Tutorial: How to make Your Eyeshadow Colors Pop!

One of the reasons that many people don’t get the best color payoff is because they aren’t utilizing bases. Bases not only make your shadows last longer, they make them stand out!  Let’s re-cap. There are matte bases and creamy bases.  I typically use the matte bases alone for a soft matte look. When I want color to pop, I layer the creamy base over the matte. Creamy bases are known to crease easily, so this is why I layer them with a matte. Check out my guide to eye shadow primers for more info!

I’ll demonstrate how to make your eye shadows look more vivid and more expensive! I’ll be using the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Horseraddish and the Covergirl Queen Eye Shadow Quad in Blue Notes.  To be completely honest, I was extremely disappointed in the color payoff of the Covergirl shadows.  There was virtually no pigment to them.  Nevertheless, I was determined to make my $5 purchase work!

Read on for the step by step picture tutorial on how to make your eyeshadows pop! …

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Review: CoverGirl Line Exact Liquid Eyeliner

I’ve recently been on a mission to find amazing liquid eye liners. Now that I’ve been a makeup freak for years (not to mention a MAC fan), I tend not to branch out on certain items. In fact, the only liquid eyeliners that I have ever used are by MAC. At $16.50, and as basic of a product as it is, I knew that there had to be something comparable for a smaller price. So, I asked my friends on Twitter for advice, and many of them told me about the CG liner. At this particualar store, the liner was $7. This is actually a liquid liner pen, so all of the makeup is included inside the applicator pen.

What I Loved
Stiff, sharp tip
Rich, black color
Long lasting color

What I Don’t Love
Tiny product
Even smaller handle

For side by side MAC/CoverGirl swatches, read on! …

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Fight Worlds AIDS Day with MAC Viva Glam

There’s so much to say about a day like today.  After all, it’s a day that shouldn’t exist.  Within upcoming years, hopefully it won’t.  There are so many ways that you can fight the cause, and here is the most fun ways.  MAC Cosmetics has been fighting to HIV/AIDS awareness for years now.  The Viva Glam Campaign is the greatest.  For $14, you not only get an amazing lip color,  every penny of the proceeds go to those affected by HIV/AIDS.    Nobody discounts on these products, by the way.  Employees, MAC Pro members. No one.  Absolutely amazing.  Helping the cause, and looking fabulous while doing so.


There are  6 permanent lipsticks and 2 glosses in the collection.  These are two of the only lipglosses that I have ever re-purchased (not only because of the cause, but because the colors are perfect).  Viva Glam V lipgloss is one of the most perfect neutral pink glosses on the market.  It can be worn with brown liners, or reddish liners.  Viva Glad VI adds a ruby finish to your lips and when I tell you that you’ll be hooked, I’m serious.  I love wearing it with Currant, Vino, or Velvetella!  Here are two swatches of the colors.  More info to come!

Holiday Gift Sets from Sephora

There are so many hundreds of Holiday sets up for grabs this season. Being the beauty fanatics that we are, you’ll want to go crazy I’m sure. This is the best time to try a few products for the best value! Here are my top picks from Sephora’s Holiday offerings!

Lashstash Mascara Sampler ($39)
Aren’t we always looking for the new best mascara? With Sephora’s super cute mascara sampler, you get to test some of the industry’s best! Includes Laura Mercier, Tarte, Hourglass and more!

Smashbox Eye Wish Palette ($44) and WISH for the Perfect Pout ($29)
This is the first time that I’ve seen Smashbox come out with a super trendy palette. The pigment is great and the selection is outstanding! Watch out Urban Decay!

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