Erin’s Guide to Better Beauty Blogging


In December 2005, I started a beauty blog.

Within the next 6 years, I had beauty albums (my intro to blogging), sub-blogs (The MAC Fetish–an ode to my addiction to MAC), forums, Youtube channels…you name it. I tried tons of things over the years to make my blog what I wanted it to be. Almost all of those things have failed.

Every so often, I look at my unfinished posts and at barely used makeup and think “What the hell am I doing?” There are times that I am so uninspired, so out of the loop, and plain old unsure of myself.

There’s SO much that I wish I knew about blogging. To this day, I read guides and blogging blogs all the time. In this guide, I’ll share what I’m learning, and all the crap I wish people told me.

This is an on-going series that will be edited constantly. Check in for new additions, links and suggestions.

Here’s some of that info:

1. It’s not a competition. There’s room for everyone.

2. Don’t waste your precious time worrying about what everyone else is doing. Do you. Sure, it’s great to get inspiration from others, but don’t try to be them. If you don’t like they way your blog is going, change it.

3. Beauty blogs need images. The more, the better. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read beauty blogs that talk about a product and don’t show me the product. What the–?? If you’re telling me about a gloss, let me see the gloss! Sheesh.

4. Creating different blogs for different topics isn’t always the best idea-you have to grow a whole new following. I’m still teaching myself that lesson. Like, right this second.

5. When you’re not in the mood to blog, don’t force it. Trust me, I’ve forced posts. They are crappy, and usually your readers can tell.

Here are bunch of other posts that I’ve written about beauty blogging. All of them are my opinions. Follow if you’d like, try if you’d like.

 So, You Want to Start a Beauty Blog?

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The Blogging Process

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Organize your content: Categories, Tags and Pages
Building Interaction on Your Blog: Polls, Ratings
Branding with Images: Favicons, Avatars
Your Blog’s Archives: Don’t Let Them Forget Your Content
Creating a Blogging Schedule
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Making Money From Your Blog, and Getting Free Stuff

Make Money From Your Site 24/7

Media Kits: Collaborating w/ brands and Building Partnerships

Make That Money: Creating a Media Kit for Your Blog
Media Kit Crash Course: Overview (PDF)
Media Kit Crash Course, Part 1: Creating Your Brand’s Story
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20 Ways  to be a Successful Blogger While Working Full Time

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Social Media & Blogging: Birds of a Feather

 7 Reasons Why Twitter is Essential To You
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Social Media Checklist for Bloggers [Video]
Using Tumblr to Increase Your Blog’s Readership
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Awesome Tools for Blogging
Using Social Media to Get More Readers on Your Blog

Classes, Workshops and Conferences

Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference Notes ’10
The Bloggers Conference Checklist [And how to still be there without  actually being there]
10 Really Amazing Things I Learned at the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference 
Blog Webinar Resources


Spread the Word: Your Blog’s Business Cards
Create Your Blog’s Mission Statement [Video]
Your Personal Website or About Me Section: Brand Yourself!
Create a Media Kit for Advertisers, Partners and Sponsors

Layout / Blog Design

Spice Up Your Comment Section: Platforms and Options
Juice Up Your Footer: Your Last Chance to Hook Your Readers
Make it Easy for Readers to Share Your Content
De-clutter Your Blog’s Sidebar [Video]
Creating a Blog Layout That You’ll Love
Make Your Blog Easy To Read on Mobile Sites

Gaining (and Keeping!) Readers

Build Your Readership with Bloglovin’
Using Email Services to Keep Your Readers Involved
Create Free Newsletters for Your Readers with MailChimp [Video]

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