This is The Best I’ve Seen Kerry Washington Look In a Long Time

I love my girl Kerry Washington, I truly do. I don’t always agree with her fashion choices, but I stand by her either way. Today, however, I stumbled across her promos for hosting SNL this weekend. First of all, they are hilarious. I laughed out loud several times (and by “laughed”, I actually meant “cackled”). I don’t particularly find SNL to be that amusing, so I’m not a repeat viewer, but after seeing this, I’m totally watching. (Who am I kidding. I never miss a Kerry appearance!)

But wait. Can we get into Kerry’s dope printed dress and that berry lip? She is giving me everything I’ve ever wanted from her. Everything. She’s working a lip color that’s not quite as dark as my go-to “Nars Scarlet Empress” lipstick, but I think it’ll do. Now the real question is…where can I get this dress?

Five Things I Loved at the Essence Best In Black Beauty Awards

Scandalous Beauty Covers Essence Best in Black Beauty Awards

As you may recall, Essence Magazine held its first Best in Black Beauty Awards in the May issue (and online). I was elated to receive an invitation to the event, so in true Erin form, I jetted up to NYC that afternoon, and came back the same night.

Have you ever seen someone that you think you know, but aren’t sure, and semi-stare and look creepy trying to figure out if it’s them? Yep, I totally did that in a random coffee shop near the event. Who was the person? Chescaleigh! I’ve followed her on Youtube for years, and was definitely excited to meet her! Janelle Monae presented an award to Ted Gibson, Rosci Diaz was there, June Ambrose was a co-host. Every one of these ladies is pint-sized.

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Celebrity Makeup Artist Interview: Tia Dantzler

Tia Dantzler

Tia Nance-Dantzler is one of the sweetest people I know, and by “know”, I mean on the internet. She’s quite humble, which is a rarity these days. Her hands have graced the faces of  Jennifer Hudson, Maxwell, and our  Commander in Chief, Barack Obama. I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point. Read on for a glimpse into her career!

How Did you Get Started Doing Makeup?

It all happened on a whelm. I traveled to Washington D.C. to attend my Brother’s wedding and his Bride-to-be asked if I would do her makeup and I gently told her that I didn’t know how to do makeup. Then my Mom said she would do it so I stepped in to do her makeup for fear of what my Mom would do to her!

Did you go to makeup school? 

I did eventually attend Columbia College Chicago for their Makeup Artistry Program. It taught me basic and advanced makeup skills, all about highlighting and contouring, stage makeup, clinical makeup and so much more. What I valued the most was that one of my instructors really noticed my “gift” and gave me the hardest time which in turn has truly been a blessing for me now.

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10 Things Mikki Taylor Taught Me + Highlights From Her Book, Commander in Chic

Mikki Taylor and Erin Bailey, Scandalous Beauty

Warren and I went Mikki Taylor’s book signing last Friday in the District. It’s been months since I’ve felt so excited or so eager to learn. Her book, Commander in Chic, is an homage and guide to Mrs. Michelle Obama’s style. The book gives loads and loads of tips on style and beauty. I tried to purchase the book over and over again for Kindle, but it didn’t work. Luckily, I purchased it at Barnes and Noble so I could have it signed. Sweet. This book came out at the perfect time for me, as I am looking to get my work chic look together.

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Get the Look: Beyonce Knowles 20/20 Interview Look by Mally Roncal!

20 20 Interview with Beyonce Makeup by MallyI’m not even going to lie. Everytime I hear “Love on Top”, I think of the MTV awards where Bey killed it in the purple D&G blazer. She sang the snot out of that song, and I almost lost it when they showed Jay and Kanye loosing their minds in the audience. I didn’t even give the album a fair shot until that very night. Months later, Beyonce still looks effortlessly awesome during this 20/20 interview. Mally Roncal created the look for her longtime client. Mally won me over with her booming personality and girly-girl style. Here’s how she created the look for Mrs. Carter:

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