LA Colors 16 Color Eyeshadow in “Sweet”: $5 and Super Pigmented!


In early October, I went to North Carolina on a trip for Family Dollar. Of course I wanted to meet the hair and skin care reps and learn more about the brands, but makeup is my heart. : ) One of the most exciting products that I played with has to be this L.A. Colors 16 Color Eye Shadow Palette in “Sweet”. Pigment galore.

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Get the Look: Kerry Washington’s Emmy’s Hair by Kiyah Wright

Kerry Washington Emmy's Look By Kiyah Wright

Image c/o Kiyah Wright’s Instagram

Kerry Washington Emmy's Hair

Image c/o

Just yesterday, I laid in bed as flu like symptoms got the best of me. In between Dayquill-induced naps, I caught up on the entire season of Scandal. You all know that Kerry is one of my favorite actresses, and this is just part of the reason why. If you haven’t watched Scandal, get on it NOW. The season 2 premiere is Thursday at 10Pm, (during the Ravens game…grr…) but I’ll be there anyway! Kiyah said “She wanted to keep it unbelievably simple, just like what’s on the runways.” Here’s how she did the look:

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Celebrity Makeup Artist Interview, Shon Michaux

Shon Michaux


Kanye. Marc Anthony. Steven Tyler. That’s just a few of the people that are clients of Shon’s. I am SO excited to finally publish my new Creative Colony podcast with makeup artist Shon Michaux! You simply must listen to how she lost her entire makeup kit, and gained a new one from our beloved Tia Dantzler (who I interviewed here). She also shares some of her favorite products for her kit, and a few makeup resources and tips that have led to her success! Download on Itunes (and subscribe!) here, head over the the Creative Colony website for more info, or listen below.

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