How Many Foundations Does One Person Need?

I guess this all goes back to the “buying makeup for purpose or necessity” post.  I’ve realized that there are a lot of great beauty products out there.  I don’t know if it’s possible to say “This is my all time favorite [insert product here]“. As an avid beauty blogger and makeup enthusiast, I try new products all the time.  But it’s hard for me to say “Ladies, this is the foundation you need.  It’s perfect. It does everything.” I’ll use a product consecutively for a week, then “stumble” upon on of my old favorites, then throw it back into the equation.

It’s especially hard when it comes to foundations. To date, I have 6 foundations in constant rotation.

1. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation ($40)

2. Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet Foundation ($42)

3. Make Up For Ever Face and Body Foundation ($38)

4. Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Cream Foundation ($42)

5. MAC Studio Stick Foundation (discontinued)

6. Black Opal True Color Stick Foundation ($10)

Question of the Day: How many foundations do you own and what determines which one you’ll use for the day?

Foundation: Things to Know Before You Purchase

Ah, foundation. The product we lean on to fix our complexions. The product that comes in a billion different variations, colors, textures and sizes. The main question is, which one do I choose?

Well, the answer isn’t simple. Companies compete for the perfect foundation all the time. Here is what you need to ask yourself.

1. What effect do I want my foundation to have? (Natural, Dewy, Sunkissed?)
2. What form of foundation am I comfortable with? (Liquid, Cream, Powder?)
3. How much do I want to wear? (Light Coverage, Drag Queen Coverage?)
4. How much do I want to spend? ($6? 56?)
5.What do I want my skin to look like, overall?

Throughout the month of January, we’ll cover all of these questions. If you have any questions about foundation, I’ll do my best to answer them. Be sure to check in daily and learn the best products for you!

Quest for the Perfect Foundation Series: Intro

Since January is the first month of the year, it’s only fitting that we dedicate the base of our makeup to a series.

For the rest of the month, Scandalous Beauty will dedicate it’s weekdays to Foundation. You’ll learn how to apply it, what it looks like, how to use it, how to keep it on, the best brands, and much more.
To get a head start, check out the existing Quest for the Perfect Foundation series.  It’s a compilation of reviews, tutorials and articles on foundations.

The entire series is based around the video below. It’s called Foundation 101: How to choose, apply and get the look you desire. If you have any questions about foundation, leave them below.  I’ll try to incorporate them into the series.

The entire January foundation series will be documented from this post daily.  Just check here, and a new link will be added. You can always go the old fashioned way and scroll down the blog. : )

Day 1- Things To Know Before You Purchase Your Foundation

Day 2- How Many Foundations Does One Person Need?

Day 3- How to Choose Your Foundation by Skin Type

Day 4- Best Brushes and Beauty Tools to Apply Foundation

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Bobbi Brown Foundations and Concealers

My latest beauty craze has been Bobbi Brown foundation. I’m not going to lie, this line of makeup used to bore me to tears. I was young and thought that neutrals were for women over 50.  Now that I’m older (and more mature), I can really respect the simplicity of this brand. Here’s a candid overview of my [tiny] Bobbi collection.

Here are the Bobbi Brown face products that I own.  I’ve got a concealer palette, foundation palette and the foundation itself.

[Read more...]

Why I Don’t Mix My Foundations

The Backstory

For years, artists at the MAC counter put me in NW45. It always looked unnatural.  It was too red and made me look like I purposely put foundation on for the day. Finally, one of the trainers did my makeup, placed me in NC50 foundation and NW43 powder around the perimeter of the face.  That’s the day I looked like my most natural self with makeup on.

The Situation at Hand

Ever since I created the NC50 vs. NW45 video on Youtube, I’ve received at least 30 comments/emails/messages asking why I don’t just mix the two. Well, the idea of highlight and contour makes up the bulk of this decision. I don’t like just being one color all over. I like to add some “dimension” to the face. It’s seriously something we should all consider (if you really want to purchase multiple products).  My method of choice is wearing a natural colored foundation, and a darker powder.  You could do this by using two foundations, a concealer and foundation, etc.  Remember, there are no rules!

Also, this is the same reason they tell people to use bronzer in the areas that the sun would hit. They don’t tell you to blend it in all over the face. It’s all about the contour.

Remember this image?


This is from my article about why we sometimes must wear two foundations. My cheeks, chin, nose and anything below the forehead match well.  The forehead however….no. I will need that darker foundation around the forehead, into my hair line, around the temple, to make me look like my natural self.

In Fact…

I’m not saying anything is wrong with mixing, that’s totally fine. I just don’t want to do it.