Mary J. Blige Launches New Fragrance, My Life

If you’re a MJB fan like I am, you have heard her sing her blues as well as her triumphs. I’ve never seen Mary live, but watching her perform on TV is always flat out amazing. I’ve shed tears watching her perform more times than I can recall. She’s an entertainer that we all love to love. I’m so happy that her first fragrance, My Life, arrives July 31 on HSN.

“My life is my journey and I’ve always shared it through my music.  I can’t wait to share my story with millions of women through HSN,” said Mary J. Blige.  “Working with Carol’s Daughter on the fragrance has been an amazing experience that I will forever cherish.”

I insist that you take the time to watch the video footage on HSN. We already feel like we know Mary, but this interview was a deeper look at the Queen of Hip Hop Soul.

I haven’t smelled the fragrance, but if Mary is backing it up, it has to be good.  Part of the proceeds will go to her foundation with Steve Stout, FFAWN. This charity is all about building the foundation for women to pursue their hopes and dreams, and that’s exactly what I live for.

You can find My Life here on

My New Summer Fragrance: pureDKNY

A few days ago, a tiny vial of pureDKNY arrived at my door.  I’m always pessimistic about perfumes, because so many of them stink.  I sprayed this, and Oh my.  It is the perfect summerish, daytime, tra-la-la scent!  It’s got a grown up feel, and is feminine and so, well, pure. Plus, it’s got that vanilla element that I love and adore oh so much. I haven’t been a fan of the Donna Karan or DKNY fragrances before.  I’ve wanted to like Cashmere Mist and Be Delicious, which are widely popular.  I wouldn’t say they stink, but they don’t rock my socks. A 1.0 oz bottle ($42) of pureDKNY  is definitely on my beauty shopping list.

Note: A sample was sent over for blog consideration.

Alien Liqueur de Parfum by Thierry Mugler

ALIEN Liqueur de Parfum The name “Alien” made me a bit biased about the fragrance.  For some reason, I thought it would be a green glass bottle with a citrus scent.  Clearly, I was wrong.   This scent is out of this world.  Hands down, one of my new go to perfumes.  I put it on my wrists, then walked around the house.  Every member of my family shot me an instant “yes” when I asked what they thought!  If you’re looking for a frilly, soft, girly scent, this isn’t what you want.  If you want a mysterious, sensual, dark scent that is sure to get you compliments, here’s your winner!

This isn’t the everyday Alien that you are usually addicted to, however.  The original Alien is placed in a patent pending oak cast and distilled for 8 weeks!  The result, a richer, even more sensual, even more mysterious fragrance that’ll keep you coming back.  Be advised, this is a limited edition masterpiece.  Don’t be caught without it!

So, the fashionista in me instantly thought of the perfect outfit to wear with this fragrance.  Most definitely a little black dress, preferably a little strapless above the knee number (like this bad boy by Alice + Olivia) and five inch heels.

Alien de Liquer by Thierry Mugler ($95) at Sephora and Neiman Marcus.

YSL Parisienne

YSL Parisienne SP Ad

I’ve got some amazing things to say about this fragrance, and some not so great things…or so I thought.  The entire advertisement for Parisienne is exquisite. I loved the mysterious tone. The photography, the story line, Kate Moss, the bustier dress *squeal!*, all magnificent.  I’m definitely a fan of the soft purple smokey eye and pale pink lip.  The glass bottle looks as though it was crafted for royalty. Very unique.

The scent however. A strategy is involved. At first, I get the harsh aroma of cough medicine. Over powering, extra sweet and slightly syrupy. Completely geriatric.  75 year old Park Avenue with a Yorkie geriatric, to be exact. At this point, at least 3 or 4 times in the past, I have scrubbed it off.  I figured it might grow on me.  Today, I forgot I put it on, and ran some errands.  Around 30 minutes later, I smell baby powder.  Not what I was hoping from the YSL powerhouse.  But now, about an hour after the initial spray, I love what I’m wearing! It smells sexy, in a “come a little closer” type of way. I’ve tried on the scent several times, and definitely had a bad review to dish. But now that I let it sit, I’m extremely pleased. Definitely the perfect for the 3rd date when you want to reel him in!  If I were to close my eyes and sniff my wrists, a sexy little black dress and clutch definitely come to mind.  I’d advise you to spray it before you do your hair and makeup, just to give it a little time to work its magic.  $65 for 1.4 fl oz.,
Check out more reviews on the scent at!