Contest: Free Tickets to The Makeup Show!

It’s no secret that the biggest make-up event of the year takes place next weekend. I’ve got my notebook packed for seminars and workshops from AJ Crimson, Gordon Espinet, Danessa Myricks, DeShawn Hatcher and Johnny Lavoy! Last year, Warren and I planned the trip for the event this year. It’s just that big of a deal! Look at Warren at the MAC Pro booth giving some cute boy the “Oooh he is sexy” look! LOL!!!! If you are a make-up artist (potential artist or makeup fiend..I won’t tell!), I’m giving away 2 pairs of tickets for the event! These tickets entitle you and a guest admission to one day at the convention! Here’s how to enter:

Leave a comment and tell me why you want to go! Plain and simple. My mother Cynthia and I will choose the best winners at random (good ole’ names in the hat trick!) this Sunday, Mother’s Day. We’ll post the winners on Monday, My 24th Birthday! Don’t forget to include your e-mail address in your entry! Contest ends Saturday, May 9th at Midnight ET. No exceptions! Increase your chances of winning by checking out This That Beauty and Pimp Your Beauty, they are giving away sets of tickets too!

In the event that you don’t win these tickets, you can still get your own. One day costs $45, Both days is $70. These are the advance ticket prices and they WILL cost more at the door! Click here to order tickets and find out more about The Makeup Show!
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The Switch To All Natural Skincare

After years of using chemicals on my face, hair, and body, I’ve made the big switch. I’ve switched to all natural products. I didn’t even realize it until earlier today, while posting on a forum. I already told you all how MAC’s Studio Sculpt Foundation and Concealer tore my skin up. It’s no secret. The more of my chemical filled products I used on my face, the more my face stung and burned. It was a no win situation, so I looked for a fresher, healthier alternative.

Since I used the remainder of my Enzymion Moisturizer (vegan and great for oily skin), I moved on to another moisturizer that I had never heard of. Vanishing Cream is for oily and acne prone skin, so it’s perfect for me! I’ve been using it every day with my Juice Beauty Cleanser and Blemish Clearing Serum. Using these products has given me skin that I hadn’t seen in months. I’m thinking that the all natural products really do change your skin, body, whatever!

I’m going to assume that everyone who reads this blog isn’t fortunate to be a slick face like me (ha!) so here are a few of the all natural winners from Lush!

Normal Skin-Gorgeous Moisturizer
Sensitive Skin-Celestial Moisturizer
Dry Skin-Skin Drink Moisturizer
Combination Skin-Imperialis Moisturizer

Have you used Lush moisturizers? Which are your faves? I just LOVE this company!

My Mommy And I

Mother’s Day is only four days away! I don’t know how this sneaks up on me every year! (Maybe it’s because my birthday is the day after?!?) So, I wanted to pay homage to the woman that gave birth to me, my best friend, my counselor, my mentor, my mommy, Cynthia! I just don’t know what I would do without this woman!

Random pic that we took on Christmas Day, 2008. This is a shot of our fridge!

Gotta love candid pictures! I don’t even know what this conversation was all about. We’re on our way to Church. I think my mommy is so fly! She almost never wears makeup, except for Church. I’m always so proud when she throws on a gloss that I gave her and some MAC Select Tint Foundation (which was perfect for Summer, but since it’s been discontinued, I’ll introduce her to Make Up For Ever Face and Body Foundation!) I love how even and gorgeous her skin looks in this pic!

There are tons of ideas for gifts, but simple luxuries will almost always make a mommy happy! I’ve got one of those mothers that wouldn’t consider purchasing any type of beauty product found at Nordstrom. Along with a cute bag from Banana Republic, I’d like to get my mom the Kiehl’s Ooh La Vanilla Gift Collection. It includes a large body wash, lotion, lip balm #1 (a classic) and a trial size facial cleanser.

Kiehl’s actually has quite a few gift sets to choose from! They have no frills packaging and straight to the point great stuff that any mom would appreciate!