Say What?!? The Stick Lives!

While collecting empty containers to turn in at the MAC store for the Back 2 MAC program, I found some old MAC Studio Stick Foundations. Don’t know if you recall, but before finding Make Up For Ever foundations, the MAC Stick was my FAVE. Actually, this is the only foundation that I have ever used enough of to have to purchase a new one. I used it ALL the time. Anyway, I knew that I had them stashed for a reason…to scoop out all of the product that is below the point of intended use. And looky looky! Using a bobby pin, I salvaged 5-6 full faces worth of foundation! The moral of this story…get your money’s worth! If you use a liquid product, ANY liquid product, always leave it upside down to gather as much product to the opening. If your foundation is in a jar or pot (like the little pot above) and you see remnants of creame foundation, blast it with a bow dryer for a few seconds to melt the remaining. This will gather all of the cream at the bottom, so you can get more use of it. If you don’t want it to be too liquidy, just let it set for a few hours.

Make Up For Ever vs. MAC Foundations, The Showdown!

Everytime I turn around, Make Up For Ever has come out with something else to stun the competition. Each time that I wear it, I am thinking that Mat Velvet+ Mattifying Foundation could be the best matte foundation EVER. Bold statement, I know. I seriously can’t stop using it. In fact, here is a video tutorial on how to use it! This is precisely how I felt about the HD Foundation that I had been wearing for months on end. But then I realized, if I’m oily, why not use the foundation that makes you matte and flawless all at the same time! HD is my go to foundation for dewy, natural and fresh faced looks. The two foundations are in very heavy rotation. Want to learn how to apply HD? I’ll show you how to do dramatic, delicious dewy skin as well as everyday natural skin!

Many people tell me that I never say anything bad about MAC. Well let me tell you what I HATE. I loathe Studio Sculpt Foundation on myself. If you have normal or dry skin, this will make your skin look blissful. I put it on several clients that complained of boring, flaky and dull skin. They all looked amazing in it! Absolutely flawless. I put it on myself, and within hours I was in bumps and welts. I have the dark marks ALL over my face to prove it. Here is the quick review I posted on a few message boards while my face still itched!

Oily girls beware. I wore this foundation the other day around my jaw line just to test it out, then the next day I wore it all over my face, and my skin was perfection!!!! Absolute perfection! My face itched a few hours after I tried it on my jawline, then all day after and is still itching 4 days later. If you’re an oily girl like me and every other oily girl with bad reviews, don’t even bother. I have fine bumps and regular sized bumps ALL over my face. It’s disgusting. So, I will stick to the concealer, which is Heaven. Clearly this foundation is for drier skins b/c of the creaminess, which I knew, but had to try anyway.

So, MUFE has to be the winner in this category. I don’t like to bash products, but sorry MAC, it just isn’t cutting it to me.

Quest For the Perfect Foundation

Finding foundation for Woman of Color could almost be considered a catastrophe from the beginning. Supermodel Iman had to create her own bases when she began modeling, because a shade for her did not even exist. I remember reading about her brand when I was younger, I bought my first foundation from there. It was the wrong shade.

Today, I’m introducing a new column on my blog, all about foundations. There are a ton of factors to finding your best match, including the texture, color, brand, etc. There are a bunch of questions your should ask yourself when looking for a foundation.

What do I want my skin to look like?
Do I want a foundation suitable for my skin type, or the look of my skin?
Do I want to follow trends in the fashion industry?
Do I want different foundations for different looks?

The list could go on and on. I’ve already created quite a few stories about Foundations, but I would like to get more in depth. If you have a foundation that has worked for you, one to recommend, one that you hated, or anything else, feel free to e-mail me (link in the top toolbar) so that I may feature you.

Earlier this evening, I created a video with my random thoughts and tips about how to choose your perfect foundation. Hopefully this will give you some more things to think about!

Make Up For Ever Foundation Tutorials

Happy Monday!!!

Over the weekend, I did a a few videos showcasing one of my favorite brands ever, Make Up For Ever. All of the products are made to resist water and everything is made in Paris. After I created a video using High Definition Foundation, people started to tell me that they wanted to know more!!!

First up, Face and Body Liquid Makeup. This is a super sheer formula that evens out your skin beautifully. You can also apply it on your body to even out your skin tone. I wore it once with a teeny tiny dress, and it was amazing just how great my legs looked.

The other is Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation. If you want natural, matte looking skin, this is the foundation for you! If you have oily skin like I do, this is sure to keep you shine free!!!

Hopefully these videos will give you more insight on the tons of other foundations to choose from. I have packed away my MAC Foundations, and MUFE have certainly become my staple!