30 Day Youtube Challenge! Who’s Game?

July is going to be a fun month, so why not spice up our Youtube channels with something different? I’ve been in a video slump all year, and it would be fun to do something other than a regular old tutorial! I’m proposing that we post a new video every day for 30 days. It won’t just discuss makeup, but will go into other beauty and lifestyle topics. I’m basically going to snag questions from various other tags, and compile them into a 30 day list. These don’t need to be 15 minute videos, often times a 3-4 minute video will suffice. Here’s a list of a few possible topics:

  • Makeup I Want to Try
  • Favorite Lip Glosses
  • Favorite Eye Shadows
  • Beauty Trends You Hate
  • Favorite Shoes
  • Accessories You Can’t Live Without
  • Money Saving Tips
  • Pet Peeves

If you have any ideas, feel free to comment!

Youtube Subscribers: Beneficial or Overrated?

Youtube is an internet power house that some look to as a library, a hobby or a meal ticket.  You start to create videos, and then hope to create enough interest to keep people coming back to you.  These people are your subscribers. Do subscribers guarantee you an audience?

Why They are Beneficial

Automatically Posts Videos on Youtube Homepage- Once people sign on, they will automatically see your name. If the video title looks interesting, they are bound to give it a click.

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Becoming a Youtube Partner

I’ve noticed that people are very adiment about becoming a Partner on Youtube.  As highlighted on the Youtube Partners page, here are some of the highlights.


Money in your Pocket. Unless you have thousands and thousands of viewers, you probably won’t make a serious living on it.  Each time someone clicks on your advertisements, you’ll receive a few cents.  This needs to accumulate, and in one month if you reach $100, you’ll get paid.

Enhanced Channel Options-You get to jazz up your page with extra banners, etc.

Insight shows you graphs of who is watching your videos in what parts of the world.  It also tells you your most watched videos, and a few other things.


No music, images, or any persons work at any time. If you submit your video for revenue sharing and they spot any of the like, your video will be deleted.  This really breaks down some creative benefits.  I speak from experience.

Overall, I’d say go for it.  You’ve got nothing to lose.  Don’t get bent out of shape about it, however.  It takes time for that money to add up.  For more information, check out the Youtube Partner page.