Mizani’s New Line for Curly Girls: True Textures

Mizani products scream ethnic luxury.  They are the preferred brand of stylists all over the world. During my relaxed days, I went through many bottles of Hydrafuse Conditioner. Heck, just last week I finished off my bottle of PuriPHying Shampoo for the excessive buildup in my hair.  I’m very happy that Mizani sees that natural curls are here to stay, not just a trend. They have created the True Textures collection. You’ll be happy to find a sulfate-free shampoo, moisturizing masque, and various styling products.

The Perfect Curl ($18) lightweight creme gel is a product that’s worth a shot.  Sadly, I had to bash many products that were made for curls, but were thick, super smelly and overpriced.  This however, is not. Just section wet hair and finger comb through. My preferred method for my teeny curls was to apply to drenched hair, then shake hair like a wet dog.  The curls would pop on their own, and then I could separate them as needed. Want more proof? I found the most awesome picture review of these products at Curls, Coils and Kinks! Makes me miss my fro, (although mine wasn’t as fabulous as hers!)

You can find Mizani products at Ulta, JCPenny Salons (along with most major chain salons inside malls) and beauty supply stores!

5 Must See Youtube Tutorials for Relaxed Hair

My relaxed hair and I had some really great times. Not enough to keep me relaxed though. There are many, many women who have great success with it. It’s not impossible! I wish Youtube was bigger than it was 3 years ago, because I’m sure I would have been more successful with my journey. If you’ve got relaxed hair, here are 5 tutorials that you should check out!!

Note: These are not weave videos. These are ideas on how to manage your own hair!

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Quiz: Should You Relax Your Hair?

I’m part of the Total Beauty Beauty Bubbles Program, where they send us cute affiliate links to post on our blogs.  To my surprise, I found the quiz called “Should You Relax Your Hair”?  You all know I’ve been natural for over 3 years, and had my locs for a year. Out of sheer curiosity, I took this quiz.  What kind of questions could they possibly ask to determine your mane’s fate?  No, they didn’t ask about breakage or hair length, color, or health.  They asked about lipstick and how often you change your style. From my results, I am the perfect candidate for relaxed hair!  Part of my result descriptions says “Your hair is basically begging for the versatility, sleekness, shine and though it sounds cheesy, the overall allure of relaxed hair.” While yes, I could do all of that with my relaxed hair, I can do the same with a kinky ‘fro. Insert confused face here.

Should You Have Your Hair Relaxed?

The answers to a few quick qs will tell all

Should You Have Your Hair Relaxed?

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Have you been considering smoothing out those curls? Before you take the plunge, make sure that a relaxing treatment is right for you.

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Banish Gray Hairs with Clairol Beautiful Collection

I love the look of salt n’ pepper hair!  It’s gorgeous.  But not everyone agrees with me.  In that case, you’ll love to know that Beautiful by Clairol is out with new dyes to completely cover grays.  Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution is a semi-permanent color.  It’s so safe that you can relax and color on the same day.  It lasts from 10-12 washes, and is safe for natural hair as well. For more information, check out clairolpro.com.

Grow Healthy Hair (Relaxed, Natural and Locs) with Curls!

If you watch my Youtube videos, you’ll notice that I’ve been wearing my hair in curly updo’s a lot lately. I’m absolutely loving the versatility of my locs, and the same versatility can be achieved with relaxed and natural hair. Every week, I’ve been rodding my hair with a different setting product to find the one that gives the best hold without producing dryness or any flakiness. In my 5 week experiment, the product that has worked best is Oyin Handmade Shine & Define. Honestly, I’m shocked. I’m not saying this is the best because I work there, I didn’t know the product was that good.  I’ve used it for years, and really didn’t know it was capable of the magic that I am witnessing!!! When people ask me to describe it, I always say it’s an all natural substitute for mousse, gel and other styling creams. And because it’s all natural, it works perfectly with relaxed and natural hair.

During this rod journey, I’ve tried Mousse, and now I’m searching for a bottle of lottabody to use. I used these when I was relaxed and they worked like a charm. The problem with these is that they are so jam packed with alcohol and other damaging chemicals that I was using a bunch of oils and moisturizers to keep my hair alive. (I used to dilute the lottabody in a spray bottle using 2 parts of the setting lotion and one part water.) I don’t want dry, crunchy hair, but I think I should try all options at least once, just to be fair. I was also a bit hesitant to pack a bunch of crap into my locs, for fear that I couldn’t wash it all out and it would “embed” into my locs.  I thoroughly wash (or at least thoroughly rinse) my hair before each rod set.  I guess we’ll see in the future.

As far as loose naturals, I didn’t ever find success doing my own rod sets. I’ve seen them done successfully, but I could never do my own. I found far more success doing twist outs and pin curls! When I did my own rodsets, they were always super frizzy! That annoyed me to no end. Feel free to share any tips, if you’ve got some!

So how do curls help your hair grow? Well, they don’t. But you not manipulating your hair will keep it from breaking, thus promoting length. While I was relaxed, I lived in curls.  I am positive that setting my hair helped tremendously. The technique really isn’t any different. I started out using the same rods that were in constant rotation during my relaxed days.  Remember, the smaller the rod, the smaller the curl. Since then, I’ve purchased two more sizes of rods, just to try something new. I’ll be showing them in a later post.

As you can see, I’ve got two pictures of me.  I used the white and gray rods in both pictures, which are pretty freakin’ small.  Each image shows a fresh set.  How cool is it that the results look very, very different?   Within the next few days, I will be doing a Youtube video tutorial on how I create a rod set, and how I achieve different updo’s and styles.

In the mean time, feel free to share what products you use for your rod/rollersets!  I’d like to keep experimenting to make sure I’ve thoroughly researched most options!  Oh, the versatility!