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My First Time On The Runway — Blogher Style!

Scandalous Beauty Blog Her Fashion Show Elizabeth Arden

When I saw this image on Elizabeth Arden’s Facebook page, I knew that it had actually happened. I was in a fashion show. I mean sure, I had done makeup for a few local shows back in the day, but nothing like this. The Blogher community is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Sisterhood, community, real women with real lives doing normal human things. Most of them aren’t the posers who act like they have to be in this season’s whateverdesigner fashions on a day to day basis.

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Okay Target, You Really Do Have Cute Clothes!

Cute Shoes at Target

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged in four days! That’s really not how I roll (usually).

So, I went to Target to pick up the usual, ziplock baggies, lady items, possibly a pair of slippers. And then, I spotted these espadrilles. They are even cuter in orange. Perfect for Spring and Summer, simple and $30. How the heck have I been missing out on these deals? Ever since the Jason Wu for Target collection, I’ve been stunned by how much Target really has to offer. There were cardigans in cute prints, sun dresses, basics for the office, lovely lingerie separates.

I’m also absolutely in love with these cobalt Mossimo Petene Heels, I tried them on, and they looked fantastic! I really want to show you all the picture, but my toes weren’t sandal ready. I’m sure there are people walking around in shoes just like this, but probably paid $700 more for them. They are a trendy color, and a trendy style, and I refuse to pay lots for something I might hate in a couple of months.

So, if you’re like me, don’t skip out on Target because you think it’s just for stay at home moms who don’t go to malls because they don’t want their kids screaming to get on those overpriced kiddie rides. They are even pushing their fashion with their tumblr blog called On The Dot and facebook page.


Erin’s Style Chronicles: The REAL Beginning of My New Wardrobe (Plus Big Butts–A Gift and a Curse?)

Erin's Style Books

I Have No Clothes.

It’s true. I’ve stepped out of my “working in the relaxed lab” to corporate America. I went into my closet and looked at my inventory.  Even so, I own 2 pairs of jeans that have no holes, bleach marks, or rips on the bottom. At the end of the day, I hate feeling like I have nothing to wear when I really do have nothing to wear. I’m also trying to figure out the line between “my pants are too tight” and “this is my butt, I’m going to embrace it”.

I love to look good, but I really hate shopping. I don’t get excited to try clothes on, but I read fashion blogs every day! As you can see, I posted pictures of most of my fashion books. Maybe I like clothes more than I thought.

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Erin’s Outfit of The Day: African Print Tube Dress

Dress: Cynthia Rowley via Gilt, Blazer: BCBG, Wedges: Steve Madden

I never really do fashion posts, because I don’t own enough clothes! I wore this to a work event, the Oyin Handmade “Your Hair is Awesome” bash. This was the ensemble I had chosen to wear for the IFB Conference earlier this week, but rain didn’t go well with this outfit. Justin, aka Metropolitan Boy, aka my stylist, told me to wear this today. I love it!


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