Sam Fine and Romero Jennings’ Favorite MAC Products

While de-cluttering cleaning my room the other day, I happened to find one of my old MAC Pro Masterclass workbooks. It included a Q & A with select makeup artists who give workshops for the company. I’m thinking that this book is from the Sam Fine masterclass in Harlem circa 2007.

If you’re interested in taking a MAC Pro masterclass, check out this link. You’ll need to have a MAC Pro card to access this part of the website. Many MAC stores and counters offer classes to people who aren’t makeup artists, as well as private lessons. Just inquire with an artist.

Sam Fine Favorite MAC Products '07/Scandalous Beauty

Another of my favorite artists, Senior Artist Romero Jennings, also has a great list of goodies. This list is loaded with a fantastic selection for a universal lip palette.

Now remember, this is an old book, and some of the products aren’t even available anymore.  In fact, they might have found better substitutions than what is listed. Also, this doesn’t mean that their kits are only comprised of MAC products. However, I figured it would be fun to share. Don’t forget that these are suggestions, and if you do or do not happen to have these items, your kit can still be fabulous!

Romero Jennings Favorite MAC Products '07/Scandalous Beauty

Don’t forget to follow Sam Fine and Romero Jennings on twitter! You never know when they are going to drop little bombs of beauty knowledge (which happens often).

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