Five Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your Blog Design

Wordpress Blog Premade Responsive Theme

It peps up your blogging mojo

You know that feeling you get when your hair is done and you’re in a shiny new outfit? It makes you feel like a million bucks. You get the same feeling when you give your blog design a new look!

You’ve grown as a blogger

Maybe you’ve decided to be a more dedicated blogger. In the past, you may have blogged recreationally. But now, you’re goal is to blog three times a week. Step up that look, honey!

Your readers deserve it

Spoil people that read your blog every day. Let them show up to your special space and see something just for them.

You have a new strategy

Did you decide to step up your social media plan? How about blogging frequency? People will notice something different about your blog when they come back.

Just because

In the last ten years, I’ve done about, oh I don’t know, 18 redesigns. Maybe more. Many of them happened for no reason at all, but made a big difference in the look of my blog.

If you’re thinking about doing a blog redesign, I hope you’ll check out my shop on Etsy! I create pre-made themes for WordPress, and have several services that help move the process along for you. Each theme looks great on the desktop, tablet or a cell phone, and they’re all less than $40 each. For more information, check out the site!

Don’t be ashamed of your stretch marks: #LoveYourLines


This Buzzfeed article hit my Facebook feed, and it blew my mind. These women were courageous enough to share their “imperfections” with their tribe, and then buzzfeed sent it out to the world.

I’ve had stretch marks since I was probably 13 or 14 years old. They were absolutely horrifying to me. It’s almost like they were parasitic twins growing from my thighs. I used to buy full coverage foundations, work them down so they were super creamy, then apply them to my legs. There was no way I would have let anyone see the lines on my body. I researched creams and ointments and treatments and surgeries. I bought new products all the time, none of them ever worked.

And then I met my husband, the man that absolutely loves my body. It didn’t take me long to get comfortable around him, and then the weirdest thing happened. I could walk around with my body completely exposed, and I wasn’t ashamed at all. He made me confident enough that I bought my first bikini. The picture above is from my honeymoon. I never thought the day would come that I wasn’t scared to wear my legs out in public. I look back and realize that I spent all of my teens and twenties practically terrified of what other people thought of my body.

If I had seen this article 10 years ago I’d like to think that I would’ve actually been brave enough to show my stretch marks. I can’t say for sure. I had to get really really comfortable with myself first. I’m not going to lie, I’m not all the way there yet. You won’t find me tra-la-la’ing down the beach in a thong bikini.

I’ll leave you with this. I don’t have it all together. I eat like crap and don’t work out. But that’s a change I’m trying to make. You only get one body. Love it, nourish it, take care of it, praise it, and for the love of God, don’t be ashamed of it.

My Entrepreneurial “Aha” Moment [+ a Miss Jessie’s giveaway]

Note: I received a promo copy of Miss Jessie’s book. 

Miss Jessie's Blogger Tour

When the Miss Jessie’s team asked me to talk about my life changing career moment, I was very happy to share. First of all, I saw a Miss Jessie’s ad in Essence back in 2005 (I think)–and it pushed me over the edge. I had to go natural ASAP. Ten years later, I’m writing a post about their book and super successful brand. Alright, now for the topic du jour. I talked about the first revelation here, but soon realized there was a much bigger picture.

I’ve worked in the world of social media for the last six years. I’ve worked for networks like Travel Channel and National Geographic, and I’m currently doing it for one of the top ten universities in the nation. It’s just one of those things that has been a passion project for a long time. My interest in web design, however, got really really intense this Summer.

I was taking web design classes at work, learning CSS and JavaScript, experimenting and playing around. And then I decided to use what I learned on my blog. And I loved the changes. Then I became obsessed with it. Every time I turned around, I was creating a wireframe for a new blog design, or creating a character map for a media kit. I was up until 2-3 in the morning teaching myself how to edit certain codes, breaking layouts, and crafting color schemes.

So on February 16, I officially launched The Haute Blogger Design Co. I sell premade WordPress templates for bloggers to purchase and edit as they see fit. I also created a handful of media kits, which I particularly love, and sold them too. It’s an amazing feeling to take a goal and follow through. I get butterflies every time someone buys something. Everyday, I’m excited about creating new concepts and user experiences.

And then I thought, what’s stopping me from diving in even deeper, pitching clients and doing this for real? Not every once and awhile, but every day? I’ve got a bunch of experience. I have plenty of people that I could pitch. Within the next few months, I’ll be launching the social media side of the company, helping manage accounts and showing bloggers and small business owners how to use social media.


I love books like “Miss Jessie’s” because they give me that extra push that I need. Sometimes I get comfy at my job and think that it’s okay to float along and take whatever brings my way. But why? Why should I be okay with being bored out of my mind every freakin’ day when there’s something exciting right around the corner? Quotes like the one above kick my a** and remind me that it’s okay to not have it all figured out.

I haven’t left the comfort of my 9-5 yet, and i’m not sure when it will happen. But I’m excited that it’s a possibility.

GiveawayMiss Jessie's Gift BagLeave a comment below telling me about one goal that you’d like to go for, or something that you’d like to improve in your life. This is a safe space. Claim what you want then work toward it! I’ll choose a winner using on Friday, April 17th at 8pm est. US residents only please. 

30 Blog Post Ideas for Fashion Bloggers (I’m Your Target Audience)

blog post ideas for fashion bloggers

I’m not a fashionista by a long shot, but I really want to be. Year after year, I tell myself that I want to purge my closet, start over, and really start to wear what I love.

But I have an issue.

I rarely go into a store and pick out a blouse or a pair of pants, because I can’t picture it on myself as part of an entire outfit. I definitely have to say that I’m a fan of outfit of the day posts for this reason. Technically, I’ve never purchased an outfit from a blog before, however, I think that could be a big win for me and my closet! The list below is a personal list of topics that I’d love to see on a fashion blog.

Colors that work on everyone
Style of pants (bootleg, slim, etc.)
What to wear to a wedding
What to wear to a interview
Corporate friendly outfits
Dress casual outfits
5 pairs of shoes everyone needs
5 types of bags everyone needs
Types of skirts (a-line, pencil, etc.)
Weekend attire
How to dress up jeans
Bras everyone should own
Best camisoles and undershirts
What to wear to an all white party
Comfortable heels
What to pack for a 3 day vacay
What to pack for an international flight
Best bags to use during a vacay
Luggage recommendations
Cute blazers
Sweaters and cardigans that are chic and not homely
Sunnies for everyday
Best wellies
Outfits for body types
Best fabrics to invest in
Best day for sales
Best outfits for big booties (and small waists)
Best cut tops for top heavy women
Best online stores to shop from
How to know when clothes are dingy (and it’s time to purge them)
Fashion storage (shoe racks, drawer organization)
One skirt/jacket/pants 3 ways

Nine Simple Backpacks for $100 or Less

For our anniversary, Josh and I decided to take a trip to The Big Easy. We wanted good food, warm weather, and live music. I’m carrying a small satchel bag, a camcorder, and all of the stuff I’m picking up along the way. My tote bag is getting a little annoying too. It’s time for a backpack. I can keep my laptop in it and all the other stuff I need, and I can stay hands free! Here are some pretty cool backpacks that I’ve got my eye on.