MAC Holiday 2014 Pigment Sets

MAC Cosmetics just dropped a major beauty bomb on us. And by beauty bomb, I’m referring to the four absolutely beautiful pigment sets ($35) that are available this Holiday season! You can get these sets on November 6th at all MAC locations (unless noted).I’m going to tell you right now, I always splurge and purchase a few of these. They are the best bang for your buck, in my opinion, and there’s so much you can do with these little beauties!


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Nars Holiday Gift Sets 2014

Guess what October is? It’s two months before the holiday season! The collections are rolling into my inbox, and I’m sharing them as quickly as I can! Here are the gift sets that Nars Cosmetics is putting out for us. Select items are available November 1, 2014 at Department Store/Specialty, NARS boutiques, and


NARS Holiday 2014 Digital World Gifting Set - Sephora - jpeg

Read on to see the entire collection–you’ll definitely want these goodies on your holiday wish list!

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Erin’s Favorite Concealers, Part One

Erin's Favorite Concealers

Oh concealer. The product that helps us hide, highlight, contour and everything in between. While you can definitely get the same effects by using fuller coverage foundations, there’s something about the little containers that makes us feel more “confident”. Here’s a breakdown of some of my favorite concealers.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer

I bought the LA Girl Pro Conceal because I saw rave reviews on Youtube. You can get a container of this stuff for less than $5, and it comes in a wide array of colors. I like it because it’s definitely full coverage and very affordable. However, it’s on the bottom of my list today, because, let’s face it, you get what you pay for. When you compare it to higher end products, it definitely isn’t the best quality out there. But trust me, it does this job.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

This Studio Finish Concealer ($19) one of those holy grail products. Much like the LA Colors Pro conceal mentioned above, this is a product you have to “warm up” and work with on the right skin textures to get maximum effects. I typically swirl a flat or domed brush onto the concealer to pick up the product, then apply it to my face. If I’m using it all over, I scoop a bit onto the back of my hand and rub it down a bit with my finger. This makes it super creamy. But let me say that this covers anything. In fact, this is the little sister of MAC’s Full Coverage foundation. Same product, smaller jar.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

My goodness, my goodness. This Bobbi Brown concealer ($25) is lightweight, super creamy and crazy powerful. I once bought this in a kit that had a pressed powder and eye brightener in it. And when I realized that this was such a stellar product, I picked up another shade. This is top quality.

Make Up For Ever Full Cover

MUFE makes this fantastic lightweight concealer ($32) that works wonders. It goes on creamy, then dries down to a satiny, beautiful finish. When I think of multi-purpose makeup, I think of this. I’ll show you how to use it in this video.

Check out my favorites below:

My 24 Hour Social Media Cleanse

You may or may not know this about me, but I’m a social media addict. Back in 2009, I was using my old slow Blackberry to share what I could to my, like, 12 Twitter followers. That mentality has stuck with me ever since. I always live tweet my favorite shows, and there’s no way I can keep a tasty looking meal to myself. And to be honest, it’s not healthy. My husband has said “stop scrolling” or “get off your phone” more times than I can count. When I look for news, I check my social media feed before I look at a news app.

Recently I took a 24 hour social media cleanse. This was 24 hours of logging out of all of my accounts, and avoiding the temptation to log back in. If you’re a social media fanatic like I am, you’ll have to check out ABC’s new show Selfie, airing Tuesday, Sept 30th 8pm/7pm Central. I wish I could take selfies as well as Eliza, but I can’t.

I had no idea how difficult this cleanse would be! It’s second nature for me to post a makeup picture or a song that I haven’t heard in awhile. Seriously, I don’t think twice about it. There were so many little things that made me want to jump on Twitter and post an update.

On a positive note, I sat on the couch and watched a show and didn’t have anything nearby to distract me. That’s very new for me. Usually the show is background talking, while I post or blog away. Not this time. I actually saw every facial expression, every bit of B-roll, everything.



I even spent some time trying to organize my makeup room. I went through and collected most of the fragrances and put them in one area. I also tackled my foundations, powders and concealers. As you see, that didn’t get finished. Usually I start tweeting about my new purchases and taking pictures, but I fought the urge!

I was writing this post on throw back Thursday, and I realized that I can’t get on Instagram and post until 2pm, when my stint is over. To be honest, I’m not sure that I’ll post at all! It’s kind of nice to live in the moment and see what life is all about. In the week or so since the cleanse, I’ve actually been on social media a lot less. I only aimlessly scroll once or twice a day, If I get on at all. I think I’ll log off a bit more often!

This post was sponsored by ABC through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about ABC Selfie, all opinions are my own.”

Win: Smashbox Lashes & Lips Set

Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty might already be over, but the party must go on! I’m giving away FIVE Lashes and Lips sets!
Ulta Lips and Lashes
This set ncludes travel-sizes of Full Exposure Mascara (0.14 fl. oz.) and Be Legendary Lip Gloss in Pink Lady (0.17 fl. oz.).

To enter, just leave a comment below and tell me what you did this weekend! I’ll choose five winners at random. This contest ends on Tuesday night at midnight, EST. US residents only please. Good luck!

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