Bath And Body Works Shea Cashmere

This stuff is the truth. Long gone are the days when I used to wear Sun-Ripened Raspberry and Warm Vanilla Sugar. Do you ever smell something, or do something, or hear a song or see a movie that takes you back to the past? Those two take me back to middle school and high school, and I’m NOT trying to re-live that! Shea Cashmere makes me want to grow up, and delve into the life of a luxury and sophistication! I have the bubble bath & foot cream, and while I’m not too much of a bath taker, I’m all about showers! So, I went back to Bath and Body Works to get the body wash, body cream and hand cream.

The lovelies at Bath and Body Works have given us some insight on how to have a luxorious day with Shea Cashmere products!

The Shea Cashmere Collection from True Blue Spa is the quick and inexpensive way to pamper yourself from top to bottom with the richness of Shea Butter and the luxurious softness of Cashmere.

· Start the day by lathering up with the Shea Cashmere Shower Cream( $15)
· Nourish your skin with either the Shea Cashmere Body Cream ($17.50) or the Shea Cashmere Body Lotion ($16.50)
· Pamper your precious feet with the Shea Cashmere Foot Cream ($15)
· Keep your hands moisturized and soft with the Shea Cashmere Hand Cream ($14.50)
· End your day with a relaxing bath using the Shea Cashmere Bubble Bath ($18)

A day of pampering wouldn’t be complete without the oh-so-soft knit Cashmere Ballerina Slippers ($29) and the decadent Cashmere Robe ($49.50) to wrap yourself in and unwind! The entire Cashmere Collection is available in Bath & Body Works stores as well as I wanted to jump into these at the store! I’ve got to get these for my mommy! She’d adore them!!!

By the way, I cannot wait to try Vanilla Noir, the new fragrance debuting December 1st! I’m a freak for Vanilla Scented Products!!!!

MAC Metal Urge Glitters

I absolutely love MAC Reflects Glitters, part of the brand new Metal Urge collection. MAC just cranks them out, huh? I don’t even wear glitter, but gosh, they are SO pretty!!! These were all applied (without a base) to my bare hand. These are so fine that they are literally sparkly dust. When you open the lid, the glitter begins to fly away! Here’s my favorite way to apply it.

-Pat a sponge or cotton swab into the glitter container, then spray it once with Fix+, or another makeup spray to make the glitter easier to manage. When it’s wet, it won’t fly away, and it will stick to the skin much better! Also, using this method, you wont have a ton of random glitter lodged in between your makeup brushes!


Total Beauty Byte: Worst Concealers EVER!
Worst Concealers Ever

These proclaimed dark circle and spot camouflagers left readers utterly exposed

Concealer has the most important job of all — to hide the imperfections we’d rather not show (agreed?). So when we read our reader reviews on these second-rate concealers, we had to share — immediately!

See concealers

No. 8: MAC Select Moisturecover, $15.50 average member rating: 6.9*

“The color quickly disappeared and it didn’t last long… and if it got wet, bam! It was gone in a flash…”

No. 7: CoverGirl Fresh Complexion Under Eye Concealer, $10.27 average member rating: 6.8*

“It doesn’t really cover my under-eye shadows all that well, and that’s after applying it twice.”

No. 6: Avon BEYOND COLOR Radiant Lifting Concealer, $7 average member rating: 6.7*

“The product sinks into fine lines and does not last throughout the day.”

Want to see the rest of the list? Click here

Contest: I’ve Got Too Much Makeup!!! Want Some???

Hey babes,

Did you know that I was giving away some of my makeup stash??? I feel so bad b/c some of you don’t have access to a camera. So, let’s broaden this up! The winner of the text version of this contest will receive 3 products from my stash! To answer, just leave a comment to this post, along with your e-mail address. This particular contest is available to US Residents only, I’m sorry! Don’t worry, there will be PLENTY of other contests in the VERY near future!!

Question: Who is your favorite celebrity beauty icon and why? Be specific! What is so fab about them? What’s your interpretation of their style? How do you incorporate their hotness into your look? Have they influenced you to wear or switch up my makeup style? Come on, give us details!

If you do have camera access, and you would like to enter the original contest, check out the video below. Follow this link to the video page and check out the ton of video submission’s by other Scandalous Beauty’s. They are SO great!!!

Stila Blockbuster Set

Now THIS is a huge case of makeup. Seriously, this is a ton of makeup for $150. You basically get a little bit of everything that the company makes. I copied the content’s here:

- 0.28 oz Stila Sun Shade 01 (sheer golden matte bronze)
- 1 oz Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer
- 3 x 0.08 oz Lip Glaze in Apricot (melon nectarine), Fruit Punch (creamy red), & Watermelon (clear pink)
- 0.21 oz Perfecting Foundation in Shade C
- 0.28 oz Fiber Optics Mascara in Black
- 2 x 0.17 oz It Gloss in Amazing (soft bronze) & Interesting (nude rose)
- 2 x 0.10 oz Hi Shine Lip Color in Ariel (pink ice) & Lana (strawberry red shimmer)
- 0.014 oz Convertible Eye Color in Port (dark purple & light lavender)
- 2 x 0.28 oz Color Push Up in Berry (sheer plum brown) & Nude (sheer nude)
- 2 x 0.09 oz Eye Shadow in Mystic (shimmering teal blue) & Summer (bronze shimmer)
- 2 x 0.09 oz Eye Shadow Duo Salome (golden nude/ warm bronze) & Sea Foam (light green/ dark green)
- 2 x 0.10 oz Glitter Eyeliner in Blue Pink (light pink with opalescent glitter) & Purple Pink (fuchsia pink with opalescent glitter)
- 0.77 oz All Over Glow in Peachy Keen (luminous golden peach/ pink pearl shimmer)
- Small black canvas Stila train case

Am I crazy, or is that NOT a ton of makeup?? For more details on the set, check out the Stila Blockbuster Set on