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Hand Cream Showdown

Find out which top hand hydrators our testers found desk drawer-worthy

Dry winter air making your hands all chapped and gross-looking? Join the club. Battle the dryness with one of these proven hand creams, your fingers will thank you.

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Top Mascaras for Length & Volume

What clumped, what ran and what truly transformed our real-woman testers

We had 12 beauty-junkie members of our Total Beauty Squad test out so-called lengthening and volumizing mascaras. Their verdict: You could spend a fortune on the best — but you don’t have to. See what was tops.

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How to Rock Your New Makeup

Take this quiz to find your best colors and the right way to wear them

Did your presents this year include some fun new makeup? Lucky! Find out how to wear all those new shades with this quiz.

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THE After Christmas Sale, Sephora Style!

Oh yeah baby! We’ve found a monster sale at! All of those awesome gift sets that you wanted for the Holiday are now available, and on sale! Seriously, this sale is insane. The AMAZING Stila Lip Glaze set, pictures above, is only $22!!! This is probably one of the best lip gloss sets that I have ever owned! The color spectrum is awesome. And now, it’s $23 cheaper!!!

The Nars Lipgloss Set that I raved about? $35. It’s already in my shopping cart!!! There are actually quite a few different Nars gift sets on sale. They’re about 5-10 bucks cheaper, and that almost never happens! Check out all of the other hot discounts at!

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas!!! If you don’t celebrate it, hope you had a happy December 25th!

RiRi In The Total Beauty Spotlight!
The Rihanna Hair Cut — Coolest Look of 2008

See why this rocker wins’s award for best cut of the year

OK, so a lot of people will say that Victoria Beckham had the most influential hair cut of the year, and maybe she did. But we just can’t get over Rihanna’s hip and super-versatile style. She can wear it a million different ways (and does) and it always looks so cool — we just had to give it our “Hair Cut of the Year” award. Do you agree?

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Carrie Bradshaw Would Be Proud…

I’m sure she already has a pair, somewhere in Sex and The City land. Now THESE are shoes!!! Please Santa, please let these shoes be under my tree!!! (Umm, they will definitely not be under my tree!!!) A girl can dream though!

I Want Locs!!!

Yes, it’s true. I want to loc my hair! I have been thinking about it for months and months now, but haven’t officially expressed my feelings about it. But, as the days go by, I constantly check out locs of all shapes, sizes, lengths and colors. I even re-watched videos of myself in twists just to make sure that I was comfortable with the look. I want my locs to be about the size of my pinky finger!

I have had such an awesome time during my natural journey! I haven’t had a relaxer since 2005!!! There are a ton and a half of options for natural hair, and I haven’t done a tenth of them. But I just love, love, love the locked look!!! I must have it!!! I will probably procrastinate and not get them done for a few more months, since I already bought those huge tubs of Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttercream andQhemet Biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream. That stuff was NOT cheap, so I will NOT loc until I use them entirely! To be on the safe side, I’ll probably keep my hair twisted more often.

Doesn’t Lauryn Hill look amazing in the picture? Billy B. was the face beater, clearly.