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Get the Look: Kerry Washington’s Emmy’s Hair by Kiyah Wright

Kerry Washington Emmy's Look By Kiyah Wright

Image c/o Kiyah Wright’s Instagram

Kerry Washington Emmy's Hair

Image c/o

Just yesterday, I laid in bed as flu like symptoms got the best of me. In between Dayquill-induced naps, I caught up on the entire season of Scandal. You all know that Kerry is one of my favorite actresses, and this is just part of the reason why. If you haven’t watched Scandal, get on it NOW. The season 2 premiere is Thursday at 10Pm, (during the Ravens game…grr…) but I’ll be there anyway! Kiyah said “She wanted to keep it unbelievably simple, just like what’s on the runways.” Here’s how she did the look:

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Celebrity Makeup Artist Interview, Shon Michaux

Shon Michaux


Kanye. Marc Anthony. Steven Tyler. That’s just a few of the people that are clients of Shon’s. I am SO excited to finally publish my new Creative Colony podcast with makeup artist Shon Michaux! You simply must listen to how she lost her entire makeup kit, and gained a new one from our beloved Tia Dantzler (who I interviewed here). She also shares some of her favorite products for her kit, and a few makeup resources and tips that have led to her success! Download on Itunes (and subscribe!) here, head over the the Creative Colony website for more info, or listen below.

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Lucky FABB: What I Loved and What Was A Waste

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Lucky Fabb Conference in NYC. You know how it goes, getting up at 3 after freaking out all night, thinking your alarm won’t go off. 4am, you’re on the train, 8 am, you’re in NYC. Here’s a photo rundown of my experience. I also did a very thorough audio review which includes my notes from the conference, which you can download on Itunes (and subscribe to the Creative Colony Podcast!) , or play directly from this page. The audio player is at the bottom of the post.

How to Make It On Your Own Terms Lucky FABB Panel with Brandon Holley and Terry Lundgren

Editor In Chief Brandon Holley and Macy’s President and CEO Terry Lundgren

The Big Picture Panel at Lucky FABB: Lauren Sherman, Leandra Medine, Leah Chernikoff, Annie Georgia Greenburg

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Makeup Artist Showcase: Trish from the UK

1. How did you get started doing makeup?

Makeup has always been my life; it was something that found me rather than me finding makeup. My makeup journey started over 20 years ago, when I was having fun entering beauty competitions. I was appointed as one of the tow girls to promote the official West Indies Cricket Support Association at the Oval in London.

I was also the first black model to enter in Ms Thamesdown in Swindon. I was placed runner up in Miss Nightclub UK, Miss Press Queen & Miss Levi Poster Girl. I also entered Ms Jamaica UK, and Ms Black UK.

Whilst attending a charity fashion show as a model, I was asked if I could help with the makeup for the evening, as they were short staffed and that was it, I was hooked.  As much as I loved modelling I found a new passion in makeup and then my journey started.  I never thought about the makeup side but finding my true passion was a dream come true.

I now also work as a trainer – working on your inner beauty from confidence building, resolving conflict to effective communication. This enables us to project the “real inner “beauty that we ALL have.  My workshops also include Healing Our Scars – healing our internal scars, whilst also minimising /removing our external scars.

2. Did you go to makeup school?

Once I decided that this was the industry I wanted to be involved in, I enrolled on a makeup course.  This course was incredible, as much as you think you have an idea of how things are meant to be, this takes you to another level.  We are all born with a gift but the courses will help to bring out your strengths and weaknesses.  It gives you a great standing for any job that you undertake as a makeup artist.

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