My Newest Blog!

Hey everyone!

I clearly leave for my trip to NYC in 4 hours. I haven’t packed a single item, but I’m on here blogging! Just wanted to let you all know about my new blog, An Urban Scandal. I discuss the things that inspire me, as well as some of my vices, neo-soul music, Starbucks, fashion. It’s a sprinkling of everything!

My biggest decision at the moment is deciding if I will keep the blog seperate or combine it with Scandalous Beauty. As I said on Twitter, I don’t want to be one of the “talkaboutalittlebitofeverything” blogs. SB didn’t start out that way, and I don’t want to alter it to be that way! So, feel free to check me out. I’ll be mobile blogging from NYC, stay tuned!

Hey everyone!

I haven’t used this blog in over 3 years, but I thought I should come on over and update you! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen my loc progress. I’ve been loc’d for 4 years now! This is a style I created a few weeks ago at a blog conference.

Also, I have a lifestyle blog called Peace, Love: Erin Joy right here on Blogger. It’s a lifestyle blog that covers family, food, decor and the journey to my wedding in March. I post there every couple days, so I hope you’ll follow me there! I’m still blogging about makeup on my beauty blog, Scandalous Beauty, and I’ve got new videos coming to my YouTube channel soon!


The image above is that of my wall. My entire room reflects the things that inspire me. I believe that if I see it, feel it, breathe it and believe in it, it has to happen. I lived in NYC for a mere 3 months. Every second, every crowded subway, every illegal honk from cabbies, every smirk or glare from passers by…all amazing. I search Craig’s List daily, just searching for my first apartment in the Big Apple. I thanked God for every morning that I awoke to the hustle and bustle of my residence on the Upper West Side.

So, this blog is my inspiration hub. It’s the things that make me happy, the things that I want to share. I wanted to start a blog about scarves, candles and Starbucks. And my love for city life. And for amazing music, not the crap that’s on the radio. And all other great treasures of the world! So, here’s a deeper look into the life of Erin, the lady you know as Scandalous Beauty

Just My Beauty Thoughts…

I’m absolutely loving the new Make Up For Ever visual that is in the newest Sephora catalog. I want to try the Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow. Sources say that it is crease resistant and I can’t wait to do a smoky eye with it! Can’t wait to hear what creator Dany Sanz has to say at The Makeup Show! Apparently MUFE is adding to its HD line….

I’ve been hearing nothing but amazing feedback about the Kissable Couture 45% off sale! I swear, Scandalous Beauty readers are giving the brand a run for its money. Every time I look at the site there is another sold out gloss! Don’t miss out on the sale, view all of the shades here. Promo code “SB”. I can’t wait to see the newest shade debuting in August, called ‘Lady Love’. This shade is a collaboration with Latoya Luckett!

It took me over 2 weeks to get my hands on a jar of Oyin Handmade Whipped Shea Butter. I tried it for the first time about a month ago when I picked up a dollop of it that was on the side of the mixing bowl. It felt so light and airy, and I knew I needed more! Perfect for Summertime. Get this: Everytime we make a new batch, literally all of it is shipped out to the clients that ordered it. There isn’t enough to keep in stock, thus I couldn’t buy any! That’s absolutely insane, but it’s just that good. I’m a happy camper! By the way, did you get my tweet today? I made my first batch of Burnt Sugar Pomade, a treat for your scalp and hair. Smells like and expensive Creme Brule. Perfect for natural, locked or permed heads. If you purchase it within the upcoming week, you’ll get my batch! I hope you can feel the love and positive energy that I put into it! It took me hours to make!

I’ll be giving instant updates from The Makeup Show on Twitter, so I hope you are following me there! By the way, I’m @ErinScandalous. I’ll be back on Tuesday night. I’ll see some of you there! And don’t be shy if you see me, be sure to say hey! ;-D