Make Up For Ever..Inside Scoop!

I decided to re-post this article as a bit of an introduction to the tutorial.

Make Up For Ever is one of my favorite lines, as you all know. I brought a model and photographer with me to do an exclusive Fall trend shoot with the team.

While Makeup Artist Kareth Whitmore did the makeover, she gave me the scoop on the brand. MUFE doesn’t sell skincare, because they focus solely on makeup. Their products are used to grace the faces of the Water Ballet. Think about it…this makeup last through hours of being submerged under water. Can you imagine how immense the quality of the product must be?!?

MUFE made a prominent effect in beauty this week, creating looks for Perry Ellis, Jackie Rogers, Nary Manivong, Diego Bineti and Samantha Pleet. The boutique carries every shade and hue imaginable, to create any type of look. From glycerin to create artificial tears and sweat, to brush belts and makeup tables. One of my favorite features includes the case that displays 22 sets of lashes, and a model wearing each set. There are also a few photo albums mounted on the wall with clippings of models wearing Make Up For Ever products, with product names beside them.

The staff was so knowledgeable and friendly, and I know that every time someone stops by, they will be there to help in anyway possible. There are 3 floors to the boutique, the top floor is used for private photo shoots and things of the like. MUFE offers lessons, so if you want to learn the inside tricks, this is a great place to do it. So official, I love it!!

As you know, you can find the best consumer friendly MUFE products at Sephora and, but if you want to purchase an exclusive to the line, it’s best to call the store and order directly from there. There were a few products that caught my attention in the sea of products, here are a few!

Mat Velvet+ Foundation gives you a shine free look. Kareth advises you to use a powder for extra coverage. (Can you believe the range of colors they have??)

Star Powders contain an absolute ridiculous amount of color. Can’t get enough of these. Wearing them with Eye Seal creates the perfect smudge proof, water proof eye. Woo hoo!!

Pure Water is a liquid cleanser that washes off all of your makeup effortlessly. Feels like you are wiping your makeup off with water. So amazing.

Diamond Powder
is vivid, lustrous and takes makeup to the next level. There is no other shimmer like it! You MUST have these!!!

Well, there’s the inside scoop in the amazing Make Up For Ever. I am absolutely ecstatic about revealing the step-by-step Fall Craze. I hope you are ready for it too!!!

Many, many thanks to Kareth and Gina at the boutique, Kristen for modeling her effortless beauty and many thanks to Jade Anderson for capturing the beauty and sophistication of the boutique (and Kristen, of course) through her fabulous photography! For permission to use these images, please e-mail me at

Questions about MUFE? Contact them directly at 800.757.5175

Beauty According to Nars

Hey Everyone!

I just enjoyed an action packed day in The Bronx yesterday, helping my elderly aunt move her ancient (and I do mean ancient) belongings into her new Harlem apartment. Being in New York for just a few hours was exciting, and makes me want to hustle harder to get there. Mark my words, I’ll do what it takes to be there.

Anywho, I happened to be on the ever-fabulous, when I found an interview with Nars Celebrity Makeup Artist Ayako. She has graced the faces of Ashanti, Alicia Keys, and Jennifer Lopez, to name a few. She has some awesome makeup tips, and I think we can all learn a few things from her. She stresses using natural light to apply makeup, and to invest in quality makeup tools! Check out her interview here.

I’m sure you all know my favorite Nars item…Good Ole’ Taj Mahal blush. If you don’t have it, you better jump on it!!! It’s a golden burnt orange, just the most perfect blush ever!!!

Until next time…Stay Scandalous!!!

Exclusive! Gregory Arlt for MAC

A few weeks ago I had the chance to have breakfast with GregoryArlt, celebrity Makeup Artist for MAC Cosmetics. He was super sweet and hilarious. He is the friend you need in your life at all times! There were plenty of questions that I had for him, but due to the funky fun chemistry at our breakfast table, I only got a few answers. I was very curious about those products from MAC that people just don’t take advantage of enough. He said that he loves the Gloss Texture because it gives great shine and it is creamy and not sticky. You can add pigments to it or mix with other glosses and over lipstick. He also thinks that we aren’t taking advantage of lipstick, we are becoming a lip gloss culture and it’s always great to go back to basics!

I had to ask him why they won’t bring back our beloved Metal Rock Skinfinish! It has been eating so many of us alive, because it was AMAZING on our skin! He told me that ALL of the Mineralized Skin Finishes are created in a little family run business, and it takes endless hours in a hot oven to create them. Shoot, now I feel selfish and guilty.

Many of us are addicted to certain skinlines and want to be loyal. But the item Gregory says that you must, must, must have is Fix+. (I wish you could see how his face lit up and how excited he got just talking about it.) Before makeup, After makeup, it’s the absolute BEST! He says that it gives makeup bounce, and yes, I agree one billion percent. I use it every day!

Now for the part you all have been waiting for, color recommendations! I asked him to put together a quad that would include great neutrals colors that weren’t boring or typical. For the ladies around NC45, our caramel girls, he suggests All That Glitters or Motif on the lid, Ricepaper to highlight and Browndown to line. For my brown divas, try Arena to highlight, Vex on the lid, Sketch in the crease and Beauty Marked to line the lid. How sexy are those combinations!???! Love it.

As far as blush, since we neglect it so much, I needed more ideas. He suggests Fleur Power and Margin as must haves for my NC45’s and Rule and Orange Eyeshadows for us brown skinned ladies! He tells me that when he does Mary’s makeup, he uses either of the two colors and then uses the smallest bit of Style blush right on the apple of the cheek to highlight.

By the way, did you all get to see the 3D glass?? I love these!! They are creamier than usual, super sparkley and have unique color. My favorite is Algorithm, a medium toned cranberry. It works well with everything, and I have been wearing it constantly! I also love Racy, Boundless, Synched Up and Energy. They even came out with Lipglass Pencils, which are glossy and blend to perfection, so tons of blending isn’t necessary. Why, oh why are these all limited edition??

Exclusive: Q&A with M.A.C. Director Gregory Arlt!

As you all know, I write for Well, today they published my article with Gregory Arlt, the coolest, most down to earth, can sell you $5,000 worth of Smoulder Eye Kohl Makeup Artist ever!! Gregory is the Director of Makeup Artistry, so you KNOW he knows his stuff!!! The article highlights great cheek, eye and lip combinations for us, as well as the must have products for our skin! When you get a chance, check out the article here at Honey Mag!

Just to clarify, that was my quote about putting down the Oh Baby Lipglass and Chestnut Lipliner and trying something new! We owe it to ourselves to add color to our lives. Remember, you don”t have to wear shades of brown to have a natural look!

Gregory also informed me about the trick to that dewy, fresh faced look. It’s Face and Body Foundation! I wear it (shade N9) on my body to even out my skin, which makes those scars and old bruises a bit harder to see. It looks GREAT while you are in your bikini (or big t-shirt and Bermuda shorts) on the beach. MAC describes it as “A water-based, water-resistant foundation that provides long-lasting, natural coverage for face and/or body. Ideal for all skin types. Face and Body Foundation provides sheer, natural looking coverage in an easy to blend, water-resistant formula. The long-lasting formula is available in a wide range of colours and contains several emollients to help moisturize and condition the skin. It delivers professional looking results that meet the exacting standards of beauty photography and is ideal for perfecting the face and body.” This is available at MAC Stores and online only!

Live Chat with Eve and Makeup Artist JJ!

Eve and her fab accomplice JJ will be hosting a live chat to spill the dirt! Shoot…I’m trying to figure out how Eve’s makeup is so darn flawless! The chat will be held Wednesday, June 27th 5:00pm – 6:00pm EST, 2:00pm – 3:00pm PST. Be there! I remember back when Eve’s first album, Ruff Ryders First Lady was all that used to be in my CD player! I thought she was so bold wearing that cropped blonde style!! Look at you now Eve, keep doin‘ your thing!!!!

Look 5
Lip Pencil
Pomposity Lipstick (c-shock)

Lil Sizzler (c-shock)

Mega Lip Gelée (c-shock)

Amber Lights with Fab and Flashy Eye shadow

Fluidline Gel Liner in Black track

Blossoming Crème Blush

Eve wears TONS of MAC!

Hello beautiful people!

Make sure you print this page out, and run over to your local MAC counter! Eve’s newest single, Tambourine, is an electric summer anthem. The makeup in the video, created by former MAC Makeup Artist JJ, is vivacious! Here are three looks, in detail. Many of the colors are found in the C-Shock collection, now in stores. These colors are limited edition, so get them before they’re gone!

Look 1
Cork Lip pencil
Mega Lip Gelée (c-shock)
Overrich Lipstick (c-shock)
Going Bananas Eye Shadow (c-shock)
Eye Popping Eye Shadow (c-shock)
Amberlights Eye Shadow
Honesty Blush with Matte Bronze Bronzer as contour

Look 2
Vivacious Lipstick (c-shock)
Cork Pencil
Mega Lip Gelée (c-shock)
Honesty and Kid Eye Shadow
Technikohl Pencil in Graph Black
#7 Lashes
Lingering Brow Pencil with Girl Boy Brow Gel
Harmony Blush
Matte Bronze Bronzer as contour
#129 Brush

Look 4
Mega Lipstick (c-shock)
Cork Pencil
Overrich Lipstick (c-shock)
Saddle Eye Shadow
Bang On Blue Eye Shadow (c-shock)
Royal Blue Shadow
Technikohl Pencil in Auto-de Blue
Fancy Ray Crème Blush

All products are available at