Make Up For Ever Hosts FREE Makeup Classes for Pro’s in February

Make Up For Ever Free Class Schedule

Yep, it’s true! I already posted this to the Scandalous Beauty Facebook Page, but figured it should go here too! You have the opportunity to take FREE makeup classes at Make Up For Ever in NYC or LA! You probably need to already be a part of their Pro program (aka have a Backstage Card). I don’t have any more details, so if you have questions, call the numbers attached to the link!! Classes, seminars and workshops are key ways to increase your knowledge and skill as an artist. Do not miss out on these if you can get there. All contact info is listed in the image above.

Makeup Artist Showcase: Alexandra Butler

Here’s a really dense look into the life of Alexandra Butler! I wish I had enough room to post all of the pictures she sent over!

Alexandra Butler | Scandalous Beauty
1. How Did you Get Started Doing Makeup?

I’ve always been a very artistic person throughout life and originally thought fashion design was my next step, but then I realized I couldn’t sew… So I started to realize whenever I was watching those fashion makeover shows, I was intrigued by the makeup part of it. I then started practicing and collecting makeup. I even made my own YouTube channel geared towards makeup tutorials because I saw others doing it and KNEW I could do it too, and possibly better ;).


2. Did you go to makeup school? Was this a benefit to you? If so, how? 

No I didn’t go to makeup school. I actually went to school for Industrial Engineering #gofigure. I worked in the field of engineering for 3 years and quickly realized that it was not the career for me. I actually got fired TWICE because I was underperforming, lol. I took that as a sign that God was pushing me out to do what I was passionate about. So I did.

As far as others going to makeup school, I think it could be beneficial, just depending on what you are learning. I must say, the “School of Hard Knocks” taught me a lot. I was thrown into a lot of situations without proper training or experience, but how I learned to tackle those road blocks made me who I am today. So you definitely don’t have to go to school for this. Just practice and get you a good mentor who can help guide you. Oh and do lots of FREE makeovers in the beginning. When you do FREE stuff, people can’t expect much out of you so if you mess up, they can’t get that mad, lol. But you learn from your mistakes and I highly doubt you will make the same mistake twice.

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Sam Fine and Romero Jennings’ Favorite MAC Products

While de-cluttering cleaning my room the other day, I happened to find one of my old MAC Pro Masterclass workbooks. It included a Q & A with select makeup artists who give workshops for the company. I’m thinking that this book is from the Sam Fine masterclass in Harlem circa 2007.

If you’re interested in taking a MAC Pro masterclass, check out this link. You’ll need to have a MAC Pro card to access this part of the website. Many MAC stores and counters offer classes to people who aren’t makeup artists, as well as private lessons. Just inquire with an artist.

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Makeup Artist Showcase: Brandalyn Fulton

I’m really not trying to toot my own horn, but this Makeup Artist Showcase series is a lot of fun! Meet Brandalyn!


How Did you Get Started Doing Makeup?

I started doing makeup in 2003 at the Benefit Cosmetics counter my sophomore year in college and shortly after worked at MAC for 4 years.

Did you go to makeup school? Was this a benefit to you? If so, how?

I did not go to makeup school. I went to the University of Michigan started as an Economics major and took Stage Makeup. I dropped out of college for 2 years and then returned and finished by taking classes such as Design Rendering, Color Theory, History of Art, Marketing etc. I took lots of Master Classes in Toronto, DC, and New York with Sam Fine, Jon Hennessey, Billy B, Danessa Myricks, Valente Frazier, James Vincent, just to name a few. I also completed the Wig & Makeup Internship at The Juilliard School

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