$3 Dupe for MAC Chestnut Lip Liner

Dupe for MAC Chestnut Lip Pencil

I happen to  have 4 MAC Chestnut lip liners in my collection. I’m a hoarder that way. Many of them are years old, replacements of lost pencils (that I later found) etc. And then, low and behold, I stumbled upon NYX lipliners. I’m almost positive I bought my first one at the beauty supply store when I was stocking up on false lashes. I’m not crazy about everything that NYX makes, but these are spot on.

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Neutral Lip Of The Day: Black Opal So Natural Lipstick and Maybelline Touch of Toffee Lipgloss

 Neutral Lips on a Budget: Black Opal and Maybelline

Today’s Lip of the Day is a mix of budget brands. I totally forgot I owned the Maybelline lipgloss, and it worked perfectly with the Black Opal lipstick!

My go-to brown lip liner is NYX Expresso. It’s the $3 knockoff for MAC Chestnut. I apply it first, then rub my lips together like there’s no tomorrow. The goal is to not have a super defined lip aka no harsh brown lines. The particular Black Opal lipstick that I have isn’t as smooth and creamy as the others that I own, and kind of has that old lady lipstick smell. Either way, I’m pleased with the results!

Holiday 2011: Laura Mercier Khol Eye Pencil Set, Swatches and Photos

Laura Mercier Holiday Kohls Set 2011Many moons ago, I worked at Smashbox. The bay across from me was Laura Mercier. I am a bit of a fool for this, but I never really used played with the products too often. The counter manager’s name was Liz, and I remember her always selling a couple hundred dollars worth of products to people. They couldn’t get enough of Laura Mercier, a brand I couldn’t appreciate because I was so into color and loud gaudy beauty.

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