Five Reasons You Need to Upgrade Your Blog Design

Wordpress Blog Premade Responsive Theme

It peps up your blogging mojo

You know that feeling you get when your hair is done and you’re in a shiny new outfit? It makes you feel like a million bucks. You get the same feeling when you give your blog design a new look!

You’ve grown as a blogger

Maybe you’ve decided to be a more dedicated blogger. In the past, you may have blogged recreationally. But now, you’re goal is to blog three times a week. Step up that look, honey!

Your readers deserve it

Spoil people that read your blog every day. Let them show up to your special space and see something just for them.

You have a new strategy

Did you decide to step up your social media plan? How about blogging frequency? People will notice something different about your blog when they come back.

Just because

In the last ten years, I’ve done about, oh I don’t know, 18 redesigns. Maybe more. Many of them happened for no reason at all, but made a big difference in the look of my blog.

If you’re thinking about doing a blog redesign, I hope you’ll check out my shop on Etsy! I create pre-made themes for WordPress, and have several services that help move the process along for you. Each theme looks great on the desktop, tablet or a cell phone, and they’re all less than $40 each. For more information, check out the site!

20 Ways to Be A Successful Blogger While Working Full Time (Part 2)



I meant to posts this a few weeks ago, but hey, better late than never! I’m moving right along with some more ideas on effectively blogging while working full time.


I LOVE this. Basically, this is a timer that gets you to work in 25 minute increments, then the alarm goes off, your computer dims, and then you can start again. This really helps me concentrate on a task and get work done without lollygagging. I use tomato-timer and pomodoro.

Create a weekly time limit

Maybe you want to devote a total of five hours a week to your blog. I’ve tried “clocking in” and not going over that time. Again, this is a way to ensure that you knock out content while being able to knock out other things. I used to spend endlesss amounts of time “blogging”, ie checking social media, etc. Nope!

Be okay with not posting a billion times a week

In an ideal blogging world, I’d like to post three times a day! There’s no way in the world I can devote that kind of time to my blog, so I have to be okay with posting 2-3 times per week. When I pressure myself to post 5 times a week, I end up only posting once, because I get overwhelmed. It’s a sad reality.

Set up drafts as you go

Did you begin a post and you’ve got some good content going for it? Go ahead and throw it in your editor and draft it! Add images and links later, if necessary.

Totally unplug and go at it

This was the productivity tip that helped me like no other. I wrote all about it here.

Check out  part one, three and four of the series too.

20 Ways to be a Successful Blogger While Working Full-Time: Part 1


When you want to keep your blog fresh and always booming with new content, it can really, really be a stressful thing. In my I’m so overwhelmed that my blog is suffering post, I discussed this pretty candidly. In this four part series, I’m going to share tips to be a better blogger, even with a full time job.

Please note that this series was written in desperation for myself. I’ll be referring to it constantly. I hope you will to.

Brain dump

Take some time and just write down everything that comes to mind about your blog. Post ideas, color scheme changes, template updates, what you like, what you don’t like, where you want to be in a year, goals–you name it. Get it all out of your mind to you can have it for future use and expand on it. I use Google Docs as a tool for my blog. It syncs easily, I can use it on the phone or web. I keep it open in a separate tab all day, and add to it when an idea comes to mind.

Working lunch w/ laptop (phone/ notebook/ etc.)

My hair dresser made me think about this a lot more. Use this power hour (or half hour) to eat lunch while working on post drafts, editing videos or photos, answering emails, sending invoices, pitching, etc. That’s one hour where you can get concentrated work accomplished, if you really focus on it.

Schedule days for tasks

Trying to do all the steps to creating a blog post at once can be daunting! But if you use an hour a day to do one type of task, you can be far more productive. For instance, take all of your photography on Saturdays. Take an hour on Tuesday morning/evening to start drafting all your posts for the next week, etc. Use Thursdays to schedule recycled posts (don’t let them get lost!), and Fridays to schedule new posts. Develop a routine and knock out a major part of the process.

Email yourself

Okay, this might not make you the most productive blogger at work (or whereever you are). Sometimes when inspiration hits I need to get started on a blog post draft! I open Outlook while I’m at my desk and just type out all of my ideas for that post. In fact, that’s how I created the outline for this post!

Utilize your mornings

Ah, this can be a hard one, but it’s all about routine. It took me a few months to realize that waking up at 7am to leave at 8am isn’t very productive. I started off waking up at 6:30, which was pretty tough, but I’m used to it now. Ultimately, I’d like to get up around 5 or 5:15. That way, you can dedicate a portion of your morning to productivity around the house, blogging, or any of the other things you’re into.

Check out part two, three and four of the post too! For more blog tips, check out Erin’s Guide to Better Beauty Blogging.

Burnout: My Current State of Blogging Affairs

Blogging burnout Erin Baynham

Over the past two weeks, I’m having an issue that I’ve never really felt before. I’m overwhelmed and burning out at a rapid rate. Stay with me.

I work as a web content creator at my day job. I update the site all day, make changes, upload files, re-design pages, etc. I have this job to pay the bills, to look good on my resume, and to keep me constantly learning. While I’m there, Scandalous Beauty is always in the back of my mind. Always. Always. Should I do a roundup or review items individually? Maybe I should re-start my podcast. I know some amazing people who would be perfect to feature. I have to write that brand and let them know how amazing they are. I need a new email campaign.How do I get an opportunity to do what that blogger is doing? I need to tweak my layout for the 432nd time. Maybe I can post on Youtube every week. How do I get more comments? Why am I not doing more makeup on myself? Does anyone actually read my blog? 

The list goes on and on and on.

To make matters worse (or better, depending how you look at it), I’ve gotten serious about a new venture I’m starting. I finally let my guard down, built my confidence up, and started to power through the fear that has been holding me back for years. I’m not the type to talk and talk about something before it happens, so I’ll just say it’s insanely time consuming. Setting up, researching, creating marketing plans, learning, and being freaking terrified is a lot to deal with.

After nine years of blogging, I am sick of being mediocre. I want to do more. I want to be stellar. …

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How To Start A Makeup and Beauty Blog in Five Easy Steps


I’ll be honest, starting a beauty blog can be a little intimidating. But truthfully, the best way to get started is to just do it! It only takes about 10 minutes to start a basic blog. Here are five simple steps to get started!

1. Choose a Name

Think long and hard about this. You’ll ultimately want a name that makes you stand out, and that you’ll want to keep forever. You’ll want a name that’s unique, catchy and simple to spell.

2. Choose a Blogging Platform

Many people start their blogs with free editors like Blogger. Heck, I did the same thing. There are also other options like Tumblr, and OnSugar. But when I realized I needed more space and wanted more control over my blog, I moved to self-hosted WordPress. Looking back, I wish I started with WordPress! Migrating from one platform to another is pretty easy, so you have flexibility here.

If you decide to get a self hosted blog, you’ll need hosting. I’ve used GoDaddy since day one! You can pay month to month, which feels pretty easy on the pockets. Yes, this does cost you, but since you’re starting out, you can get away with hosting for $1.99 a month.

Coupon: Take $5 off $30 or more or $15 off $75 or more!

Be Where Your Customers Are - $1/mo hosting from GoDaddy!

3. Choose Your Layout

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