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Blogging While Brown: Learn How to Turn Your Images and Video into Revenue

Blogging While Brown 2012 Brochure

What a day, what a day. I went to Philly today to listen in and speak at Blogging While Brown. There’s so much to take in from so many awesome people! Plus, there’s loads of networking. You can’t beat it. I’ll be doing a full post and review on my experiences this week, but for now, check out (or download) a copy of my presentation here: Blogging While Brown Video and Images Presentation. I discuss different ways to get your images and video found on the internet, affiliate sites to join, and more! My panel partner, Aymar Christian, also has his presentation on the web. Still not enough? Review my 30+ page  blog tips guide here!


Day 25: The Finale–Things To Always Remember About Blogging

A little over a month ago, I thought it would be cool to host a workshop that taught the basics of blogging. I didn’t have that kind of time during the middle of a busy semester, so I decided to create a written challenge for existing bloggers. And as I sit on my computer today, October 27th, I can’t believe it’s over!

So, here is the blogging commandment:

Your blog is a place to have fun. Censor yourself if you must, but have fun! This is your place on the internet to be yourself and connect with other people. You don’t have to have a bunch of text and bore people to death. Use pictures, use music, get creative! Share your thoughts, rants, raves, likes, dislikes, ups, downs, whatever you want. Enjoy it folks.

I’ll continue my Guide to Better Beauty Blogging, and I’m so excited to do so! Thanks for joining me on the challenge!




Day 24: How to Make Money From Your Blog–25 Days To A Better Beauty and Fashion Blog Challenge #SBBC

This post is part of the Scandalous Beauty 25 Days To A Better Beauty And Fashion Blog Challenge! For even more tips, be sure to check out Erin’s Guide to Better Beauty Blogging.

I saved this post on making money from your blog for the last day of the challenge. The idea was to remind us all that while we can make revenue while blogging, when it’s the main focus of your biz. To that end, this is a very basic overview of how to make money on your blog. You can get creative and sell products, consultations and all kinds of things like that. I know we are in a huge recession…but there IS money out there to be made.

Blog Networks

These are a few of the most well known blog networks. I’ve been a member of all three. Some are better than others, but all offer ways to network and monetize your blog. Most of these will be through ads with strict layout guidelines. Usually, you’ll have to have a couple of ads ‘above the fold’ and a badge somewhere else on the site. There are sometimes other initiatives that will make you money, like review programs.

a. Blogher
b. Total Beauty
c. Glam

Google Adsense

Adsense is one of the most basic moneymakers, and there aren’t really that many rules. There are books and blogs dedicated to strategizing your use of Adsense to make you six figures. Once you sign up, they have an affiliate network, Youtube Partner and various other ways to make money. This should definitely be one of your first options.

Affiliate Links

There are several ways to use affiliate links. There are major programs, including Commision Junction, Google Affiliate Network and Linkshare. also has a really great program that people make outstanding money from. Many of these need to be approved, but it’s worth the try. Some companies also have their own private affiliate programs, like Madam Madeline’s.

Again, this is a very, very broad look at ways to make money while blogging. Don’t limit yourself–do your research!


Day 23: The Essentials of the Perfect Blog Layout

This post is part of the Scandalous Beauty 25 Days To A Better Beauty And Fashion Blog Challenge! For even more tips, be sure to check out Erin’s Guide to Better Beauty Blogging.

The almighty blog layout. I am going to be honest. I have never been totally content with my blog layout. Fonts, links, sidebars, headers and colors always seem to need tweaking. Ever since I started my blog nearly 6 years ago, I’ve always spent a few days a month changing my layout. It never fails. My blog never looks the same–and I hate that.

There is no right or wrong way to do this, all blogs look different. I’m not going to go into the how-to’s of design, because that would take months. I use Woo Themes for all of my themes. If you’d like a coupon code, you can take 20% off using code ’4EA769C’ until Friday, the 28th.

Here are 3 core elements of your blog design:

Header: The first thing your reader sees. Make it personal.

Sidebar: Contains extra information. Can include links, widgets, and other knickknacks.

Footer: Extra information, it’s the exit point. Get more ideas on your footer here.

Also, don’t forget to have a few key things.

  • Color Scheme: Choose colors that you love, and try to stick to them. Brighter, softer colors work really well
  • An easy way for people to contact you
  • Some type of distinction for links. I prefer a different color with no underline.
  • A picture of you is optional, but definitely gives a more personal touch.
Only two more days until the challenge ends! My how time flies!

Email: Erin at scandalous beauty online dot com