Post Secret

A co-worker introduced me to the Post Secret books about a year ago. People anonymously send in postcards telling a secret, and a man in Germantown, MD compiles them into books, or his blog. Post Secret is taking over the world, I have to get my fix via his blog every Sunday!

There is a new edition of the book dropping soon, titled Life, Death & God. Can’t wait for this one! Check out the Postsecret Bookshere! They are the perfect coffee table accessories!

My Credibility and Trust To You

Hey Beauties!

I need to go ahead and address this public comment that I received on one of my Youtube videos. I was offended by it, and thought that I would tell you all the honest to goodness truth.

The reason people started taking advice from bloggers instead of magazines is because a real person lacks an obvious agenda. But when you start shilling product that you havnt even used and will not use because of your pledge to go natural, it rings false and damages the credibility you’ve worked so hard for and deserve.

I love you Erin and I’ve learnt so much from you. Please dont sell yourself out for a champagne breakfast and some free samples. And Im not saying that bloggers should not accept free samples but if that MUFE product has changed your mum’s life then let HER make a video about it.

And working at Oyin makes it difficult for you to review their product without bias. Something about this post reminded me of a pitch from a beauty pr or cosmetics sales girl.I’m not trying to give you a hard time or suggest you dont take advantage of opportunities but dont forget what gave you that opportunity Your straightforward realness!

I need you all to know that there has NEVER, EVER been a time where I have lied to you about a product for any reason, whatsoever. I am not under contract and I don’t get any additional compensation to give good press about anything. Yes, I’ve received free product. And you know what? A lot of it SUCKED. Big time. But instead of giving the companies bad press, I simply omit it from reviews. I act like they don’t exist. When you ask me about a product, if I think it’s bad, I will tell you, however. I assume that most of you trust me a good bit, and that’s why you come back for more juicy beauty tidbits. I do the same to the blogs that I read daily and the Youtube video makers that I subscribe to. I told you all about a book that I loved by co-owner of Oyin Handmade. I didn’t say it b/c he’s my boss or b/c I want a raise, I said it because the book changed my perspective on my dreams and aspirations. I don’t go on and on about Oyin because I am employed there, I do because I’ve used the products and been doing research on them for years.

All in all, I didn’t mean to rant on my own blog, but I really thought that I should clarify this for everyone. I LOVE my blog and what I do, it’s so much bigger than a passion for me, since I wanted to be a beauty editor at a publication. So thank you to all of you who truly trust my word and my opinion. I’ll be here to serve you all the best way I can. Much love!

Goodbye…Again…Kind Of….

Okay, for real this time! I’ve decided to go ahead and merge two out of the three of my blogs. All of my natural hair posts have been moved on over to Scandalous Beauty. There you’ll find hair and makeup all in one easy to locate blog. Please excuse my indecisiveness. I excel at that.

May I just say, for the record, that I miss my fro like crazy. I’ve wanted to lather it in Honey Hemp conditioner, create funky twist outs, and see just how big and crazy it could have been! But, my hair is confined to the locs that are emerging at the moment. And ya know what? I don’t regret locking my hair at all. If I hate them, I’ll comb them out. I hope that you will continue to follow me over at Scandalous Beauty. Remember, you can watch my natural hair videos (which I have a slew of them to work on!) at and my hair albums at and

Public Service Announcement: Merger Alert!

I’ve decided that Scandalous Beauty and my natural hair blog, Naturally Scandalous, shall now be one. I fought the idea for about an hour, but it only made sense. So, you’ll see a mixture of posts from now on. In fact, all previous stories published on Naturally Scandalous have been imported here. Go ahead and scroll around to see what you may (or may not have) missed! I know that not everyone has natural hair, so I’ll be as fair as possible!