MAC Studio Stick Tutorial

While I am working on my video review of the MAC collection, “Originals”, I decided to go ahead and cross post the foundation tutorial that I created for The MAC Fetish. Hope this helps! Studio Stick is my favorite foundation, so I had to share my love with you! Hope this helps!

I was going to the club for my friend’s birthday, and since I was going for a nude eye/red-lip combo, I decided to do classic skin. So, here’s the way I like to do it when I want a flawless face.
1. I’m using the Studio Stick Concealer to outline around my eyebrows, basically to give them a bit more definition. I have already filled them in, and this will sort of “chisel” them into place. I’m an NC50, so I used NW45 to do this particular step. My forehead is darker, thus the choice in color. Next, I apply a good thick moisturizer all over my skin to get that gorgeous sheen.

If I were doing a natural look, and didn’t want to play up my skin, I would only do a few swipes of foundation, like on the picture to the left. I decided to use the foundation as a concealer today.

But, since I’m going out tonight and I want my skin to look extra sexy, I’m doing multiple swipes of foundation. This includes a few on the cheeks, forehead, chin, temples, etc. I think I have around 15 swipes on the skin. Again, I am using Studio Stick foundation in NC50. It gives great coverage that you can build, so the more you use, the more it will cover. This may be my favorite foundation! It looks just like your skin!!!

Next, take your old faithful 109 brush and blend your foundation. I like to use small, circular motions to get the foundation really into the skin. I like to spray my face with Fix+ while I do this, it keeps the skin moist looking and never streaky. I demonstrate this with the picture to the left.

Next, I’m going to use a kabuki brush and buff on Mineralized Skin Finish Natural. Sorry, I don’t have a picture of this one. This gives a soft, natural, sexy sheen to the skin. It looks very high fashion. If you don’t want that obvious of a look, go ahead and use a powder brush for a softer finish. In the picture to the right, I’m finishing up with a bit of Studio Fix in NW43 to set my foundation and to give just a bit more coverage. It really makes the look more polished.

Lastly, on the picture to the left, I’m using a mixture of Ablaze and Raizin blush to softly coat the cheeks. I love these blushes, I had to buy a backup of Ablaze because it’s so hot!!! I’m using the 129 brush for this.

And to the right, here’s the finished look!!! I really wanted sleek, sexy skin and hot lips! On the eyes I wore Rubenesque Paint Pot with a bit of Melon Pigment over it with the 217 brush. I lined my eyes in plenty of Boot Black Liquid Liner and Smolder Eye Kohl. Brows were done with Embark eye shadow and the 266 brush. My lips were lined with Velvetella and Nightmoth lipliners and the lipstick that I chose was Wild ‘Bout You from the Balloonacy Collection. That color should be pretty hard to find at this time, so try New York Apple or Glam lipsticks for a good substitute!

An Evening with Sam Fine

I arrived in New York City at 12:45pm, wide-eyed and optimistic. I had the best time of my life in the city last summer as an intern for the Cosmetic Executive Women, and I was so happy to be back! I went out with my buddy Jay, who took me to lunch in Brooklyn and then site seeing in Harlem. The class was held at The MAC store in Harlem, on 125th street. As I waited outside of the MAC Store, I knew I was in for an amazing experience.

We watch him from outside of the tall glass doors, showing the staff how to re-arrange the chairs for his faithful following to view him. He then scurries in the back, and about 7 minutes later, I’m told to come on in. Sam was classic, poised and proper. I only had about 5 minutes to ask him the 20 questions I prepared, so I went with it.

Scandalous Beauty: Sam, what’s the best way to make small eyes look bigger??
Sam Fine: “Really, it’s about adding definition. It’s about highlighting underneath the eye…it’s really about how you frame the eye, how you highlight it…How you arch the brow. It’s really about the things that you don’t always think about, it’s concealer, that’s a great brow. Really highlighting the eye space make eyes look wider and whiter”.

SB: So, let’s gossip. Which celebrities need the least amount of work?
SF:”I don’t have any clients who need a little bit of time! So whether I’m working on Beyonce who of course is very gorgeous, or Halle Berry or Vanessa Williams, I put the same amount of time in! I can’t say that there is one person, because she is so pretty, that I don’t spend in extra time on [her]. ” Great honesty Sam!!

SB:What products do people neglect in their makeup bag?
SF: “Foundation. because a lot of women are used to powder. They are using Studio Fix, they are using pressed powders, they are using loose powders. It’s the only thing that can conceal, the only thing that can illuminate the skin, the only thing that can really unify the tones that we have. So, especially talking about women of color, foundation is going to unite those colors, then use powder. Then powder will set your skin and alleviate any shine. That to me makes the perfect complexion. And that’s what we are not using.”

I took a plethora of notes, as one can imagine.
-Sam stipples foundation AND powder on with sponges, not brushes. This way he can control the amount that he is using.
-Uses heavy moisturizer to aid with the foundation
-Assisted Naomi Campbell while still working at the Cosmetics Counter
-Highlights the cheekbone with Nars Taj Mahal Blush, and places Nars Munia on the apple of the cheek
-Sam always uses cream foundations
-Sam used old brushes that he got in a gift with purchase from Prescriptives over 10 years ago!
-He highly suggests having brown eye shadows, and making them look different by changing your brow highlight, brow color, cheek highlight, etc.

Sam is a ferocious blender. When I say he blends, blends, blends, blends, blends…he blends. He used a cadence of colors on his model (Marie Powell, who is absolutely stunning. Head on over to Sam’s website, she is front and center on the main index page) including MAC Full Coverage Foundations in NC50, C40, W55, and NW50, plus Cream Color Base in Black to blend foundation into her hairline. He lightly stippled NC40 sheer loose powder under the eye with a sponge, then blended it out with a powder brush. He even used 3 MAC products that we used to swear by (before that discontinued them *growl*) Gold Deposit, Metal Rock (R.I.P.) and Shining Star Mineralized Skin Finishes.

And guess what, I had class the following morning bright and early. So, I had to leave Sam’s Diva Session. I was flaming mad, I mean geez, when will I get to experience a class with Mr. Fine again?!? So, I walked to the 2/3 subway with a look of grave anger on my face. Nobody would dare try to rob me that night!!! So, I sat on the subway, then in Penn Station, and then on my train, and even now, wondering what awesome tips I missed. Ms. Giselle told me that he did Marie’s eyes using ONLY the 266 and 219 brushes and ONLY using two eyeshadows. Oh My Goodness, what an artist. I was fortunate enough to meet Nichelle of blog 55 Secret Street who also interviewed Sam. See what she has to say!

So, maybe one day in the (near??) future, I’ll be able to interview Sam again, this time getting more in depth info for us! Head on over to Sam’s website and blog to sign up for updates about his work!

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation and Blush

So, I am a bit of a foundation chick. I don’t wear it everyday, but when I need a lil’ something, this is where I go. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about this foundation. I just couldn’t see how something so light would be give me coverage that I wanted. Maybelline says that “color pigments give superior coverage that blends effortlessly, imparting a soft, natural-looking, incredibly even-toned result.” It worked! It’s super duper light and it feels like whipped cream! I would say that it gave light/medium coverage, and did partially cover my blemishes. The color that I chose was “Caramel” and it worked perfectly for my golden undertoned skin.

I also tried the DreamMatte Blush in Soft Plum. It was a very flattering color, a deep rosy pink that glided on like butter. But, it had a bit of sparkle to it, and I’m not sure if I like too much obvious shimmer on my cheeks. I’ll try it again, and this time I will brush some powder over it to make the shimmer more subtle. I would definitely check it out, shoot, it’s under ten bucks!

It’s a genius collection, go Maybelline!!!!

Check out Maybelline DreamMatte Foundation!!

The Becca Color Guide


Wassup Beauties?? I took my last final today! Yay! I had been thinking about Becca face products for awhile because I kept hearing about how accurate they were. The powders are micro-milled and the foundations are silky and undetectable. One of the things that I love about Becca is how they divide the different skin categories. Here’s a portion of the list, I was really blown away by this…

Skin Type: Olive-toned skin often of
Mediterranean, Hispanic, Brazilian or Asian
descent. Tans easily.
Undertones: Yellow/golden.
Examples: Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Lucy

6) TAN
Skin Type: Coffee/caramel coloured skin
Undertones: Yellow/golden.
Examples: Beyonce Knowles, Ashanti, Halle

Skin Type: Light-brown skin tones that appear
slightly richer in colour.
Undertones: Warm.
Examples: Tyra Banks, Alicia Keys.

Skin Type: Brown skin tones.
Undertones: Golden to slightly warm.
Examples: Naomi Campbell, Whitney Houston,
Oprah Winfrey.

Skin Type: Darker-brown complexion.
Undertones: Golden and warm.
Examples: Angela Bassett, Mary J. Blige,
Serena Williams.

Skin Type: Rich brown skin tones that appear
Undertones: Red.
Examples: Iman, Kelly Rowland, Natalie Cole.

Skin Type: Deep chocolate-brown skin that
appears more neutral.
Undertones: Warm.
Examples: Angie Stone, India Arie.

Skin Type: Darkest skin tone.
Undertones: Warm to blue-black.
Examples: Alec Wek.

How Great is that? It only took me a second to choose my shade. I heard huge raves over the Fine Loose Finishing Powder on a few different boards, so I decided to buy a jar. Now that I have found this color guide, I found the color that I reallyneeded. I bought a shade that was too dark! No worries, I’m a huge fan of contouring!

Luminous Skin Color SPF 20+ is really tempting me! I am looking for a good lightweight foundation just to even out my skin. I don’t want anything with serious coverage on during the sweaty summer months. What woman wants a ton of foundation dripping down her face? That’s why this is calling my name! Becca says that
“Luminous Skin Color is an ultra sheer foundation/tinted moisturizer that visibly improves the complexion, yet looks incredibly natural on the skin. It is multipurpose, offering skincare, makeup, and sun protection in one product. It boasts a high SPF of 20+ that protects against over 96 percent of both UVA and UVB rays.” On my way to Sephora in the afternoon….You know what that means! *winks*

Stay Scandalous!

Becca, we’ve neglected you!

I’m a girl who loves sparkle. If I have makeup on, there must be shimmer somewhere. I think this one might be my new fave!

Becca Fiesta Bronzing Dust in Tango is the most exciting all-over shimmer powder I have ever played with. There are a thousand shimmer powders out there, but this is the first that doesn’t vanish or end up looking ashy. On brown skin, it stays a dark bronzy eye-catching chocolatey gold. It’s great as a highlight under the eye, on the lid, around the eye, mixed in your lipgloss, or on the body. If I am going to the club or have an exciting evening, I’d mix a tiny bit of it into my moisturizer. FAB.

By the way, I adore Becca. It’s one of those beauty lines that I could just sit in Sephora and play with all day. They have very high quality products, and they are very well aware that there are more than 3 or 4 shades of brown skin. They have 30 shades of foundation. That is insane (I mean that in a GREAT way). The American companies can’t get it right…but the Aussie’s know the deal!

I also played with the Brazilian Bronzing Creme in Samba. Sephora says “This sheer bronze glossing creme for face, eyes and lips is suitable for all complexions and is 100% orange-free.” It is basically “dewy skin” in a jar. It wasn’t necessarily bronze on my skin because it’s brown and so am I. Nonetheless, my cheeks were glowing! I’d wear it right over my bronzer or blush.

More Becca reviews to follow! Check out Becca at or at Sephora!

All pictures courtesy of Sephora