bglh: An Inside Look At The Struggle to Stay Natural

Black Girl with Long Hair did an AMAZING feature on me and my struggle to stay natural. The video that I created last year. Part one of the story talks about the video that I created during my lowest emotional point with my hair. OMG, that was the worst. I still can’t explain how horrible it felt. Part two is an interview from the current point in my life, and how proud I am to be a natural girl!

Ooh, I got my hair re-twisted for the second time this week! My locs are coming along very nicely and I am SO excited about this journey! It’s been the greatest! You can check out my newest updates with my loctician Amira here at my Fotki album.

Weekend Re-Cap!

I never knew the meaning of the word “busy” until a few weeks ago. I work 3 jobs and I’m trying to maintain my sanity. In other words…my blog is suffering. I’m sorry! I promise to try harder. My blog is my passion, so I don’t want to let it, you, or myself down! ;-D

I’m working on a meet and greet in NYC this Summer! The tentative date is Saturday June 27th, time and location to be determined. If you would like to attend, that would be awesome! More details as they develop.

Also over the weekend, I made the following video, Eyeliner 101. It was highly requested, and it was long overdue! In fact, the first edit of the video was 16 minutes long! I had a segment on applying eye shadow as liner, but I had to cut it out. I hope it helps you out in more ways than one!

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