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9 Eyeliners You Should Avoid

These products made readers march to the return counter

According to your reviews, these eyeliners — some of which had potential to be great — possessed at least one fatal flaw that was undetectable at the store. Read on to find out which product harbored your biggest pet peeve. (Spot one of your favorites? Write a counter review to boost its rating!)

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Love B. Scott: Don’t Let Anyone Take Your Joy!!

I needed a little motivation today and this was exactly what I needed. Please check out this amazing man, B. Scott. He is a Diva in his own right!! Seriously, the brotha is so fly, words can’t describe it.

Anyway, this video makes you realize that you can be anything you want to be, and do anything your heart desires!! I am living proof. Seriously, since creating my blog in 2005, I have lived out every beauty dream I have fantasized about and too much more. God is so good, it’s ridiculous. Peace.


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Editors’ Must-Have Lip Glosses

We, like you, can never have too many glosses. Here are a few of our faves from MAC, Chanel, Clinique and more

Lip gloss — it’s a staple in everyone’s makeup bag (right?!), so the editorial team is obsessed with finding the very best. We’ve tried a ton — some even call us lip gloss whores — and narrowed down the best for you. If you disagree though, please chime in. We’d love to know about your go-to glosses.

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I just ordered my second jar of Shine and Define Gentle Styling Serum from Oyin. As you may remember, I wrote a post about Oyin products earlier this Summer. And I’ve found yet another use for this bad boy!! I told you all that it helps bring out coils on wet hair. But, now that I have started to twist my hair, this is my BFF. I like to twist on clean, dry hair, becuase it makes the length of the twists longer, in my opinion. So, I like to section off the hair, and add a dime sized amount of this serum to slightly dampen it. I make sure to coat as much of the hair as possible. After I’ve twisted the hair, the ends curl right up! Every few days, I run a bit more about this through my twists to control flyaways. I freakin’ love this stuff!!! I wasn’t a big fan of twists, I’ve said it in a few videos. But in the You Tube video below, I’m rocking my second ever set of twists! I pinned them up to give them a different look.

Also in this video, the winner of the Billy B. Beauty Brush Set!!!


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