Oh shucks!!! Look, I’m in twists again!!! I’m really wanting to do micro twists. My goal is to keep myself twisted for a few weeks, probably only two. I am getting really bored with them though, and I’m ready to bust out into a full twist out! So, the first time around, I had them braided to the ends. But, someone from my Naturally Scandalous You Tube Channel told me to leave them open and twirl them around my fingers to get them to curl. Instead, I finished my hair and threw some conditioner in it, wet my hair and let the bottom curl naturally. I’m just hoping and praying this helps me keep my ends safe!

Twisting is a way to keep me from playing with my hair. I constantly play with my hair, and darn near every time that I do, I lose a strand. So, maybe if I stopped tampering with it, my ends won’t be so busted! Yikes!


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Love B. Scott: Don’t Let Anyone Take Your Joy!!

I needed a little motivation today and this was exactly what I needed. Please check out this amazing man, B. Scott. He is a Diva in his own right!! Seriously, the brotha is so fly, words can’t describe it.

Anyway, this video makes you realize that you can be anything you want to be, and do anything your heart desires!! I am living proof. Seriously, since creating my blog in 2005, I have lived out every beauty dream I have fantasized about and too much more. God is so good, it’s ridiculous. Peace.


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