FAQ Friday: Eye Shadow Primers

Hey babes!

If you’ll be in the Tyson’s Corner VA area, be sure to come to Macy’s today or tomorrow for the MAC Hello Kitty Event! I’ll be hanging out for a while, and I’d love to get to play with you!!! Now, on to FAQ Friday! Call (703) 893-4900 to make an appointment.

Question sent via Youtube…
i have a question…..i have super oily eyelids…ive tried too faced shadow insurance and mac paint pots aswell as select cover up concealer…and they crease on me….is there any base u recommend for me? i kno u use the MAC Matte….would that also work on the eyes?
thanks so much…loveee ur vids!

SB Says…

Yeah, maybe you should use the MAC Matte first and then use a Paint Pot. Layering the two products will probably make them work much better for you. Really, the matte paint pots are the only ones that work for me. This is why I stick to Painterly. Anytime I use a base with shimmer, my shadows crease like crazy. And sadly the infamous Urban Decay Primer Potion did nothing for me. Oh also, L’Oreal HIP Cream Crayon is a great base too. I really need to purchase some more of them. They are creamy and literally NEVER come off. I have the green, black and blue!!

Hope this helps!

The Best of L’Oreal H.I.P.

Generally, drugstore makeup disappoints me. I can’t lie. But, I have found some products that are of stellar quality, all from L’Oreal H.I.P. There were lots of products that I wanted to love, like the glosses, bronzers, blushes and foundation. But, they didn’t do anything amazing for me. Here are some of my favorites that I keep in rotation.

Color Rich Cream Crayon-This can be used as a cream shadow or liner. I was quite surprised to hear that these are some of the most remarkable bases on the market! I tried the blue shade on my hand, and it wouldn’t come off. That is stellar quality when it comes to bases!! I love how easily they glide on the skin! Don’t forget to blend them out on the skin, if you create harsh lines on the skin, you’re stuck with them!

Cream Eye Liner-These are packed with color, and they are almost one and a half times bigger than my MAC fluidlines. I absolutely can’t get enough of the Teal, it’s perfect to wear all alone, on the kind of day where you want color on the lid, but just don’t feel like wearing eye shadow. These last all day, all night, and if you are feeling thrifty, the next day as well.

Eye Shadow Duo’s
-To me, these are the best drugstore eye shadows on the market. They are packed with color, and they include complimentary shades. I really do think these are great quality, but you absolutely have to have a base for them. If you use them on bare skin, the color pay off is pretty average. I own four of these, Brazen, Lively, Sassy and Charisma.

There are tons of things to see and do on the official L’Oreal H.I.P. website, including step-by-step guides. Definitely check it out!

Hot Pinkish Hepcat FOTD

I guess it’s not really a FOTD, since I did it while playing around at 2am. I have a Myspace beauty idol that I had admired for months, she did a look similar, so I re-created it with a few little substitutions. I love rocking unexpected eyes, this is what really makes beauty fun!!! Here are the details of the look. If you’d like to see a tutorial on this look (while listening to me talk about my first time doing makeup), check out my newest Youtube video!

The Look
MAC Crimsonaire Shadestick
MAC Hepcat Eyeshadow
L’Oreal HIP Brazen Eyeshadow Duo
Fig 1. Eye Shadow (To deepen the crease)
MAC Woodwinked Eyeshadow(brow highlight)
MAC Boot Black Liquid Liner
Carbon Eyeshadow to soften the liquid liner

Kissable Couture Lipgloss in Exposed

Don’t Spend A Ton…

Why spend on pricey cosmetics when you can shop without being hassled at your local pharmacy or supermarket? I am a big advocate in the “you get what you pay for” theory. But a bargain is never a bad thing. Here are a few categories were being frugal are a benefit.

Lipgloss-I have L’Oreal glosses that are just as pretty as my Nars. Shop around, you would be surprised at how many department store knock-offs you can find!

Mascara-Every great celebrity makeup artist out there is a fan of two mascaras, L’Oreal Voluminous and Maybelline Great Lash. Need I say more?

Eye Shadows-If you use the right base, you can make virtually any eyeshadow pop. Milani makes an awesome selection of colors, as well as the cheapest. They even sell eye shadow quads and sets so that you can make a quick selection! I’ll be doing an exclusive story on Milani soon!

Check out Yummy411’s post about the new drugstore collections!!! It’s an awesome post, I think I’m going to run to CVS to see it all!!! What are the drugstore products that you can’t live without???

Some 2008 Beauty Finds….

Yaaaaay, it’s 2008!!!!

I woke up this morning in disarray. My room was a mess, I need to pay a $600 bill for school, and I just couldn’t take it anymore! So I grabbed one of those huge green trash bags, the ones for leaves and grass and other means of nature’s clutter, and cleaned! Wow, did I find some interesting stuff in my room! I’m a pack rat, I have issues of Honey Magazine from 2005 and Essence from 1999.

While going through the magazines, I found some AMAZING beauty finds!!! Here’s what I learned..

  • Roberta Rogers, makeup artist of Vivica A. Fox, uses MAC Orange Eyeshadow under her lower lash line to warm up the area. This helps camaflauge the look of darkness and makes the eyes look more awake. (In the picture with the article, Rogers used the MAC 109 brush and MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder)
  • If you tend to breakout, wear more matte colors instead of shimmery ones. This will make your makeup more subtle, thus bringing less attention to your breakout.
  • Wearing Purple on the eye is one of the most stunning ways to make brown skin pop. On the July 2007 issue of Essence Magazine, Kerry Washington is wearing shades identical to L’Oreal H.I.P. Concentrated Eye Shadow Duo in Charisma.

And while you’re at it, Sam Fine has updated his blog, and it’s jam packed with beauty tips, products and advice! He even highlights the exclusive MAC Harlem class, and gives you his rendition of the night. Enjoy…and Stay Scandalous!