Burnout: My Current State of Blogging Affairs

Blogging burnout Erin Baynham

Over the past two weeks, I’m having an issue that I’ve never really felt before. I’m overwhelmed and burning out at a rapid rate. Stay with me.

I work as a web content creator at my day job. I update the site all day, make changes, upload files, re-design pages, etc. I have this job to pay the bills, to look good on my resume, and to keep me constantly learning. While I’m there, Scandalous Beauty is always in the back of my mind. Always. Always. Should I do a roundup or review items individually? Maybe I should re-start my podcast. I know some amazing people who would be perfect to feature. I have to write that brand and let them know how amazing they are. I need a new email campaign.How do I get an opportunity to do what that blogger is doing? I need to tweak my layout for the 432nd time. Maybe I can post on Youtube every week. How do I get more comments? Why am I not doing more makeup on myself? Does anyone actually read my blog? 

The list goes on and on and on.

To make matters worse (or better, depending how you look at it), I’ve gotten serious about a new venture I’m starting. I finally let my guard down, built my confidence up, and started to power through the fear that has been holding me back for years. I’m not the type to talk and talk about something before it happens, so I’ll just say it’s insanely time consuming. Setting up, researching, creating marketing plans, learning, and being freaking terrified is a lot to deal with.

After nine years of blogging, I am sick of being mediocre. I want to do more. I want to be stellar.  [Read more...]

How To Start A Makeup and Beauty Blog in Five Easy Steps


I’ll be honest, starting a beauty blog can be a little intimidating. But truthfully, the best way to get started is to just do it! It only takes about 10 minutes to start a basic blog. Here are five simple steps to get started!

1. Choose a Name

Think long and hard about this. You’ll ultimately want a name that makes you stand out, and that you’ll want to keep forever. You’ll want a name that’s unique, catchy and simple to spell.

2. Choose a Blogging Platform

Many people start their blogs with free editors like Blogger. Heck, I did the same thing. There are also other options like Tumblr, WordPress.com and OnSugar. But when I realized I needed more space and wanted more control over my blog, I moved to self-hosted WordPress. Looking back, I wish I started with WordPress! Migrating from one platform to another is pretty easy, so you have flexibility here.

If you decide to get a self hosted blog, you’ll need hosting. I’ve used GoDaddy since day one! You can pay month to month, which feels pretty easy on the pockets. Yes, this does cost you, but since you’re starting out, you can get away with hosting for $1.99 a month.

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Be Where Your Customers Are - $1/mo hosting from GoDaddy!

3. Choose Your Layout

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Blogging While Brown: Learn How to Turn Your Images and Video into Revenue

Blogging While Brown 2012 Brochure

What a day, what a day. I went to Philly today to listen in and speak at Blogging While Brown. There’s so much to take in from so many awesome people! Plus, there’s loads of networking. You can’t beat it. I’ll be doing a full post and review on my experiences this week, but for now, check out (or download) a copy of my presentation here: Blogging While Brown Video and Images Presentation. I discuss different ways to get your images and video found on the internet, affiliate sites to join, and more! My panel partner, Aymar Christian, also has his presentation on the web. Still not enough? Review my 30+ page  blog tips guide here!