F.A.Q. Friday!

In order to add some consistency to this blog, I am implementing F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) Friday! Most of these questions come from Youtube and E-mail. Here we go!

“Hi there first of all I want to say i love your vids & tuts thanks. I am so happy to see an informed educated woman of color like myself giving insight into make-up for us. I really appreciate your comments on throwing make-up rules out of the window. I have always experimented with color and have been fearless in the process. I have a question for you? I live in South Carolina and we have a M.A.C. kiosk in the Belk store here at our mall. However a lot of the colors I desire they don’t carry because they are not a pro store. I.E. “Chrome yellow” and a color that I have heard you reference “Azalea” blush. i have worn “Sweet as Coccoa” for a while now and have decided to switch up but I can’t find the “Azalea” on the M.A.C. website and have throughly searched. Can you give me some suggestions as to where I might be able to find it. “

SB Says:
Hey there,

Thanks so much for your kind words! Azalea is a pro only item, so you will have to go to macpro.com, or call 1-800-866-6464 for them to ship it to their home. Other than that, you could call the individual mac pro stores and get it, which you can find by going to the store locator on maccosmetics.com or macpro.com, clicking the “Show only M·A·C stores that sell M·A·C PRO Product” box, and they will give you individual stores. Don’t forget, anyone can purchase Pro products, even if they are not MAC Pro member! You can view all of the pro products at macpro.com, using the link above. Hope this helps, Azalea is TOO gorgeous! To see me wear this stunning blush, check out the video below, I’ll show you exactly how I apply it!

Total Beauty Bubble: Make-Up Artists Dish!!!!

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Models are born gorgeous but even they need help from beauty pros to look picture perfect. We got the scoop on the key products their makeup artists and hair stylists can’t work without. Make sure these secret weapons are in your beauty stash.

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We’ve Been Featured: Essence Magazine

Well, we’ve kind of been of been featured in Essence. On Election Day, I voted and created a video about my experience minutes after it happened. Then, a day or so later, I wrote a quick blurb on Essence.com about my experience. Low and behold, it was featured in a Special Commemorative Magazine by the editors of Essence. The book is called The Obamas: Portrait of America’s New First Family, pictured above. Inside you’ll find a host of stunning photography and essays that will make you so proud, so compelled to be the best you that you can be. I am extremely honored to be part of history, not only by having a brief excerpt in the book, but by voting for BARACK H. OBAMA!!!!

My First Podcast!!!

Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Brushes!

May I just say that MAC has finally created a collection that isn’t a bunch of fluff. I haven’t been too excited about any collections for quite some time, but this one is just hot. How privileged do we feel that MAC hair-color coded the whole collection for us! Don’t forget, these colors are inspired by the hair hues, but you can wear any of the colors that you choose. I wore Flip eye shadow (in the Redhead collection) for 3 days straight. It’s such a striking gold on brown skin! Just make sure you beat your crease with a darker color to make the shadow less outrageous.




I don’t know whether to be more excited about the makeup or the brushes!!! I love to always add random brushes to do random things. I’m starting to realize that even though brushes have descriptions of what they can do, they can almost always serve other purposes!!! Check out MAC Brush Focus to get some new tips on how to use your brushes at home. Collection debuts today!!!