Cargo Sale!!

Just checked out Sephora, and I see that the jumbo tins of gloss by Cargo are on sale!!! Stock up while you can!!! I own Turramurra & Waikiki and Turramurra has been one of my favorite glosses ever since. The best part about this sale is that you are getting an ungodly amount of gloss, probably 2 or 3 MAC lipglass in size, for the price of only one!!!

I own 2 quads, Argentina and Oceania, which are SO freakin’ hot. You can find them on my Lipgloss guide Part 2, where I model them for you!!!
Seriously, these pictures don’t do them justice at all!!!

Happy discount shopping!!!

Peter Thomas Roth Matte Lip Balm

This bad boy has been a silent killer for me, and should be for the entire makeup world. It’s such a genius idea, when you think about it. This is great for men or women, because it’s flavorless and shine free. I swear, I can’t stand cheap lip balms that feel like I’ve just run a fresh coat of wax over my mouth. This almost feels like it’s silicon, like the primers we use on our face. It feels like magic on the lips.

Why does this benefit us who wear makeup?? Applying lip liner, is a breeze when your lips are moist. Not moist from spit, but more of a moisturizing lubricant. When applying lipstick or gloss in conjunction to this product, you’ll be able to blend your colors and they won’t mix with a greasy or glossy balm.

Go ahead and get all the details at!!! Seriously, I use this all the time!

Duplicate The Scandal: Dries Van Noten is my one stop source for all things Fashion Week. One of the looks that really caught my eye was Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2009. The look calls for a glossy black eye as the focal point, with subtle skin. Brows are understated, so they are not filled in.

Here is my rendition of the look!

Keep in mind, it is not easy to wear a glossy eye on the lid for long periods of time. It creases and moves so quickly, it’s insane. I reapplied and blended and reapplied and wiped away SO many times.

Stay tuned, I’ve got SO many more looks for you…

My Boyfriend is a Beauty Blogger!!!

If you read my blog often, you know all about my “boyfriend” Warren. I use the term boyfriend very loosely, as Warren does not date females, if you catch my drift. This man is a go-getter, a true believer, and a very, very talented man. Seriously, look at the model that he painted in this picture!!! I had NO idea he had upgraded his makeup skills to this level! Don’t get me wrong, he’s always been great, but this I was not prepared for!!!

Over the past week, he finalized the touches on his beauty blog, WarrenBBeautiful. It’s chic, classy, and very informative. He delivers tons of reviews and thoughts about all things beauty. I am so proud of him!!! Now that you know the deal, be sure to check out the brand spankin’ new blog, WarrenBBeautiful. He’s already got 11 posts!

One minute he was working at the makeup store, the next he was doing makeup on an America’s Next Top Model!!! Which one?? You’ll have to read his blog to find out. Through all of our adventures, he has been one of the most entertaining people that I have ever met! I loved working with him, and there is almost nothing more exciting then our phone conversations. You have NO idea!!! In a very short time, you’ll love him just as much as I do!!!

Total Beauty Byte: Fashion Week Beauty!

Just the thought of Fashion Week makes me want to SQUEAL!!! New York Fashion Week is just around the corner. Last September, I witnessed the Hair and Beauty team killin’ it at The Blonds show. Definitely one of the most amazing days of my life!!! If you’d like to see what it’s like backstage, from hair to makeup to wardrobe to showtime, be sure to check out my video below. You even get a glimpse of Billy bangin’ out faces and interviewing!!!

Total Beauty has a ton to say about the 4 amazing week of Fashion. Check out what they have to say!!
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