I Want Locs!!!

Did I tell you all that I am thinking about locing my hair?? I’m about 70% sure that I want them in, like, next week! I may just try them myself to see the look, then take them out until I am ready. Najahface breaks down some different ways to start your locs here!

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Yes, it’s true. I want to loc my hair! I have been thinking about it for months and months now, but haven’t officially expressed my feelings about it. But, as the days go by, I constantly check out locs of all shapes, sizes, lengths and colors. I even re-watched videos of myself in twists just to make sure that I was comfortable with the look. I want my locs to be about the size of my pinky finger!

I have had such an awesome time during my natural journey! I haven’t had a relaxer since 2005!!! There are a ton and a half of options for natural hair, and I haven’t done a tenth of them. But I just love, love, love the locked look!!! I must have it!!! I will probably procrastinate and not get them done for a few more months, since I already bought those huge tubs of Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercream andQhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream. That stuff was NOT cheap, so I will NOT loc until I use them entirely! To be on the safe side, I’ll probably keep my hair twisted more often.

Doesn’t Lauryn Hill look amazing in the picture? Billy B. was the face beater, clearly.

Obama, Anyone?

I am absolutely elated to see this. Homeware designer Lana Kole created this wall decal for the true believers out there. I’ve got my share of pins, posters and shirts, but I must, must add this to my collection. Best part, it’s only $25! I am in the middle of re-decorating my room, and since I don’t want the drama of wallpaper, I’ll take the ease of wall decals. Check out the rest of what Lana Kole has to offer at lanakole.com!

Video Tutorial: The Silver Smokey Eye

Hey babes,

I hope you had a very happy new year!! I created a silver smokey eye because it was long, long overdue!!! I hope that you enjoy it!!

Dame Edna for MAC

I can’t lie. I’m not that crazy about the contents of this collection, but I sure love what she has got to say. For instance “I stay glamorous because it’s a thing that comes from within. I do my G spot exercise every morning. I wake up, look in the mirror and say, ‘Edna, you are gorgeous. You’re gorgeous!’ And I go through the day absolutely gorgeous.” The Australian native is simply unique.

The new collection consists of two eyeshadow trios, lipglass, lipstick, beauty powders and nail polish. The lip colors are quite bright and springy, I guess I’ll swatch them to find one that I like. And while I don’t plan on purchasing much, the artists sure do know how to win us over with the beautiful face charts that they create. My favorite is ‘Splendid’, picture below. MAC even tells you how to complete the look, read on for details! Be sure to view the Dame Edna Collection and see if there is anything that you like!

Groom brows with Clear Brow Set. Sweep the browbone with Vanilla Eye Shadow and a 224 Brush. Cover lids with Fineshine in Wisteria Eye Trio using a 222 Brush. Fill in the crease of your eye with Royal Tour and Climate Blue in Royal Tour Eye Trio using a 217 Brush. Line the upper lashline with Divine Night in Wisteria Eye Trio and a 210 Brush. Layer top and bottom lashes with Zoomblack Zoom Lash.

Bath And Body Works Vanilla Noir

This my be my favorite scent from Bath and Body Works. I’m in love with all things vanilla, but this scent has a darker, sexier edge to it. I’ve been wearing the Eau de Toilette everyday for the past 3 weeks! There is even a buy 2, get 1 free sale still in the works. I’ll hit the mall tomorrow and get two shower gels and a body cream. They even have the candle for $10! Love, love, love this stuff!!!! View the entire Vanilla Noir collection, and stock up!