Video: A Bit of Inspiration…

This video is a bit off topic but I still had to share it. You can do anything you want to do! No matter the circumstance: too old, too young, have kids, parents don’t believe in you, lack of money. It’s all irrelevant…come on everyone! Let’s make big things happen!

What dreams/aspirations are you working on in the ’09?

Total Beauty Tuesday and Video Tutorial: Eyeliner 101

Eye liner is one of those staple beauty items that I suggest for everyone. It has the ability to define the eye in more ways than one. In more ways than ten. Not to mention, it comes in so many forms, it’s insane! I created a video tutorial on how to use pencil, cream/gel and liquid liners.

One of the liners that I tried to cover (but didn’t want the simple video to turn into a 30 minute TV show) was shadow as primary liner. One of the coolest little sets that I have seen is the Chanel La Ligne De Chanel Professional Eyeliner Duo. There is a matte black shade, as well as a black with sparkle.

But, I must be very honest. MAC won me over with their liners years ago. I use all MAC liners in my video! Here are some of my picks:

Gel Liner: Fluidline (I sometimes use Dipdown to fill my brows)
Pencil: Eye Kohls and Kohl Power (These are limited edition, but come out time to time with certain collections. These are powerful and full of color, but they smudge like crazy. Perfect for an intense look!)

When you get some time, check out my video tutorial on Youtube: Eyeliner 101!

bglh: An Inside Look At The Struggle to Stay Natural

Black Girl with Long Hair did an AMAZING feature on me and my struggle to stay natural. The video that I created last year. Part one of the story talks about the video that I created during my lowest emotional point with my hair. OMG, that was the worst. I still can’t explain how horrible it felt. Part two is an interview from the current point in my life, and how proud I am to be a natural girl!

Ooh, I got my hair re-twisted for the second time this week! My locs are coming along very nicely and I am SO excited about this journey! It’s been the greatest! You can check out my newest updates with my loctician Amira here at my Fotki album.