Christian Siriano, Amber Rose and the Burgundy Lip

We all know and love little Siriano from Project Runway.  He’s been a huge force in the industry ever since.  He waltzed past me last year at Spring/Summer Fashion Week with a flock of ‘razzi in front, around, and behind him, snapping away.  His afterparty at The Eldridge is still being talked about.  Guests were served Armand de Brignac Champagne, the best of the best.  We’ve heard Shawn Carter (and slews of other that have money..or those who have friends that have money) tell us all about Ace of Spades!  Could I have a sip? Please?

May I please draw your attention to the fabulous dark, bold lip that Amber Rose is wearing?  It’s nice to see her without Kanye, looking quite lovely.  I’ve never been a big AR fan, but I do like that she marches to the beat of her own drum.  The contrast of this deep lip and her bleached shaved head and tan-ish skin is stellar.  I’m so proud of her for doing a style with class, poise and substance! Reminds me of the Burgundy Lip Of The Day I featured a few months back!

Other attendees included Mena Suvari,and Alex and Simon of the Real Housewives of New York! I secretly like that uptight couple! They want the absolute best for their children and that is commendable. So excited for the premiere next month?

To view Christian Siriano’s entire Fall/Winter 2010 show, check out or!

Haute Couture Beauty: Christian Dior

Christian Dior's Spring Summer 2010 Haute Couture fashion show - Paris

Take my breath away, Dior! As much as I love Ready-To-Wear fashion, Haute Couture gives you something extra to live for. Garments are detailed to the max and really pushed to the limit. I love it five times as much when the same thing happens with the beauty! How absolutely stunning is this?!? Skin was dusted with white fx powder to give the illusion of porcelain skin. Here, they used one of my favorite makeup strategies.  Use a soft purple to really open the eye!  I can’t think of an easier way to look more awake, more alive, more on point!

Here’s my interpretation of the the look:

1. Use a frosty white (or for brown girls, a beige) eye shadow on the lid and brow bone area. Try a loose shimmer powder like Jesse’s Girl Eye Dust in Pixie Dust ($3).

2. Apply a vivid purple eyeshadow to the crease using a fluffy brush, blending well.  For an all in one kit, try the 5 Color Eyeshadow in Night Butterfly ($58). Pricey? A bit. I collect matte purple shadows like it’s my job. The first product I would use is Make Up For Ever eye shadow number 92 ($19). It’s a stunner.

3. Contour cheeks with a nudeish blush.  I’ve always stuck by MAC Blunt blush ($18).  It works wonders every time!

4. A vicious matte red lip finishes the look.  The first thing that comes to mind automatically is MAC Ruby Woo ($14).  It’s a staple lipstick in the purses of many, many, many women.

5. Finish the effect with Miss Dior Cherie Eau De Parfum ($59). It’s lady like, and oh, so Dior!

Stay tuned, I’ve got even more Fashion Week Beauty to come! Scandalous Beauty’s got you covered!

Spotted: New York Fashion Week Spring 2010

Fashion Week is one of my favorite holiday seasons!  Models roaming the streets, backstage chaos, intoxicating fashion.  Mmm, I smell it already!  Now that Spring is only a few short months away, the new beauty trends are about to take effect.  Many of these things are products that have been around for years, but used for new look concepts.  Since I’m officially beauty, here’s what (and who) I captured in the tents.

Above Lipmix in orange, crimson and white are shown.  These dense creams make the perfect base for any great lip.  Artists used a dab of lipmix and custom blended with lipsticks and glosses. One of my favorite lip looks (inspired by Twinkle) uses MAC Orange Lipmix and Utterly Posh Dazzleglass.   Another  classic hit that popped up all over backstage are Face & Body Foundations.  These water based foundations are sheer and creamy, and work well mixed with other foundations.  They give little coverage, so they are perfect for evening out your skin or creating the illusion of perfect body. Also notice that there are a mix of brushes on the table, some MAC, but others are paint brushes that can be found at your local art store.

Backstage at Erin Fetherson, models wore soft smokey eyes using browns and taupes. Models wore Brun and Cork eye shadows, along with Teddy and Coffee eye pencils. Cheeks were glazed with Optimistic Orange Blush Cream, which debuted just last week with the MAC in Lillyland collection. It’s true, backstage is the testing ground for future collections!

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MAC Limited Edition Must Haves

Over the past few weeks, MAC has Colour Craft, Baby Bloom, Euristocrats, and Love That Look on counter. That’s over 50 new products for us to flip out over. I swatched and compared almost all of the products. If you don’t want to break the bank, here are the top 5 products that you should definitely have!

1. Warm Blend Mineralize Skin Finish-I’ve been fussing and freaking out because there hasn’t been a product close to Metal Rock MSF since it’s launch some years ago. Well, well! MAC shocked the crap out of me with this one! Warm Blend is almost a dead ringer for Metal Rock, without all of the glitter. Even better! I’ll be dedicating a post to this compact of love, clearly. Until then, go get 3 of these. NOW.
2. Starflash Eye Shadows- Even though half of the colors look no different than shades already on counter, these shadows are so silky smooth, you want them for no reason.

I showed three of these colors last week via live chat (just one of the reasons why you should hang out with me on Blogtv, you get sneak peeks and GREAT talk!) I can’t lie, I want them all. 3 down, 9 to go. One Off looks a little too close to Humid for my comfort, Smoke and Diamonds is almost interchangeable with Satin Taupe. Rated R is a brighter, silkier version of Bitter. I’ve got 3, don’t need 2, so 7 are in my online shopping cart!
3. Rave Pearlglide Eye Pencil-This could be the hottest shade of purple that I’ve ever seen. It’s pigmented beyond belief and it’s almost an electric purple color.
4. Studio Moisture Tint foundations- Customers have been asking for tinted moisturizers for years, and MAC has finally answered. They are available in 5 shades and are permanent to the brand, so you can wear them at all times. If you are looking for a sheer foundation, especially if you have dry skin, this one’s for you!
5. MAC 226 brush– This is a mix of the 224 blending brush and the 219 pencil brush. I’ve got one, and I’m going to need another. It fits perfectly into any crease for precise definition.
So, this is just the wrap up of items as of now. But let me tell you, within the coming months, MAC is going to knock your socks of with the new collections. While you’re scouring the net today, I hope you take the time to check out my guest post on The Fashion Bomb!!! It’s all about transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, inspired by Ms. Solange. She looks so great with her chop! Glad she did it (again)!!