Your Guide to 2010 Bronze Beauty

Bronze seems to be the number one color this Summer! It’s perfectly fitting.  We’ll be laying out in the sun, some of us hoping for a tan, other staying away in hopes to use their fall/winter foundation.  Bronze always works wonderfully on all skin tones, ages and seasons.  Here are some of the newest bronze products out on the market!

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Best of Stila Cosmetics

Stila Cosmetics is a brand with several cult favorite products.  It’s a brand that I’ve been using off and on for years.  While digging in my makeup collection a few weeks ago, I realized just how many Stila products I owned, and how I’m never disappointed with them!

Eye Shadows ($20)-Silky smooth and rich in color. I’ve been wearing La Douche on my eyes for a week straight. Kitten is the perfect pearly highlight. Twig is a must have as well.  Sam Fine is a big fan!There is a massive amount of color packed into these shadows, so use a little at a time!

Lip Glaze ($22)- These pen-like glosses are yet another favorite of mine! My favorites include Guava, Praline, Apricot and the infamous Brown Sugar! If you hurry, you can purchase the mini gift set for $25 at Sephora!

Smudge Pots ($20)-I’ve actually never tried these, but I read about them all the time.  People have sworn by them on my Twitter feed, and my fellow beauty bloggers can’t get enough either.  Check out these reviews at This That Beauty and Musings of a Muse.

Convertible Color ($25)-Since I’m all about multi-purpose cream color, these are high on my list.  They aren’t too thick and over pigmented, but give you just enough of what you really need.

Long Wear Lip Color ($20)-I was sold the first time I tried it. Think of the most effortless looking lip imaginable.  There are almost comparable to lip crayons.  They stay on for hours and don’t dry your lips out!

Have you seen the Makeup Player?  You can download makeup tutorials to the mini-theatre in your Stila traincase!  Then, using the makeup provided, you can create the perfect look.  Now that’s innovative! For more information on Stila, check them out on or!

Ben Nye Translucent Powders: What’s the Difference?

Translucent Powders have so many vital roles in makeup.  They are used to set your foundation and powder.  They can contour and highlight the face. They eliminate shine.  The list goes on and on.  One of the brands that is praised for their powders by industry pro’s and beginners is Ben Nye.  While the brand is marketed to the theatrical crowd, it can easily be used at home.  There are several colors available, catering to all skin tones.

Companies fight over our hard earned money for these products, but what’s the difference? In this picture, I’ve got three shades of Ben Nye powder. Neutral Set, Banana and Coco Tan. Truth be told, if you apply them with a light touch, it doesn’t really matter which you choose. I haven’t seen my MAC Blot Powder in a few months, and I gave Warren the Make Up For HD Powder. I’ve praised the MUFE powder, and yes, I do still love it.  I don’t do too much on HDTV, so these cheaper alternatives serve me just fine.

Review under the cut……

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Spotted: New York Fashion Week Spring 2010

Fashion Week is one of my favorite holiday seasons!  Models roaming the streets, backstage chaos, intoxicating fashion.  Mmm, I smell it already!  Now that Spring is only a few short months away, the new beauty trends are about to take effect.  Many of these things are products that have been around for years, but used for new look concepts.  Since I’m officially beauty, here’s what (and who) I captured in the tents.

Above Lipmix in orange, crimson and white are shown.  These dense creams make the perfect base for any great lip.  Artists used a dab of lipmix and custom blended with lipsticks and glosses. One of my favorite lip looks (inspired by Twinkle) uses MAC Orange Lipmix and Utterly Posh Dazzleglass.   Another  classic hit that popped up all over backstage are Face & Body Foundations.  These water based foundations are sheer and creamy, and work well mixed with other foundations.  They give little coverage, so they are perfect for evening out your skin or creating the illusion of perfect body. Also notice that there are a mix of brushes on the table, some MAC, but others are paint brushes that can be found at your local art store.

Backstage at Erin Fetherson, models wore soft smokey eyes using browns and taupes. Models wore Brun and Cork eye shadows, along with Teddy and Coffee eye pencils. Cheeks were glazed with Optimistic Orange Blush Cream, which debuted just last week with the MAC in Lillyland collection. It’s true, backstage is the testing ground for future collections!

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NARS Holiday Gift Sets

wildatheartholidayI don’t normally jump on Nars Holiday sets although they always look amazing. I only own one, and it’s freakin’ awesome. But the Wild at Heart palette($75) is rockin’ my socks like crazy!!!! Here are the contents via Neiman Marcus.

Eyes: Abyssinia, Alhambra (left), Ashes to Ashes, Pandora (right)
Cheek: Orgasm Blush, South Beach Multiple
Lips: Baby Doll, Red Lizard, Manhunt, Fire Down Below

I am loving the selection of red lip options! The nude eye shadows are classics, and can definitely be put to great use. I have never actually tried the infamous Orgasm blush. Have any brown girls out there tried it with success?

I also have to mention the D. Lovely lipgloss set ($49). It’s 8 mini (and when I say mini, I mean teensy tiny!) glosses, including one of my favorite neutrals, Sandpiper. Plus, the new Velvet Matte lip pencils ($24) look phenomenal! I’ve got my eye on Toundra and Pop Life. I’ve never tried them before, but the swatches online seem fabulous!

Any recommendations for me and other Scandalous Beauties out there?! Do tell!