The Most Dewy, Sexy, Luscious Skin Ever

I didn’t realize that there would be such a hoopla over my look for the Billy B. contest. When I had over 20 requests for the look, it was time more me to do a tutorial! Guess which foundation I used? Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. This base is so absolutely ridiculously amazing, and can give you so many looks and finishes. I just can’t get enough of it! Billy B. inspired me to do this look, as well as his contest look, from all of the impeccable looks that he does to so many people around the world. I swear, the man is so bad!

I’m Wearing..
MAC Satin Taupe Eye Shadow
MAc Shadowy Lady Eye Shadow to line
MAC Feline Eye Kohl
Scott Barnes Luminizing Mist
MUFE All Mat
MUFE HD Foundation in 175
MAC Pro Azalea Blush
MAC Lily White Pigment
MAC #7 Eyelashes
MAC Clear Lipglass

As you saw in the video, I had went back and forth in my mind about how it compared with MAC Fix+. After analyzing the video, I realized that the Scott Barnes Luminizing Mist does make a difference. There was a slight glow on the skin, not a shimmery obnoxious glow, but a subtle, illuminating glow. Just wanted to add that side note!

MAC Foundations..I Think I’ve Moved On..

I never thought I’d see it happen, but I think I am over MAC foundations. I’ve tried every foundation that MAC makes. In my makeup collection, I own Studio Tech, Studio Fix, Fix Fluid, Full Coverage and Studio Stick, not to mention that I use Studio Finish Concealer as a foundation. But I can’t lie, ever since I bought my Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, I rarely use any of my MAC foundations anymore. It’s kind of sad, really. I’ve been so attached to my MAC foundations since I was 18 years old. Granted, I don’t wear foundation on a daily basis, but I do bust it out every now and then.

But there are quite a few other bases that I am curious about. First and foremost, you don’t have to have a ton of different foundations. The HD is all purpose, in my opinion. I’d love to try Mat Velvet, which I’ve heard is the most natural matte foundation on the market. Duo Mat Powder Foundation is apparently better quality than Studio Fix. I’ve heard that it is the ideal powder to have in your possession. After watching this clip on HSN, I absolutely must try Face & Body Foundation. It looks so soft and untraceable!

So, I won’t say that my MAC foundation days are over. But with the insane amount of foundations, concealers, primers and powders that MUFE has so offer, I’m sure they will be my number one pick for quite some time!

“All I Want Is Foundation That Matches” in New York Magazine

As an aspiring beauty editor, I love nothing more than reading what other editors have to say. What I love, even more, is to hear what Brown beauty editors have to say. Aja Mangum of New York Magazine has over 20 pages of archives to her name (via the net), and one particular article was all too familiar. “All I Want Is Foundation That Matches” is an article that really hit home. I went to a makeup store today, and as I jumped from brand to brand, I noticed the lack of foundations that worked for my skin. Granted, I have a pretty common tone that one wouldn’t deem exotic, it’s actually quite common. In reality, do companies think that Beyonce’s skin tone is as dark as it gets??? On another note, if we keep believing that the only brands that will work for us are Fashion Fair, Iman, or MAC, why should these companies feel the need to expand on their foundation range?? And honestly, there is no way that a company can produce every single shade of human skin in a bottle. There are so many factors, it’s crazy.

Aja does undercover work, going to different counters and getting frustrated by the lack of options. Isn’t that the worst?? Definitely be sure to check out the article, find out which counters were satisfying, and which companies left her out in the dark. Which brands have you noticed that don’t carry your brand??

Guest Review: Marco Pelusi Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner

Rated 9.5 by Editor Charli Schuler

It’s easy to see why Marco Color Anti-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner with Collagen Color Guard is hairstylist Marco Pelusi’s signature product. Just one or two pumps miraculously detangle knots and tame frizz on all hair types. …More


Tutorial: How to Use Stick Foundation

I am an avid fan of stick foundation. I love how easy it blends, it’s convenient to carry around, and you can get any type of coverage out of it! I just bought my new one a few weeks ago, and since I am a sucker for doing makeup guides, I knew that using the stick would be perfect! I love how natural the skin looks after using this. No matter how much you use, it’s always natural, if you blend it! There are plenty of stick foundations on the market, this time I use MAC Studio Stick Foundation.

I also show you the infamous Make Up For Ever HD Powder, which is nothing short of phenomenal. It just makes the skin look so fresh, so beautiful, and it will last you forever! You only need the slightest little dusting of this to cover most of the face. You can try this at Sephora, and if you want to read all the details about the powder, check out Make Up For Ever‘s guide to the HD must have. Yes, the powder is white, but it instantly blends with the skin, leaving it completely colorless.

MAC Studio Stick Tutorial

While I am working on my video review of the MAC collection, “Originals”, I decided to go ahead and cross post the foundation tutorial that I created for The MAC Fetish. Hope this helps! Studio Stick is my favorite foundation, so I had to share my love with you! Hope this helps!

I was going to the club for my friend’s birthday, and since I was going for a nude eye/red-lip combo, I decided to do classic skin. So, here’s the way I like to do it when I want a flawless face.
1. I’m using the Studio Stick Concealer to outline around my eyebrows, basically to give them a bit more definition. I have already filled them in, and this will sort of “chisel” them into place. I’m an NC50, so I used NW45 to do this particular step. My forehead is darker, thus the choice in color. Next, I apply a good thick moisturizer all over my skin to get that gorgeous sheen.

If I were doing a natural look, and didn’t want to play up my skin, I would only do a few swipes of foundation, like on the picture to the left. I decided to use the foundation as a concealer today.

But, since I’m going out tonight and I want my skin to look extra sexy, I’m doing multiple swipes of foundation. This includes a few on the cheeks, forehead, chin, temples, etc. I think I have around 15 swipes on the skin. Again, I am using Studio Stick foundation in NC50. It gives great coverage that you can build, so the more you use, the more it will cover. This may be my favorite foundation! It looks just like your skin!!!

Next, take your old faithful 109 brush and blend your foundation. I like to use small, circular motions to get the foundation really into the skin. I like to spray my face with Fix+ while I do this, it keeps the skin moist looking and never streaky. I demonstrate this with the picture to the left.

Next, I’m going to use a kabuki brush and buff on Mineralized Skin Finish Natural. Sorry, I don’t have a picture of this one. This gives a soft, natural, sexy sheen to the skin. It looks very high fashion. If you don’t want that obvious of a look, go ahead and use a powder brush for a softer finish. In the picture to the right, I’m finishing up with a bit of Studio Fix in NW43 to set my foundation and to give just a bit more coverage. It really makes the look more polished.

Lastly, on the picture to the left, I’m using a mixture of Ablaze and Raizin blush to softly coat the cheeks. I love these blushes, I had to buy a backup of Ablaze because it’s so hot!!! I’m using the 129 brush for this.

And to the right, here’s the finished look!!! I really wanted sleek, sexy skin and hot lips! On the eyes I wore Rubenesque Paint Pot with a bit of Melon Pigment over it with the 217 brush. I lined my eyes in plenty of Boot Black Liquid Liner and Smolder Eye Kohl. Brows were done with Embark eye shadow and the 266 brush. My lips were lined with Velvetella and Nightmoth lipliners and the lipstick that I chose was Wild ‘Bout You from the Balloonacy Collection. That color should be pretty hard to find at this time, so try New York Apple or Glam lipsticks for a good substitute!