Lupita N’Yongo Paid for Her Oscar’s Pizza with Clarins HydraQuench Lip Balm

The Oscars Rocked.

It’s the first time that I was ever totally into it. I turned a couple times, but I always turned right back. So you know, most of the reason I watched was for Lupita N’Yongo. After all, she’s a friend in my head, and I have to support my friends! Last night, while Ellen collected money for pizza in the middle of the award show, Lupita handed  Ellen a lip balm. That lip balm was Clarins HydraQuench Lip Balm ($24), and as you can imagine, it flew off the shelves like hot cakes!

The HyrdaQuench lip balm is packed with Essential Rose Wax, a fine, protective film collected from the surface of rose petals, that covers lips with a highly soothing, moisture-protecting barrier. It also has Ceramide 3, which helps repair chapped and irritated lips by rebalancing the skin’s natural barrier effect. For more information, check out!

Erin Baynham

By day I'm a web designer at a University, but I'm a beauty blogger 24/7! I love iced coffee, new foundations, the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens, and Scandal.

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