Post Secret

A co-worker introduced me to the Post Secret books about a year ago. People anonymously send in postcards telling a secret, and a man in Germantown, MD compiles them into books, or his blog. Post Secret is taking over the world, I have to get my fix via his blog every Sunday!

There is a new edition of the book dropping soon, titled Life, Death & God. Can’t wait for this one! Check out the Postsecret Bookshere! They are the perfect coffee table accessories!

Blogger Spotlight: Noir Expose’

Allow me to introduce you to Miriam, Event Planner, Hampton Alum, and BFF. As an event planner, she has helped me with my first seminar, “A Very Scandalous New Year” as well as a grand opening for Beyond Fitness by Carlos Brevard, personal trainer in Bowie, MD. (Might I add that I have watched Miriam shrink over the past few months from Carlos’ training! The man is definitely on point!) Her new blog, Noir Expose, is a must read for any woman. Her latest entry is titled “Upgrade Yourself“. The title says it all, and it is definitely a must read!!! She covers books, events, restaurants, the social scene, just up everything else in between. Gotta love it!

Miriam was also my model for the seminar. She’s pretty much sticks to eyeliner on the lower lashing, mascara and gloss. Pretty boring if you ask me. Just joking! So, this was my opportunity to do what I wanted to her face. I’d been waiting for this moment for SO long!!! Here is a shot of her eyes! She’s wearing MAC Satin Taupe on the lid, Folie in the crease, NW20 concealer as the brow highlight (I couldn’t find NW35 to save my life that day!!!) and Red Cherry WSP lashes.

Create A Scandal: Chanel Iman, Page Six

Miss Chanel Iman graced the Cover of Page Six, and did she do her thing?!? Yes! She was rightfully named after Coco Chanel, and rips the runways of all the hottest designers. Seriously, all of them. Louis, YSL, Mcqueen, and any other Fashion House that we all lust over.

When asked about the difficulties of being a Woman of Color in the industry, she responded: “It’s not just black girls. It’s ethnic girls in general: Brazilian girls, Hispanic. You really don’t see a lot of Asians either. A lot of designers think that if every girl on the runway looks exactly alike, then people will come to the shows and buy the clothes because they won’t be focusing on the models….It’s not even just runway either… us ethnic girls should be getting a lot of the covers too! I would love to be on half of the campaigns these [white] girls are booking, all looking exactly alike. It’s not right. It’s not fair.”

To get the look that Miss Chanel is rocking, try Aquadisiac eye shadow and Pretty Please lipstick by MAC Cosmetics. I was going to guess that was the shadow! (These suggestions were found in the credits of the article, linked below) Make sure you read the entire Page Six article “New York’s Next Top Model“.

Did you know that Chanel Iman has her own Youtube Channel??? It’s called ChanelImanTV!