Ledisi is the New Face of Design Essentials!

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When I get the news that my fellow loc lockers  are getting major hair deals, I’m over the moon!!! I see a million of us out and about, but we are fiercely under represented in the ad world. The exciting news? Ledisi is the new face of Design Essentials!

Let’s take a minute and truly get into this promo shot. Her hair is thick, luscious and totally swoon-worthy. For the last four years, I’ve wanted to do two things to my locs: Combine them to make them thicker, and dye them. This pic might make me take the leap!

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Fly and Natural

I’m on a 30 day mission to keep my hair twisted. I want low manipulation for growth, strength and low key maintenance. It’s really going well! I’m on day 18 of the challenge, and it’s going great! I have been doing twist outs on my twists, to give them a curly/wavy effect. I’ll be posting tutorials and documenting my process at Naturally Scandalous, my Natural Hair Blog. To see how I created this style, check me out over there! If you want to learn how to wash, moisturize and take care of natural hair, check me out on my Natural Hair Youtube Channel, NaturallyScandalous.

Loc Rave: I love my Loctician! + Coupon

After I decided to boogie board in Virginia Beach last weekend, my hair needed some serious help. Who else would I call other than my loctician, Amira! I’ve been going to her from Day 1, and I’ve never let another person maintain my hair. She’s got 11 years experience, and all of her clients have been going to her for years as well.

In Baltimore, there are VERY few stylists that promote healthy hair, and this is why Amira is so successful. She uses all natural products, which is a major plus for me. Her technique is amazing, so my maintenance stays fresh for weeks and in all types of weather. I knew that she was great when she told me that well over 50% of her clientele come from PG County, DC, Philly, NYC and surrounding states. All I can do is rave over her, and I’m SO happy that she’s taking care of my hair!

Lucky for us, Amira is working full time as a loctician, so you don’t have to wait until Saturday (if you want.) Her services start at $55.  Many of her clients go to her once a month (or less frequently than that.) For more information on Amira, check out her website at http://www.mantralocs.com, or email her at Amira@mantralocs.com.  To receive $10 off of your first appointment, tell her I sent you!

Mizani’s New Line for Curly Girls: True Textures

Mizani products scream ethnic luxury.  They are the preferred brand of stylists all over the world. During my relaxed days, I went through many bottles of Hydrafuse Conditioner. Heck, just last week I finished off my bottle of PuriPHying Shampoo for the excessive buildup in my hair.  I’m very happy that Mizani sees that natural curls are here to stay, not just a trend. They have created the True Textures collection. You’ll be happy to find a sulfate-free shampoo, moisturizing masque, and various styling products.

The Perfect Curl ($18) lightweight creme gel is a product that’s worth a shot.  Sadly, I had to bash many products that were made for curls, but were thick, super smelly and overpriced.  This however, is not. Just section wet hair and finger comb through. My preferred method for my teeny curls was to apply to drenched hair, then shake hair like a wet dog.  The curls would pop on their own, and then I could separate them as needed. Want more proof? I found the most awesome picture review of these products at Curls, Coils and Kinks! Makes me miss my fro, (although mine wasn’t as fabulous as hers!)

You can find Mizani products at Ulta, JCPenny Salons (along with most major chain salons inside malls) and beauty supply stores!

Giovanni Natural Mousse Air-Turbo Charged

I was super excited to find an all natural mousse. Giovanni Natural Mousse Air-Turbo Charged to the rescue.  Every time I use mousse to curl my locs, I feel as if I’m dumping a bottle of alcohol on each strand of hair.  Excessive, I know.  Well, this product didn’t work for my hair. Now that I have locs, I need something heavy duty for my hair to hold curl. I used this on slightly damp hair (which I usually do).  I used small and medium rods, and kept them in overnight.  Sadly, my curls only stayed tight for about 2 hours the next day.  It might have something to do with the humidity, since this is the first time I’ve worn my hair curled in extreme heat. When I use the leftover Aphogee Mousse for Relaxed Hair, my hair lasts for a week.  When I use Oyin Shine N’ Define on my hair, wet, my hair lasts for a week. Oh Giovanni, you let me down.