Real Housewives of Atlanta and the Frosty Brow Highlight

Let me tell you the beauty trend among the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  Flawless makeup? No. Weave? Kind of, but no. It’s a frosty brow highlight. There is nothing wrong with it,this is simply an observation. Nene’s artist has perfected it. There is a significant amount under her brow, but it’s blended like no other.  It makes you want to actually wear a frosty highlight. At Kandi’s concert, Cynthia Bailey’s brow highlight was a slight wash of frost. Lovely. Kandi had an exaggerated (super frosty, super beige [ick]) highlight, but it was stage makeup, so she gets a pass.

I don’t even have the time to tell you what Phaedra’s makeup does to me.  Now I will say this.  If she paid for someone to do her makeup, she would do more good burning her money in her own car.  If she does it herself, she is going for the obvious RHOA style, and she’s on the right path.  If she wasn’t on tv, I would appluad her efforts.  But since she is on tv, I just want her to find someone to do her makeup. Or better yet, someone to show her how to do her own makeup. I don’t mean to stray from the highlight, but the lid colors are either too bright and not properly blended, or the crease is too much. And the white liner on the inner rim is just overkill.  Her makeup just looks too dusty for tv.
She looks so much better in this image! Come on Phaedra, keep up the good work!! Yes, makeup is my thing.  I’m not going to sit here and say that I could do that much more of an outstanding job doing my makeup. The difference between her and I as she has the funds (or she acts like she does) to pay to look amazing.   If she has all this money, fly Sam Fine or Tia Dantzler down for a day. As for a cheaper alternative, I know there is some out of this world artist in Atlanta that is on the verge of moving to NYC or LA to do celebs or something. Atlanta’s a big city, I know there is somebody. Or, take the Sheree route and stay classic all the time with foundation, lashes, liner and a good lip. Either way, she has options that she is not taking advantage of.
This isn’t a gossip blog, so I’m not going to bash her personality (although I really want to).

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Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Rocks!

Here’s a shot of my nails today.  I cannot express my infatuation with Deborah Lippmann glitter nail polishes!  Never in a million years did I see myself wearing glitter on my nails! They aren’t gritty and cheap looking like most other polishes.  I describe them as shards of chunky foil, engulfed in a cocoon of nail jelly. The color above is called Happy Birthday, which includes gold, red, blue, silver and green glitter.  I can’t even tell you how many compliments I’ve received.

You can wear them alone, but you’ll need to wear several coats. I actually prefer to use it over another shade of polish. I’m wearing a MAC nail polish, and I’ve misplaced it, so I can’t tell you the shade. I used two coats of Happy Birthday on top of my nails.

$18 for a bottle of nail polish is way outside of my new nail budget. In fact, I feel like anything over $10 is too much.  However, I will be purchasing every shade of the glitter polish that I don’t already own. This includes the All That Jazz polish set ($40). I also already have Bad Romance and Across the Universe and I wear them every other week. Ever since I got these, my nails haven’t been without them. They are the perfect finishing touch to a plain nail.  The non-glitter shades look chic and exclusive (they’re $16).  I haven’t tried them, but they don’t look like they’ll disappoint either! She’s got a whole page full of polishes that she’s created for top celebs including SJP and Eva Longoria.

Check out all of Deborah Lippmann’s polishes here!

Note: A few samples were sent to me by the PR company for consideration.  This gave me the opportunity to touch, feel, and swatch the product.  This did not alter any of my decisions. For more information, please review my disclosure policy on the top left of the page.

Sam Fine Step-by-Step Beauty: Jennifer Hudson

Sam Fine is the king of the subtle highlight and contour.  I’ve done so many stories on him already, I’m sure you don’t even need in introduction.  Here’s the scoop on Oscar Winner Jennifer Hudson’s look.  By the way, if you don’t have his instructional DVD, The Basics of Beauty by now, shame on you.  I’ve watched it one too many times!

Coverage: Every great look begins great coverage. Jennifer has beautiful skin, but like many women of color, she has varied tones. I use foundation to unify those varying tones. One of my favorites is the Queen Collection Natural Hue Compact Foundation because it’s cream- to- powder, so it dries down to a powdery finish and looks really natural.

Bronzer: Bronzer is always a must for all women to illuminate their complexion. It’s important to choose a bronzer that’s one shade darker than your natural skin tone and apply it to the outer perimeter of your face to warm the skin and create a halo of glow. After applying bronzer, you can go back and layer over blush to give the skin a pop of color. On Jennifer, I used CoverGirl Natural Hue Mineral Bronzer and Cargo’s matte blush in Laguna . (Scandalous Beauty Edit: Sam also has me HOOKED on Cargo bronzer in dark.  It’s not as dark as you would expect, but it’s radiant!)

Eyes: To create Jennifer’s classic, natural eye, I used a brown shadow.  Shu Uemura makes a great pressed eye shadow in an array of shades – in this case, their Matte Taupe with Golden Flakes Eyeshadow works perfectly. For this look, I didn’t use a ton of liner, and totally avoided lining underneath her eyes to keep them soft.  We used tons of mascara to enhance her look – my favorite is LashBlast from CoverGirl.  I always like to apply a coat of mascara, and then move on to something else to let the first coat dry. I’ll come back a few minutes later, curl the lashes, and then layer on a few more coats of mascara to really build the lashes. This makes them much more dramatic and makes the curl hold well. It’s like spraying your hair with a coat of hairspray before using a curling iron.

Lips: To complete her look, I gave Jennifer a beautiful nude lip. The key to a nude lip is to begin by lining the lips with liner that is one shade darker than your natural lip color. Don’t worry about matching the liner to your lipstick – if you match it to your lips, it will look great with any shade of lipstick. After lining the lips, feather the liner towards the center of the mouth to great a base for the lipstick. Next, apply your lipstick. On Jennifer, I chose IMAN Cosmetics’ Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick in Citron. I finished by slicking on a golden gloss add dimension and shine. CoverGIRL’s Shine Blast Lip Gloss is perfect!

Celebrity Beauty Guide: Jada Pinkett Smith

We met her as Leena James in A Different World. As the years went on, we watched her on Set It Off, The Matrix, Ray, and Hawthorne.  I’m proud to claim the petite vixen as a fellow Baltimorian.  Here are some of the hottest looks from Mrs. Smith!

Will & Jada Smith Host A Party To Celebrate Grammy Nominee Mary J. Blige

The silvery blue eye shadow is a hit! With her lovely bone structure, this smokey eye works perfectly for her. I’m thinking about doing this look over the weekend!

Nobel Peace Prize concert

I love the hair more than the makeup here.  Buns are always such classic looks, and the side bang really suits her face.  Neutral makeup is always a winner! 

There’s More of Jada Under the Cut! …

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Celebrity Beauty News: Solange, Zoe and More

Zoe Saldana is popping up all over the place! First of all, she’s too gorgeous for words. The Avatar star is on the March cover of Essence Magazine. I can’t wait to see Zoe’s spread, doesn’t she photograph beautifully?  I’m even more excited about “The Best Foundation For Our Skin Tones”!  These are the articles that make me a happy woman! Read on for more

2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Singer and DJ Solange Knowles has been named a new Ambassador for Rimmel London! She’s now part of the fam with models Kate Moss, Coco Rocha, Alejandra Ramos Munoz and Actress Zooey Deschanel. I love seeing mainstream brands include brown girls!  Now I’ll try a few more of their products!

Photo by: AJM/AAD/ 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2/27/10 Kim Kardashian at a prom

Kim Kardashian has a new Iphone App.  You can ask Kim a question. Every Tuesday and Friday, she’ll answer a question via her app. Some of the answers will also be sent out on twitter.  Check out the App Here.