Total Beauty Bubble: Your Makeup Routine= Acne???
Your Makeup Products Could Be Causing Acne

Maybe trying all those free makeup samples at once wasn’t a great idea. Take this quiz to see if your beauty supply needs a makeover

Stress, the environment and hormones all contribute to unsightly blemishes … but could part of the problem be your makeup? Take this quiz to see if your makeup products and practices are what’s making you break out.

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Calling All Brown Beauty Bloggers!!!

Hope you had a very happy Turkey day!!! Driving back home(on a full stomach), I realized that there isn’t an organization for all of the Brown Beauty Bloggers to unite!! I mean seriously, we all have so much to add, so many perspectives, and there could never be enough beauty talk, right??? Introducting, Brown Beauty Bloggers, Inc.

If you have a beauty blog (makeup, hair, skin, etc) and you’re a Brown Girl, feel free to join! All I ask is that you place a banner, widget or badge on your blog. This is an awesome way to help us promote each other!!

As more and more of us join, there will be more and more faces on this widget. I’m so proud!! To add a badge to your site, after you join, hit the badge button on the very bottom of the homepage. Enjoy!!!

Happy Turkey Day!

Wishing you and yours a very, very Happy Thanksgiving! I’m about to walk out the door to hit my auntie’s house. OMG…I can taste the food already!!! I have no clue what this picture is about, it was on my computer when I bought it! Ha!

Total Beauty Bubble: Create Your Own Beauty Products!
Natural Homemade Beauty Care Tips

Take control over your skin care (and improve your cooking skills) with easy DIY recipes you can make at home

Looking for some creative (and cheap) ideas for holiday gifts? These beauty recipes make great personalized gifts for all your girlfriends, and they’re a cinch to do.

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Holiday Beauty: Nars

Nars has always been one of the most luxurious lines in my eyes. They have some AWESOME Holiday sets that you must know about! These are all Sephora exclusives!

The Nars Exclusive Lip Gloss Collection is a set that I absolutely have to have. I’m such a fan of Nars’ gloss because it’s never sticky and always gives true color without having to layer over and over. Now, you can try 5 mini glosses for $45 bucks. I haven’t seen them in person yet, but I hear that they are a bit smaller than the regular sized glosses. The colors included are Triple X, Harlow, Striptease, Bloodwork and the infamous Orgasm.

Next up, the Miami Sun Set Foundation is absolutely fitting! The oranges and golds totally give you the walking along the boardwalk in a bikini and heels look. You’ll receive Sundance Eye Shadow Duo, Capucine Lip Laquer and Dovima Nail Polish. I own Capucine, and I adore it! Brown girls look SO fab in orange!

The Dolce Vita Set. Classic. This set includes Dolce Vita Lipgloss, Albatross Blush and Love Joy Blush. Love Joy is a gorgeous, deep rose color that looks fabulous on every cheek. You already know I love Albatross, the softest, most appropriate soft gold shimmer. I won’t be picking this up, because I own 2 of the 3 products. But, just to let you know, Love Joy is the next Nars item on my list!

By the way, are you a Sephora Beauty Insider?? If you are, then you probably received the $15 coupon by e-mail today! You can use it in stores and online on a $35 minimum purchase. If you haven’t joined, do it now!!! You’ll LOVE the perks!