Formula X Nail Polish in Evocative

When I got married, I wore a really beautiful neutral nail color that was from a brand exclusive to nail salons. Of course the shade had rubbed off and I never found out what it was. But the other day while I hung out in Sephora for two hours due to a gift card malfunction (don’t ask), I swatched every makeup product that caught my eye. And I do mean every one.
Evocative Formula X

So about an hour and a half into my drama, I spotted the nail section. I hunted for the perfect neutral, and on the second try, I found this! Formula X Nail Polish in Evocative ($10.50) is a very lovely neutral. It glided on easily, and wasn’t streaky or blotchy. I’ve never tried Formula X before, but I have a co-worker who used the brand exclusively.  Of course the color was sold out, so I’ll have to hunt it down the next time I go. Other than that, I’d say I had a very successful Sephora run!



I’m sitting here at my computer, writing this blog post on my 30th birthday. To be honest, a year ago, I thought I had my road to 30 all mapped out. But now I’m questioning everything. My career, finances, long term goals. Please note: I’m deliriously, uncontrollably happy. But I’ve had a few revelations that are changing the way I see things in my life. Bare with me.

Broke on Purpose

I know credit cards are bad, but I have relied on them for quite some time now. I had some moments of weakness, so weak, in fact, that now I’m at a point where a good portion of my paychecks are paying off credit cards. And for what? I can’t even tell you. To be honest, it was really depressing me. But wait, light’s at the end of the tunnel! Today I took a look at my credit score and saw that it went up by 70 points! 70! Plus I received three credit limit increases on three credit cards. Things are looking up. Now I’m at a point where I’m focusing on clearing out this debt. I canceled several subscription services, (six to be exact) including Hello bar and MS Office. I’m keeping those $15/mo fees in my pocket and putting them on my debts. I have to thank Being Melody’s Broke on Purpose series and My Fab Finance for the constant reminders.

Makeup is Getting Out of Hand

Over the last few weeks, I’ve used maybe 10ish makeup products and I’m totally pleased with the looks. Please note that I’ve been a makeup collector for years, and I have a pretty hefty collection. Then I began to think, should I consolidate my stash? Maybe my makeup room needs a transformation. This also makes me look at makeup a lot differently. I was watching the RHOA Reunion, and OMG…the drag makeup made me cringe. I know it’s a TV show and there’s a certain look they’re going for, but my goodness. Brows were arched like crazy, under eye and cheekbone highlights were glistening, lashes were beyond dramatic. It was just TOO MUCH. So I got on Instagram and unfollowed 90% of the people that wear that dramatic look every day. I need a drag makeup detox. Which brings me to….


I can’t even think about watching another cookie cutter, robotic, regurgitated Youtube video. Everyone is doing the same thing over and over again. People are talking the same, acting the same, everyone’s makeup setups are looking the same (mine included).  It’s hard to find people that are doing there own thing, instead of being heavily influenced with the popular videos. I still pick and choose videos to watch, but I just can’t buy into the Youtube world the way that I used to.

Edit: I do generally still like Youtube! I forgot to say that I do still watch my YT favorites regularly. I watched them for over an hour today!  I just get bored when I see people doing the same stuff over and over again.

Free Time is Free Time

Since I started my side business, The Haute Blogger, every night and every weekend consisted of coding, editing, mockups and things like that. I felt like I brushed off my family and housework because I wanted to perfect my business. But I started to feel kind of depressed, because I was working my ass off constantly. My blog has been suffering ever since I started it. That’s not how I want to live. So I decided to set 10 hours a week aside for work and Scandalous Beauty. I’m clocking in and setting goals.

Other than that, I’m cleaning more, eating healthier and wanting to live more simplistically. ADD brain is already a struggle, but adding all of the “stuff” in my life makes it even crazier. Out with the old, and in with the new.



Follow Up: The Great Cleanse Hits and Misses

Sephora The Great Cleanse Review


It’s been a couple weeks since I bought The Great Cleanse set from Sephora, and it was well worth the $50. I got to try a bunch of great high end products for a decent price. As a reminder, Sephora says:

What it is formulated to do:
Grab ahold of the first step in beauty—cleasning. The Great Cleanse was created to let you try all the newness and innovation in cleansing by offering some of the very best products. Featuring makeup removing cleansers, cleansing water formulas, cleansing oils and powders, and an exfoliating Konjac Cleansing Sponge, this set includes all your essentials to perfectly clean, refreshed, and hydrated skin.

This set contains:
– 1.69 oz Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
– 3.38 oz Caudalie Make-Up Remover Cleansing Water
– 0.5 oz Nude Skincare Perfect Cleanse Nourishing Cleansing Oil
– 1.7 oz Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil
– 1.7 oz Fresh Soy Face Cleanser
– 1 oz Origins Checks and Balances™ Frothy Face Wash
– 2 oz Philosophy Purity Made Simple
– Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser™
– 0.5 oz GLAMGLOW POWERMUD™ Dualcleanse Treatment
– 1.5 oz Algenist GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Melting Cleanser
– 0.36 oz Boscia Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder
– Boscia Mini Konjac Cleansing Sponge

So after two months, here are my thoughts:

Oil cleansers (Boscia, Nude) 

I’m not too sure about these. They removed the makeup pretty well, but I still ended up using other cleansers because my skin didn’t feel clean. I probably won’t use these anymore. It was basically double work.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

I am absolutely in love with this. It has a soft cucumber scent, which I am really into. It has a soft lather, and after using it, my skin felt clean without feeling dried out. I’d definitely purchase a full size.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple

It’s fine. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. I use it to clean my makeup brushes sometimes. Meh.

Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser™

This smells like blood orange and grapefruit. It’s intoxicating. But again, I don’t feel like it gives me a thorough wash.

Boscia Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder

I’m head over heels for my Amore Pacific exfoliating powder, and this one by Boscia comes in at a close second. It gently exfoliates without drying out my skin, but I didn’t see any significant changes in my skin that makes me think I should switch to this permanently.

Glamglow Powermud Duo Cleanse

Not crazy about this. I’ll stick to my Youthmud and Supermud (if I ever buy a full size).

Makeup Removers (Caudalie, Sephora)

They smell a little different, but otherwise, they are solid makeup removers. They took off a majority of my makeup, and I use them interchangably. This is my second bottle of Sephora remover, so I’m pretty happy with it.

I gave away the Algenist and Origins cleaners, because I thought my mother would like them (and she does). Overall, this sample set was a solid purchase. I hope they make one with moisturizers and scrubs!

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ulta 3

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