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My First Time On The Runway — Blogher Style!

Scandalous Beauty Blog Her Fashion Show Elizabeth Arden

When I saw this image on Elizabeth Arden’s Facebook page, I knew that it had actually happened. I was in a fashion show. I mean sure, I had done makeup for a few local shows back in the day, but nothing like this. The Blogher community is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Sisterhood, community, real women with real lives doing normal human things. Most of them aren’t the posers who act like they have to be in this season’s whateverdesigner fashions on a day to day basis.

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Five Things I Loved at the Essence Best In Black Beauty Awards

Scandalous Beauty Covers Essence Best in Black Beauty Awards

As you may recall, Essence Magazine held its first Best in Black Beauty Awards in the May issue (and online). I was elated to receive an invitation to the event, so in true Erin form, I jetted up to NYC that afternoon, and came back the same night.

Have you ever seen someone that you think you know, but aren’t sure, and semi-stare and look creepy trying to figure out if it’s them? Yep, I totally did that in a random coffee shop near the event. Who was the person? Chescaleigh! I’ve followed her on Youtube for years, and was definitely excited to meet her! Janelle Monae presented an award to Ted Gibson, Rosci Diaz was there, June Ambrose was a co-host. Every one of these ladies is pint-sized.

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Make Up For Ever Hosts FREE Makeup Classes for Pro’s in February

Make Up For Ever Free Class Schedule

Yep, it’s true! I already posted this to the Scandalous Beauty Facebook Page, but figured it should go here too! You have the opportunity to take FREE makeup classes at Make Up For Ever in NYC or LA! You probably need to already be a part of their Pro program (aka have a Backstage Card). I don’t have any more details, so if you have questions, call the numbers attached to the link!! Classes, seminars and workshops are key ways to increase your knowledge and skill as an artist. Do not miss out on these if you can get there. All contact info is listed in the image above.


Sam Fine and Romero Jennings’ Favorite MAC Products

While de-cluttering cleaning my room the other day, I happened to find one of my old MAC Pro Masterclass workbooks. It included a Q & A with select makeup artists who give workshops for the company. I’m thinking that this book is from the Sam Fine masterclass in Harlem circa 2007.

If you’re interested in taking a MAC Pro masterclass, check out this link. You’ll need to have a MAC Pro card to access this part of the website. Many MAC stores and counters offer classes to people who aren’t makeup artists, as well as private lessons. Just inquire with an artist.

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10 Things Mikki Taylor Taught Me + Highlights From Her Book, Commander in Chic

Mikki Taylor and Erin Bailey, Scandalous Beauty

Warren and I went Mikki Taylor’s book signing last Friday in the District. It’s been months since I’ve felt so excited or so eager to learn. Her book, Commander in Chic, is an homage and guide to Mrs. Michelle Obama’s style. The book gives loads and loads of tips on style and beauty. I tried to purchase the book over and over again for Kindle, but it didn’t work. Luckily, I purchased it at Barnes and Noble so I could have it signed. Sweet. This book came out at the perfect time for me, as I am looking to get my work chic look together.

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