Neutral Lip Of The Day: Black Opal So Natural Lipstick and Maybelline Touch of Toffee Lipgloss

 Neutral Lips on a Budget: Black Opal and Maybelline

Today’s Lip of the Day is a mix of budget brands. I totally forgot I owned the Maybelline lipgloss, and it worked perfectly with the Black Opal lipstick!

My go-to brown lip liner is NYX Expresso. It’s the $3 knockoff for MAC Chestnut. I apply it first, then rub my lips together like there’s no tomorrow. The goal is to not have a super defined lip aka no harsh brown lines. The particular Black Opal lipstick that I have isn’t as smooth and creamy as the others that I own, and kind of has that old lady lipstick smell. Either way, I’m pleased with the results!

Lip of The Day: MAC Styledriver Driven by Love and Posh Paradise Eden Rouge

MAC Eden Rouge and Driven by Style

MAC Styledriver ‘Driven by Love’. Everything I dreamed it would be. Literally.  It was the exact color that I chose for my submission for the “MAC Blogger Obsession” collection. Not at all in a bitter, “I can’t believe they didn’t choose me kind of way”, or a “they took my idea kind of way (because these collections are created months upon months in advance)”. I was more so thinking “I should have known this color was coming out, so I should have chosen a whole different concept” kind of way. I don’t think I can give explicit details, because we signed contracts. All in all, I love this lip color!!!

Eden Rouge Mattene lipstick is an instant winner just because it’s a Mattene. I live for them. They are silky smooth, weightless and last forever. It’s not the most interesting red lipstick I’ve ever seen in life, but it sure does look good!

Swatches of Eden Rouge and Driven by Style

Note: This product was sent for possible review consideration. This gave me the ability to touch, swatch and accurately review the product. This post reflects my honest opinion.