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Breast Cancer Awareness Beauty Shopping Guide

Make October 2008 prettier, pinker and more powerful! Shop pink products and support a great cause!

What can you do to help in the fight against breast cancer? Something simple. Shop today from this collection of exclusive pink products — because for every one of these products sold, a donation will be made to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Who knew that looking good could make you feel so incredibly good too?

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MAC Suite Array and Cremesheen

As a beauty blogger, and MAC head, I feel that it is my civil duty to alert you about all that MAC is doing at the moment, as well as the near future. But I can’t lie, much of this stuff bores me. So much so that I didn’t post about it before it came out. Honestly, I don’t get all riled up about crazy colors anymore, but I definitely don’t like seeing a whole lot of lackluster products. Suite Array is exactly what I am talking about. These little shadows are probably a pretty good pick for beginners, or those who want something to have in their makeup bag for touch-ups. But honestly, I’m not even going to the counter to play with these. Eh, maybe I’m just biased. EYE SHADOW SUITE

Sweet Liaison
Small Pan: Pale yellow with gold pearl
Big Pan: Deep brown with gold pearl

Rose Suites
Small Pan: Intense blue pink
Big Pan: Light yellow pink with silver pearl

Team Violets
Small Pan: Dark burgundy with burgundy pearl
Big Pan: Mid-tone violet with gold pearl

Small Pan: Deep forest with gold pearl
Big Pan: Mid-tone orange with gold pearl

Shallow V. Deep
Small Pan: Bluish green with gold pearl
Big Pan: Mint with silver pearl

Blue Zone
Small Pan: Deep grey/green with silver pearl
Big Pan: Light ice blue with silver pearl

Ocean 2
Small Pan: Mid-tone blue with silver pearl
Big Pan: Light blue with silver pearl

Smoke & Ash
Small Pan: Black with silver pearl
Big Pan: Mid-tone grey silver pearl

Suggested Retail Price: $16.00 U.S./$19.00 CDN

Bankroll-Rich green with bright green sparkle
Miss Fortune-Eggplant with light pink glitter
Spare Change-Mid-tone brown with copper glitter
Rave-Deep purple with purple glitter
Fly-By-Blu-Light blue with blue glitter
Wolf-Deep grey with gold glitter
Molasses-Dirty brown mid-tone brown glitter
Black Russian-Black with navy blue glitter
Suggestion Retail Price: $14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN


I’m not a huge lipstick fan, yet, but these would be great to Back 2 MAC. Cremesheen lipsticks are said to be creamy and lightweight, but display immense color. Hmm…

Creme D’Nude-Pale muted peach beige
Ravishing-Clean lightly peachy coral
Speed Dial-Light blue pink
Fanfare-Mid-tone yellow pink
On Hold-Mid-tone yellow raspberry
Speak Louder-Clean poppy blue pink
Modesty-Muted neutral pink
Hot Gossip-Mid-tone pinky plum
Crosswires-Clean pinky orange
Stay In Touch-Lightly yellow brown
Brave Red-Bright yellow red
Dare You-Deep brown red
Party Line-Red-tone plum
Hang-Up-Deep berry
Suggested Retail Price: $14.00 U.S./$16.50 CDN

Nail Lacquer
Seasonal Peach (fn) Creamy pale peachy pink (cream)
Suggested Retail Price: $10.00 U.S./$12.00 CDN

What do you think of the collection?? I hope I’m not too one-sided…lol.


Milwaukee Fashion Week, October 3-6th!

I hope you’ll be joining me in Milwaukee for Fashion Week. I know absolutely nothing about the state, but Warren and I will be sure to explore!! Billy B. and Syd Curry will be doing a workshop on Monday afternoon, not to mention the fashion shows, model casting calls and all of the tons of other things planned. If you’ll be in WI, or feel like taking a road trip there, definitely stop by!! For more information, check out See ya there!!!



WIN a set of Billy B. Beauty Paintbrushes!

Ah, Monday. Might as well start it off with a kick!!! Want to enter?? All you have to do is pick a look from or and duplicate it. Then send in a video response to the “Contest” video, located directly below.

The winner of this contest will receive a brand-spanking new set of Essential Billy B. Beauty Paintbrushes. Check out the video below to see my review of the Essential collection, as well as the Complete collection of brushes. What would I do without mine? This is a great set for any and everyone who uses makeup!

For the person who likes more complex makeup looks, or for the makeup artist, you have to have the Complete brush set!

If you’re in a mad rush and you want to get the brushes now, here’s every brush, with descriptions, prices and things of the like. Don’t forget to see everything else Billy has up for grabs!


Threading…Yes I Can!!!

I had been studying this threading tutorial for a few days now. I attempted threading a few months ago, but I just couldn’t get it. After watching and re-watching the video above, it all made sense!!! I can’t believe it, but I understand the basics of threading!!! For those of you that aren’t hip to the game, threading gives you a clean, precise hair removal with only a piece of sewing string! I get this done quite often, as a matter of fact, I got my brows threaded at the JCPenny Salon in Columbia, MD by the infamous Daisy. She hooked my brows up, even though they were thinner than I like.

Okay, I had to make my string really small. When it was really long, I couldn’t handle it! I practiced on my leg, and grabbed maybe 3 or 4 strands total. Time to re-cut a new piece of thread and start over! My new string was about the length of my hand after I tied it. For about 10 minutes, I wasn’t grabbing a single hair. Then, I was grabbing TOO much hair. Then I got so hot from overworking myself that I had to change out of my sweater and into a t-shirt. Even still, my brows aren’t finished, but you know the saying, practice makes perfect! If this video doesn’t help, try watching this one by Sajamathu. The lightbulb really clicked in my head when I saw this one!! Off to try to finish this one freakin’ brow.


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