Get The Look: Lupita N’Yongo at ESSENCE’s Black Women in Hollywood


All hail, Queen Lupita!

So really, you tell me, does she ever do any wrong? I don’t think so. Today was the annual ESSENCE’s Black Women in Hollywood Event. Read on to see how her makeup artist, Nick Barose, created her look using a mix of L’Oreal and YSL products.

INSPIRATION: Lupita wanted a natural, yet polished, look. Nick used warm colors on her, including a light plum liner on eyes, coral on cheeks to give the look of a natural flush, and soft rosy lips to give a bit of contrast with her ivory colored dress. The final look was sophisticated and elegant, yet still youthful.


STEP 1: Gently dab the YSL Top Secrets All-In-One BB Cream Skintone Corrector in Dark ($50) into skin to hydrate, soothe and add radiance. Then gently apply L’Oréal Paris True Match Naturale Mineral Foundation in Soft Sable ($15.99) over the foundation to give skin a flawless finish and even out skin tone.

STEP 2: Use the YSL Eyebrow Pencil in 005 Ebony ($30) sparingly to fill in and shape brows, and then brush with a clean spool brush to even out and distribute color.

STEP 3: To highlight eyes, first add a winged line above the upper lash line and beneath the lower lash line using the (add L’Oreal Paris in the product name and link) Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner in Plum ($8.99) as it’s a perfect color for daytime that plays well with darker skin tones. Gently tap Lancôme Color Design Infinité Eye Shadow in 102 Timeless Taupe ($25) above the liner onto the lid to add a more bronzy color to the eyes. Apply two coats of L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara in Blackest Black ($8.99) to the upper lashes.

STEP 4: Dab cheeks lightly with a cream blush first, such as Giorgio Armani Blushing Fabric in Fresh Baby Pink ($39),to add a natural flush. On cheek bones only, dab a little bit of L’Oréal Paris Visible Lift Blush in Coral Lift ($12.99) to add a finished soft glow.

STEP 5: Create a polished glossy lip using L’Oréal Paris Extraordinaire by Colour Riche in 303 Rouge Allegro ($9.99).

Drugstore Beauty Sale!

Warren B. sent me a message on twitter saying there were some L’Oreal HIP products that were 75% off at CVS. Naturally, that was my cue to race there. Not only did I see discounts there, but everywhere else. I purchased not one, not three but 9 products for $18! Here are the products, from left to right.

  • Milani Eye Shadow Quad in “Touch of Brown”
  • Milani Eye Shadow Quad in “Earthly Delights”
  • L’Oreal Wear Infinite Eye Shadow in Antique Brown
  • Maybelline Mineral Power Naturally Luminous Blush in Fresh Plum
  • L’Oreal H.I.P. Eyeshadow Duo in Foxy
  • L’Oreal Wear Infinite Eye Shadow in Golden Olive
  • Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Luscious Lime
  • Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Venetian

For the record, I purchased a bottle of nail polish remover as well, so I actually spent $16 on makeup.  I walked up and down the aisles, very slowly, hunting down these stickers.  I only bought products that were on sale because I am trying to calm down on my makeup splurges. Some of these products I had never seen or heard of, but I had to try them at $2 bucks a pop! I’ve tried everything, and nothing really sucks.  That makes me a happy lady! I’ll be doing detailed reviews of everything, so stay tuned.  Until then, get to your local drugstores and check them out!  (I have heard that other drugstores also have the 75% permanent sale on as well.)
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Ru-Paul’s Drag Race: Casting Call!

It’s time to vote for the next contestants of Ru-Paul’s Drag Race! You all know this is one of my favorite shows! Nina Flowers was my favorite! Ay, Loca…she was the business! I can’t even lie though, Bebe killed it on a regular basis. I couldn’t believe how big her butt was! It could have been extra padding…but I know quite a few women from CAMEROOOOON with huge ones! LMAO! *singing* Cover Girl, Put Some Base in Your Walk! By the way, did anyone else LOVE Bebe’s verse in the song?! Face, face, face I give ’em face! Beauty Face! You can take, it’s okay! Watch My Body go Insane!

Anywho, My girl Tatianna is in the running, and I had to put her out there! I don’t know if you remember her from the interview on The MAC Fetish last year. It was great, nobody even knew that she was a he! She’s worked for Nars and MAC, and I’ve been begging her to do videos on Youtube for months! Even if you don’t vote, you have to see how hot her makeup is! Anywho, check out her video above, and don’t forget to vote for her! She’s humble, but still a DIVA!
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Billy B’s Makeup Kit @ The Blonds

I could be alone, but images like this inspire me to be a better makeup artist. Since I am avidly building my kit, pictures like this give me insight on what the big boys and big girls in the game are doing. To the right you’ll find an image of some of Billy B.’s products laid out for use. This is thousands and thousands of dollars worth of product! Trust me, this is one twentieth of what is in his kit!

If you look really closely, you can see the Studio Fix compacts labeled on the outside for easy location. You’ll also find a bottle of Duo and hair extension glue (aka track glue, hehe), a pill jar full of lip colors (most likely broken-off lip sticks), sponges (I’m guessing they are made by Alcone, the best in the industry!) and Ben Nye and Iman loose powders inside MAC travel containers. Ooh, and over at the top, you will also spot a few tubes of L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara, Billy’s fave.

If you want to see the many faces that Billy uses these products on, check out his website at And, don’t forget to check out the BEAUTIFUL salon that Billy created with Syd Curry in good ole Mississippi, BillyBBeauty & Syd Curry Salon. It’s just adorable!
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No. 12: Physicians Formula CoverToxTen50 Wrinkle Therapy Foundation, $12.95 average member rating: 5.9*

What you said: “The foundation did not blend well at all and left a mask-like finish…”

No. 11: L’Oreal Paris Visible Lift Firming Makeup, $9.99 average member rating: 5.9*

What you said: “It seems to accentuate my lines and I have young-looking skin for my age…”

No. 10: Iman Creme to Powder Foundation, $14.99 average member rating: 5.8*

What you said: “I felt like I had on too much make up. It felt caked on…”

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