FAQ Friday: Highlighting Under the Eye

This week’s video comes a comment on my Youtube video “Silver Sparkling Smokey Eyes“.

Can I use this as a higlighter for under my eyes? I have been searching high and low for something for my face and can’t seem to find anything.Makeup forever has a contour and highlight duo,but when I went to sephora they were all out…Please help

SB Says:

The first thing people usually run to in concealer. This is completely fine, try to use one that is warm toned. If you use cool toned concealers, this will make any dark circles and imperfections stand out a bit more. Remember, darker/warmer recedes and lighter/cooler brings forward! Use a brush or your ring finger, and remember to set with a powder so it doesn’t crease!

Try using a lighter dusting of powder under the eye. I’ve learned by my favorite make up artists to use a lighter loose or pressed powder under the eye. This is just another alternative. Billy B. uses Studio fix with a brush and Sam Fine uses MAC Loose Powder with a sponge. I tried the loose powder in NW35 (the same color he used on the NW50 model he was working on) and it works great!

Also, there are many liquid illuminators that do this exact thing. One of the most praised in the industry is the Touche Eclat by YSL. Just use the pen in the appropriate area, and blend with your ring finger or a brush. Bobbi Brown also has one, the Tinted Eye Brightener. I would do this before applying foundation.

Bags. Delish!

The lovely folks at NYMag.com have decided to oblige us in a little visual escapade. The article, “160 New Bags for the New Year” almost gave me chest pain. It’s just that good. One of my favorite colors ever is yellow, specifically mustard. And this mouthwatering Jimmy Choo bag will definitely look amazing on my shoulder, no?

One of the advantages about this feature is that you can shop by bag style and price. There are other Style-O-Matic guides just like this one, including Party Dresses, Sneakers, Wedding Dresses, Hats and Lipsticks (with a sprinkling of glosses).

Goodness gracious, little treats like this are exactly why I love NYMag.com!!!

Oh yes, when you are finished with the guides, go on over to the brand spanking new interactive maccosmetics.com. I was on there for-ev-er earlier today!!! It’s so modern, it’s perfect!!! The little video clips are to die for, my mouth hung open in excitement!!!

Yes We Did…Inauguration 2009!!!

Elated can’t even describe the feeling that has gone through my bones today. I have to work at 5, with these puffy eyes and this headache from crying all day. I am SO proud, SO, SO, SO proud of us today. Yes We Did!! I created a video as the President was being sworn in, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to type my feelings! YES WE DID!

Happy Birthday Dr. King!

Hey babes,

Just wanted to wish you all a very lovely Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!! The blessings that are bestowed upon us this year have been immense!!! If you are a fellow Neo-Soul lover like I am, please be sure to check out one of my favorite singers, Dwele, in this video. The man is on a whole different level, I just love his vibe!!! I listen to him every day on my Ipod. The song is called “How I Deal (Waitin on Obama)“. YES WE CAN!!! YES WE DID!!! I’m beyond elated for Inauguration tomorrow…

Time for a Trim!

Since I’ve decided to take out these twists and get a good old deep condition, I’m going to trim my hair. I am not of fan of trimming, but I know that my ends aren’t in the best shape, so I’m just going to get rid of them. No pain, no gain right??? I have a pretty basic trimming technique, as many of you may have. I clip the ends of my twists. I might not even be cutting off enough to keep the split ends from spreading, but hey, it’s worked this far! I typically trim 3 to 4 times a year, just because I don’t want to get carried away.