Makeup For Beginners: The Easiest Eye Shadow Combo To Wear


DSCF1414-viToday I took a trip down memory lane. I looked at some of my old pictures from my Fotki account, the picture album site. Before blogs were big, we were all of forums and Fotki’s! In the picture above, I’m wearing MAC Patina eye shadow on the inner lid, and a touch of Femme Noir on the outside. I tended to always wear to shadows in a similar format.

I had a few albums–neutrals, bold, wild, lashes, random. And I realized some things that worked well for me. I have since ventured out, but here’s how it usually went.

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Makeup For Beginners: Loose vs. Pressed Powder

Loose vs. Pressed Powder

Powder is one of those makeup must haves that I absolutely recommend in your makeup collection. The main purpose of powder is that it helps to set your foundation and concealer. You don’t necessarily need to wear so much that it gives you a dry mask all over your face, but just a dusting will usually do.

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Five Essential Makeup Brushes

Do you really need 90 brushes to do your makeup? Heck no!  I think you can do pretty well with just these 5.  If you only do makeup on yourself and you like simple looks, here is a quick guide for you. These are brushes that I have actually used on myself and on clients.  If you can recommend a great brush below, please leave a comment!

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