Three ways to cut down debt c/o And Then She Saved. I follow her method, as it’s the one my father has beaten into my head over the years. It doesn’t feel like it works, but it really does.

5 To-Do Lists that Could Save Your Life via Charade. I really, really liked this one. It includes a list on things you want to learn, and things to acquire, among others. I usually write all the things I want done in my reminders app. I can’t wait to compile, add to, and check things off of these lists!

At Decor8, folks are listing their 2011 accomplishments. I think this is a great idea! We should always remember to see how we’ve progressed (or regressed) and work toward more for the future!

If you’re into crafts, check out Oh The Lovely Things Blog for some New Year’s Eve craft ideas! Just click the picture above!

If we don’t get to chat on Twitter or Facebook within the next couple of days, I’d like to wish you a Happy New Year!!!

Farewell, Oyin Handmade! (Plus 7 Things I Wanted You to Know as an Oyin Insider)

Oyin Honeybees Summer 2011

Most of the Team, Circa Summer 2011

Yesterday was my last day working for Oyin Handmade. The last two and a half years of my life had been spent working there, and it was a hell of an adventure. Jamyla and Pierre are really, really, really awesome couple. The company that they created has grown beyond their wildest dreams, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. I’ve had so many memories there, many of which have been captured in these Facebook albums. And it really is a cool job! We work hard, all while listening to music and singing all day long, cracking jokes and wearing whatever we want. Good times.

I figure, I might as well tell you some insider stuff, now that I’m off the payroll. Everything written below is my personal opinion, not those of the company. : ) Of course, I just realized I wrote everything as if I were still a honeybee. Oops. You know what I mean.

By the way, most of us are bloggers! Be sure to check out Justin (fashion), Derek (sports) and Sazi’s (crafts) blogs. Meagan contributes to Afrobella!

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How I Clean my Makeup Brushes When They Are Really, Really Dirty

wine and makeup brushes

I had very high hopes for today’s blog post. And then, I realized that I was too full and far too tired to do a tutorial today. Instead, I’m showing you what I did on Christmas Eve. Over the past few weeks, I’d go to do a makeup look, only to realize that the usual cleaners weren’t getting the job done. Do you know why? Because they needed to be washed. Badly. Since these are my personal brushes, I follow this routine. Note: I don’t know if this is the right or wrong way, but it’s my way. It gets my brushes clean.

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My Perfect Skin Care Moisturizers: Make Up For Ever and Philosophy

Philosophy Hope In a Jar and Make Up For Ever HD Elixer

It’s been an annoying few months for my skin. It’s so dry and flaky, I had no clue what to do with it! I would look in the mirror after I showered, and there was the flakiness. I’m so used to being an oily girl, so this was difficult. I had tried moisturizers from Juice Beauty, Mario Badescu and Korres. They were okay, but nothing special. My last skin care purchase was Philosophy Hope In A Jar. Can’t even lie, mama Oprah had her ever-popular effect on me too. She mentioned it as one of her favorite things, so I remembered it. I had been using it over the last month or two, and it has been really great. It’s a light mousse, so I didn’t think it would be that effective. Well, I had the old jar of Make Up For Ever HD Elixir in one of my beauty drawers. (Seriously, be sure to read all about the Elixir. The stats behind it are insane.) I forgot all about it! I mixed 2 drops of it with a dollop of HIAJ and voila! My skin felt like a million bucks!

Note: The MUFE Elixir was sent to me as a sample from the company. I speak only the truth in these blog posts. : )

Quest for the Perfect Foundation: The Make Up For Ever Complexion Kit

Make Up For Ever Complexion Kit

You all know how I feel about MUFE. I sing its praises all the time. Sephora is offering a new complexion kit, featuring a full-sized HD foundation, a mini HD-translucent powder and primer. Not only that, but you get the softest, fluffiest, most awesome kabuki brush known to man. I wear no. 175, which I love. If you purchase this kit, you get $30 off of regular retail price!! Yep, this $80 kit will supply you with everything you need for a lovely face. Can’t beat that! For more information, check out the HD complexion kit here.

Looking for a tutorial on how to use this fantastic foundation? Here’s one by yours truly! 
Note: These products were provided by the PR company for review consideration. I speak only the truth. I promise.