Decorating The Pad with Lana Kole

You may or may not know this, but I really have a thing for decorating and gardening. A few weeks back, while on my Oyin Handmade (my fave brand for natural hair) adventure, I bought this wall decal for my room. It reads “Creativity Flows Through Me“. It was created by Lana Kole, who I plan to HIGHLY invest in over the upcoming months. I want to put them on my bathroom mirrors, and a few other spots in my bedroom. I held on to it for weeks, because I didn’t know where I wanted to put it. Just the other day, I decided that it would look perfect on the edge of my vanity. It was the PERFECT addition to my room, and I LOVE it! Okay, just thought I’d share. They also make custom made decals…Ooh La La!!!

Naturally Inspired Post: Micro Twists

In an effort to save my poor edges and maintain a style, I put micro twists in my hair!!! These took me a few hours a day to complete. Hopefully they won’t begin to loc, I don’t think I am ready to do that yet. I’d like to twist every few weeks, to retain length. The less manipulation, the less chance of premature breakage. So far, so good! I’ll be posting some styles that I have created as well as some more reviews on Naturally Scandalous. Man, I’ve come a loooong way. For some throwback love, check out the video I did eons ago, ‘Are you CONSIDERING going natural‘? Aww, my hair was blonde back then!

I’ve been using my Oyin goodies( Shine and Define and Honey Hemp Condish, to name a few) to maintain them. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I went to Oyin’s flagship store on Saturday. And OMG, it was fabulous. I’ll be posting more info on that very, very soon.

The Oyin Handmade Flagship Store, Baltimore MD!

Ever since becoming a natural head, I have LOVED Oyin Handmade products. I use them in very heavy rotation. While blogging on my bed right now, and looking at the circumference of my bedroom, I can see Juice N’ Berries, Honey Hemp Conditioner, Whipped Pudding and Shine and Define! I always knew they shipped from Baltimore, but now, I can shop til I drop in the store, minus shipping charges! They will also be selling independently produced music, art, films and things of the like. Sounds like my kind of place! They are only open on Saturdays, so don’t go popping in there whenever you want!

The store is located at 2103 North Charles St., Ground Floor. If you are looking for some good natural hair tips, check out a few of their ideas! Yay for Oyin!


I just ordered my second jar of Shine and Define Gentle Styling Serum from Oyin. As you may remember, I wrote a post about Oyin products earlier this Summer. And I’ve found yet another use for this bad boy!! I told you all that it helps bring out coils on wet hair. But, now that I have started to twist my hair, this is my BFF. I like to twist on clean, dry hair, becuase it makes the length of the twists longer, in my opinion. So, I like to section off the hair, and add a dime sized amount of this serum to slightly dampen it. I make sure to coat as much of the hair as possible. After I’ve twisted the hair, the ends curl right up! Every few days, I run a bit more about this through my twists to control flyaways. I freakin’ love this stuff!!! I wasn’t a big fan of twists, I’ve said it in a few videos. But in the You Tube video below, I’m rocking my second ever set of twists! I pinned them up to give them a different look.

Also in this video, the winner of the Billy B. Beauty Brush Set!!!

Oyin Handmade

I’m really starting to convert myself over to the fully natural side. Many of you have suggested using products that are all natural, because natural hair doesn’t need or can’t sustain all of the drama packed into products for those with relaxed heads. I can somewhat see the reasoning behind all of this. So, within my months as a natural, I have brought several products from Oyin Handmade, a company that many people have recommended. I have read about them on several videos, forums and websites. My latest purchase was recommended from Reniece, The Weave Specialist. Since she does the most fabulous hair that I have seen in a very long time, I went and purchased a bottle! She said that Juice and Berries is a great moisturizing agent, and since my hair seemed a bit dry, she told me to go ahead and try it. I’m waiting for it to arrive in my mailbox any day now. When I actually think about it, I own quite a few things from the company. I’m on my third bottle of Honey Hemp Conditioner, which smells insanely delish. It can be used as a wash out or leave-in conditioner. It’s not super thick, and really brings out the curlies!

My new obsession started when I tried the sample pack about a year ago. I didn’t really understand my natural hair then, and I don’t fully understand it now! But, I seem to understand a few more things now. For instance, Shine and Define didn’t do anything for me when I bought it. Then, a lady told me to section my wet hair, and run this through. Out of no where, COILS!! Wow, all that time I had this in my little stash, and it works great!!! Also, I forgot all about Whipped Pudding!!! It smells like chocolate, it’s based with shea, and really makes my hair feel great. I just read the description, which states that if you mix it with honey, it makes a great pre-shampoo treatment!!! Amazing!!!

Oh, Guess What?!? There is a sale going on right now!! If you purchase between August 10th and August 31st, you’ll receive 10% off of your order! Check out the details here.

Spring is Approaching!

If you are on the East Coast like me, I hope you are enjoying this BEAUTIFUL warm front that has come in. It feels like those first beautiful days of Spring were you want to just hang out outside and enjoy the good life. I am a total Spring/Summer junkie, and this is getting me ridiculously excited for the months to come!

Are you Spring beauty ready?? If you are like me, you embrace trends and try to make them your own. You use guidelines and tweak them. You just love to be your own person, all the time. Well, last year, I reported the Spring/Summer Fashion Week beauty trends, which you can find here.

I interviewed MAC Director of Makeup Artistry Bianca Alexander, who told us the key aspects for beauty. Among the list, she included “soft, candlelit” skin, and strong eye lashes. This is great news, it gives us the opportunity to look “made up” without looking “made up”.

Go ahead and get the scoop on all things Fashion Week, at Isn’t Victoria looking so hot at Oscar De La Renta last year???