Face Atelier Introduces Women of Color Foundations

Face Atelier Introduces Women of Color Foundations-Scandalous Beauty
Face Atelier has had us on the edge of our seats waiting on the addition of their new products.  The five new shades are completely mixable, blendible, and ready to be added to your kit! Face Atelier foundations are renowned for its lightweight formula and it’s outstanding results.  If you want to give your clients mouthwatering skin with a naturally dewy finish, this is the foundation for you!  Please take note, with the addition of the new colors, the numbers of some of the existing foundations have changed.

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Rihanna and the Red Cat Eye

Ah, the American Music Awards.  What an interesting night.  The many highs (Janet, Lady Gaga, Mary J.) and the many, many lows (AdamPicture 3 Lambert, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna). Speaking of Rihanna,  announcers kept calling this her “return”.  Where the hell did she go? Have we not seen her out and about doing various Riri activities in couture outfits since she came out? Whatever the case, I was extra excited to see her perform.  I never thought of her as much of a singer, but the girl can crank out some hot singles and dress to impress!

The biggest beauty buzz of the night had to be the red cat eye that she wore, care of Mylah Morales and sick lashes by Jamaal Buster. (Azia or Faces from Azia kindly pointed out that she was most likely wearing the Disturbia lashes.  Makes a lot of sense, right?)  The picture was sent around the twitterverse by Concrete Loop. The red liner and her green eyes make a lethal combination!  ( I thought it was a hot pink, but Mylah told us on twitter that it was red.) So, after many hours of speculation, I had to try it. I used MAC Bold and Brazen Pigment from the Starflash collection.  The Verdict: Mine looked a mess.

Not only did it look a mess, I experienced the reason they tell you not to wear certain colors around your eye area.  I know they don’t put those disclaimers on products for their own health, but what can I say?  I’m a rebel!  Now I’m wide awake, eyes blood shot, itchy and crusted over.  Why?  I was trying to get my Riri on.  Okay Scandalous Beauty, fall back!

To see all the highlights (and lowlights) of the American Music Awards, check out the ever fabulous http://www.concreteloop.com!

MAC Pro Bridal Class with Romero Jennings

I’ve been using MAC since I was 15 years old. Yep, I’ve been in the game for nine years. That’s absolutely insane. Within that nine years, I’ve probably attended 6 or 7 classes and presentations from Senior Artist Romero Jennings. I’ve taken most of the classes because he was teaching them. Romero’s a phenomenal teacher, he speaks clearly, explains everything, and works at a pace that everyone can follow! Just a few weeks ago, Azia of Faces of Azia, Patrice of Afrobella and I cornered him at The Artist Summit. He was not only a wealth of knowledge, but he was SO freakin’ cool. He’s the kind of guy you want to sit down with a glass of wine or a latte and talk beauty. He’s a classic. If you ever find out he’s teaching a class somewhere, GO!


I’ll be doing an extensive review on the class and some of MAC Pro’s exclusive products. Until then, here are a few tips that I got while taking the class.

-Use the 219 brush (the bulleted pencil brush) to perfect the lips
-He love to create a nude lip and place a bright color over it for an awesome effect
-He suggests using a shimmery base (like a fluidline) and then uses a matte shadow on top! On the model he used Frostlight Fluidline (this is discontinued, try Bare Study Paint Pot instead) with Yogurt on top. He told us that he used Brassy Fluidline (also discontinued, try Rubenesque or Indianwood Paint Pot) with Saddle on top for singer Estelle.
I can’t wait to try this! (You all know that I only use matte bases, so this is new for me!)
-Applies Prep ‘N Prime Lash, then the mascara of your choice, then coats it in waterproof mascara so the lashes remain perfect through tears and sweat!

Stay tuned for the extensive play by play of the class and product highlights from MAC Pro!

Top 5 Artist Summit Discoveries

I might have had the longest weekend in history. I flew (sick and disturbed due to my immense fear of flying) to Chicago for The Artist Summit! Three action packed days of beauty! I met a slew of people…hung out, partied, shopped, learned, interviewed (and froze), and it was fabulous. Here are my top 5 highlights, in no particular order!


1. Inglot Cosmetics– I’d never played with (or heard of) this brand before, but they had some intense products! They’ve got lipsticks, pigments, glosses, cream liners, you name it, they have it! They’ve got a cool concept, where you can place your products in a “freedom system”, a palette that includes and of their products. If you want shadows, blushes and glosses in one palette, it’s simple.

2. Crown Brush-Department store quality brushes that start at $2 a pop. I bought 6 brushes that I’ve never seen before…by any brand, for $18. Who can beat it? Plus, they accept Paypal! In depth reviews to come..

3. Alcone– The brand that creates the greatest makeup sponges and makeup wipes of all time were in the house. I walked right up to the booth, got distracted by someone speaking to me, and left them there! Seriously, Alcone is an industry leader, and their teeny tiny makeup store houses just about everything you’ll need as an artist!

4.Web Photo Master-The hands down easiest ( and visually rewarding) way to create a stunning portfolio online. ‘Nuff said.


5. Classes! I sat in on Kathy Aragon’s class on Camera Ready Makeup. I might be ready to tackle the daunting feat! She swears by many cult makeup faves, Face Atelier Foundation (plus, she uses the ultra sheer along the cheek for added dewyness), L’Oreal Voluminous mascara, the Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer and Make Up For Ever Star Powders.