Get The Look: Kim Kardashian’s Bridal Look with Lancôme Paris

Kim Kardashian Wedding Makeup

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Kim Kardashian. I don’t watch her shows, could care less what products she sells. The media doesn’t really depict her in the most positive light. But, her body  shape is a lot like mine, so I do check out her fashion from time to time. With that being said…

I live for her makeup.

The girl is effin’ gorgeous. She’s pretty without makeup, and stunning with it on. Best of both worlds! She’s one of my makeup role models. Because I’m a fan of her makeup (and I love weddings), I was dying to see photos of her big day. Here’s what she wore, care of Mario Dedivanovic and Lancôme Paris!

Her eyes were sculpted with Color Design 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette in Golden Frenzy. This bronzy quad is a great use of every day shades for a special occasion. Lips were coated a soft orange with  L’Absolu Nu Lipstick in Coral Sand and La Laque Fever Lipgloss in Ravishing Coral.

Be sure to follow Mario on twitter and his blog! Mario also blogs for Spoiled Pretty, so be sure to check out Daneen too!

Bridal Beauty: Hire an Artist or Be Your Own Artist?

While working on the wedding to do list, hair and makeup should be highly considered. The real question is, do you hire an artist, or do you do your own makeup? This is one of the things that you may not want to be frugal about. Shop around, and think hard about the best decision for you.

Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist
Shelling out money for an artist can definitely get pricey, depending on the rates that the artist charges. There are a couple of things you’ll want to look out for.

Portfolio-Look at the previous untouched work that the artist has done. This is a great guide to what you may look like.

Consult-Have the wedding consultation and make sure you really like the person’s work. If you don’t, you MUST voice your concern. It’s not the time to be sweet and just accept the look. Also, you (in most cases) will be charged for the consult. If you don’t like the look, or do not want hire the artist for your big day, you don’t have to. You’ve already paid them for the consult services, and now you can move on.

Be Realistic-Everyone wants to look great on their big day.  Don’t think that when you step out of the artists chair, you’ll look like Charlize Theron or Halle Berry.  You’ll (hopefully) look like a more polished version of yourself.

Do Your Own Makeup
This is the best option if you aren’t a huge makeup person, or if you are confident in your makeup skills. In my retail makeup artistry days, I helped dozens of brides-to-be choose makeup colors, and show them how to be applied.

Practice-If you want to look no different on your wedding day, you won’t need to do this.  If you decide to buy new products that will give you results that you aren’t used to, practice!  Make sure their are no avoidable beauty blunders the day of.

Pressure-The hours winding down to your ceremony can be a bit nerve wracking. Decide if you can get past the sweaty palms and the jitters to make yourself look like a more beautiful you!

The Five Essential Guidelines for Bridal Beauty

RSFF S/S 2008/09: Alex Perry Mastercard Charity Show - Arrivals & Catwalk

Spring weather usually equals happier people, more travel, and weddings, among other things. Bridal beauty is such a major part of the production! This month, Scandalous Beauty will produce a Bridal Beauty Guide to help present and future brides prepare for the big day. Anyone can use this information, of course!

1. No regrets- We usually hope that a marriage will last forever. During those happy times, you’re probably going to look at your pictures. If you decide to wear blue eye shadow and a matte pink lip, will you still think you looked impeccible in the year 2067? Hmm.

2. Wear your makeup ahead of time- Whether you decide to do your own makeup or hire an artist, try on your look! Decide what your full face of makeup will look like, and wear it all day and all night. Take plenty of pictures. Wear it with a white top (if you plan to wear a white dress). You’ll want to do this to make sure your makeup will last, and that it will look great on camera.

3. Own Your Beauty-It’s great to get consultations and accept your beauty look, but don’t forget to own the products! Unless you’d like to keep your makeup artist on call throughout the wedding and reception, it’s a great idea to purchase at least the lip products and a powder to keep the shine away.

4. Waterproof is loveproof-With all of the possible crying, sweating, or hanky panky that may possibly happen on your wedding day, wear makeup that will ensure longevity. You’ll be blowing air kisses and all of that frou frou, and you’ll want your lipstick to last and your lashes to stay on!

5. Decide on your beauty theme-Decide if you want to be a super glam bride, or an effortlessly stunning bride. This criteria works with everything else in your wedding party as well. Some brides would like to look so much more fabulous than they usually do, and aren’t recognizable.

Bridal Hair by Redken

The Redken accessorized updo caught my eye in an instant!  This is (literally) the style I have always dreamed of for my big day! There will have to be a few adjustments, I’m assuming, since my locs should be down my back by then. A beautiful bun with a strapless gown and flawless makeup equals my version of wedding day perfection!!! Here’s how artistic director Giovanni Giuntoli created the look.

“To create, first apply Redken spray starch 15 versatile ironing spray (SRP $13.00) throughout hair to allow for extra texture and support of the shape. Make a horizontal part at the crown 4 inches from forehead and section off. Use spritzes of workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray ($15.00) to reduce flyaways as you pull back and secure with an elastic just above the occipital bone. Next, take front section and spray fabricate 03 heat active texturizer (SRP $13.00) through and backcomb lightly in sections to create the height that will show at the top of the finished style. Lightly brush back to meet with the ponytail making sure to keep the textured height, and secure all together with an elastic. Grab the ponytail and swirl it loosely into an open chignon around itself and pin as you create a ‘donut-like’ shape. Hide ends into bun and pin with hair pins to secure. Loosely pull out a few pieces on the sides and top for added texture to the silhouette. Lastyly, finish total look with workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray (SRP $15.00) for a flexible hold.”

He then tightened the bun and added the flowered side piece.  How gorgeous is this?!?! For more information on Giovanni and his work, check him out here!

MAC Pro Bridal Class with Romero Jennings

I’ve been using MAC since I was 15 years old. Yep, I’ve been in the game for nine years. That’s absolutely insane. Within that nine years, I’ve probably attended 6 or 7 classes and presentations from Senior Artist Romero Jennings. I’ve taken most of the classes because he was teaching them. Romero’s a phenomenal teacher, he speaks clearly, explains everything, and works at a pace that everyone can follow! Just a few weeks ago, Azia of Faces of Azia, Patrice of Afrobella and I cornered him at The Artist Summit. He was not only a wealth of knowledge, but he was SO freakin’ cool. He’s the kind of guy you want to sit down with a glass of wine or a latte and talk beauty. He’s a classic. If you ever find out he’s teaching a class somewhere, GO!


I’ll be doing an extensive review on the class and some of MAC Pro’s exclusive products. Until then, here are a few tips that I got while taking the class.

-Use the 219 brush (the bulleted pencil brush) to perfect the lips
-He love to create a nude lip and place a bright color over it for an awesome effect
-He suggests using a shimmery base (like a fluidline) and then uses a matte shadow on top! On the model he used Frostlight Fluidline (this is discontinued, try Bare Study Paint Pot instead) with Yogurt on top. He told us that he used Brassy Fluidline (also discontinued, try Rubenesque or Indianwood Paint Pot) with Saddle on top for singer Estelle.
I can’t wait to try this! (You all know that I only use matte bases, so this is new for me!)
-Applies Prep ‘N Prime Lash, then the mascara of your choice, then coats it in waterproof mascara so the lashes remain perfect through tears and sweat!

Stay tuned for the extensive play by play of the class and product highlights from MAC Pro!