Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine in Milan: Swatches and Review

Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine in Milan

The first time I heard about these Milani Eyeshine quads was just a few days ago. Daydreaming Beauty posted images on them via Facebook, and I went a little psycho over them. I immediately shared her image on Facebook, threw on my coat and went to my nearest drugstore to hunt them down. I found all four quads at my local CVS for $10. I did some swatching and posted a video on  the Florence quad on Facebook and Youtube.

Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine in Milan

Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine in Milan

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Some serious life changes in 2015

Happy 2015!

Happy 2015 everyone! People tell me all the time, you’ve got it all together! You’re living the life! Huh? What? I’m blissfully happy and wouldn’t change my circumstances for anything, but there’s some stuff that I really need to work on. For starters, I’ve been a pretty messy girl all my life. Now that I’m a co-homeowner, it’s been a MAJOR challenge for me to change my habits. [Read More…]

Erin Cooks: French Onion Soup

Tyler Florence French Onion Soup Recipe and Review

As 2014 comes to a close, and I look at the bigger picture for 2015, I’ve decided to share more of my personal interests here on Scandalous Beauty. This will absolutely still include makeup and beauty posts, but as you saw in my DIY bar cart, gallery wallposts, I’m showing you my home and other things that excite me.

I’ve been a fan of cooking all my life. My mom started letting me cook around age 6, and from there, it’s always been exciting to me. I’ve attempted to make a food blog over and over again, but for some reason they never work out for me.

French onion soup is one of my favorite Winter (Spring, Summer and Fall) indulgences. I’ve tried several recipes, but this one has to be the best. I saw it on an episode of Tyler’s Ultimate, and haven’t tried another since! The wine infusion (I used Boordy Vineyards Petit Cabernet, but any dry red should work fine)along with fresh herbs give it an amazing richness. Watch the tutorial below, and see the official recipe here.

Win It: 2015 Blog Action Planner



Blogging is one of those things that takes time, patience, persistence and planning. Want to get ahead? Here’s a great start. The 2015 Blog Action Planner blew my mind away. There are over 80 pages of ideas, tracking, writing prompts, etc. I’m seriously in awe.

I’m going into my 10th year of blogging, and I’ve definitely had some meltdowns over organization. Ummm…how the heck did I live before I got this planner?! [Read More…]

Lashes Vs. No Lashes: A Comparison

ardell demi wispies lashes

Have you ever taken the time to do your makeup, and then debated on putting on lashes? I do it all the time. I used to be really good at applying them, but since I’ve worn them less and less, I don’t even think about reaching for them.  I applied eye lashes for the first time in about a year. Then the doubt set in–do I still have a steady hand? Will these look good on me? Will they go on evenly?

Here’s a shot with me with one eye lash on, and one on the way. The looks are totally different! I filmed the makeup tutorial without the lashes, and after I was done, I added the lashes just to play around and see how the look would change. Of course I was annoyed that I didn’t apply them in the beginning, but now I’m going to make more of an effort to apply them when I’m creating a look. I usually go with the Ardell Demi Wispies, but all of these instagram eye lash companies are making me want to stray a bit. Who knows. We’ll see. : )