Brooklyn, NY- Jazz by Jose James, Unity, and The Most Amazing Natural Hair I’ve Ever Seen

I took a day trip to Brooklyn with Meagan Shea yesterday. Weeksville Heritage Center was hosting its free concert series [Meshell Ndegeocello and Keziah Jones will be there in the upcoming weeks], and my favorite jazz vocalist performed. Meagan knew how much I loved his music, so it was a no brainer that I attend!   Jose James’ music was introduced to me in 2009, and I was hooked that very night.  My friend Emeka shared some of his favorite artists, and he told me he thought I’d really like Jose.  Yep, he hit the nail right on the head. He’s got a deep bass-y voice that keeps you in a trance. My favorite instrument sound is the trumpet, so I captured this piece of Jose singing, plus a solo from his trumpet player.

I assumed that I’d see some pretty creative hair, since no one seems to give a f— in NYC. Everyone marches to the beat of their own drum, and they don’t let the latest mainstream music videos or Vogue decide what’s dope. Everyone was comfortable in their skin, and there was a happiness that I can’t really describe. No two styles were the same, and all were unique to the owner.  I wish I had my Canon and not this simple Droid camera!

Music to Move To: Sergio Mendes, Magalenha

The “Dance With Me” soundtrack is one of my all-time faves. I love every freakin’ track. The music is infectious, Chayenne is delicious, and I can’t even speak a lick of Spanish. This very movie had me going to salsa clubs and lusting over Dominican men. I bought the soundtrack back in ’98, and wore it out so bad that it skips all the way through. They have some used cd’s available on Amazon for $3, so I guess it’s my time to partake!

You have got to watch these people dance! This is real talent folks. These video girls now days just strip and grind. THIS is what a music video should look like! Please take note of how amazeballs Vanessa L. Williams looks in this video. Her body is redic! I loved her makeup too, so over the top, perfect for a performance. #mustworkharder

Just thought I’d share. Off to study!

Listen: Adele-Someone Like You

A couple weeks ago, Adele came out with her sophomore album, “21”.The songstress gives us a compilation of love songs, mostly about love that just isn’t there anymore.  I love that it’s ballad focused, and that she sings from her gut.  This woman never, ever disappoints me.  I’ll have to admit, I think I like her live versions on this song more than the album version.  Nevertheless, the entire album will be on constant repeat for me!

Listen: Jamie Cullum Covers Frontin’

Thanks so much for putting me on to this song, shorty doowop (although you’ll never see this post). The vibe is jazzy and fresh, right up my alley. I’d never heard of Jamie Cullum until I heard this, and I was surprised to see his long list of albums. Have a listen, it’s one of my favorite covers!

Check out this CD on I listened to 4 of the previews, and just decided to purchase.  You never know when you’ll find something new, huh?