Bridal Hair by Redken

The Redken accessorized updo caught my eye in an instant!  This is (literally) the style I have always dreamed of for my big day! There will have to be a few adjustments, I’m assuming, since my locs should be down my back by then. A beautiful bun with a strapless gown and flawless makeup equals my version of wedding day perfection!!! Here’s how artistic director Giovanni Giuntoli created the look.

“To create, first apply Redken spray starch 15 versatile ironing spray (SRP $13.00) throughout hair to allow for extra texture and support of the shape. Make a horizontal part at the crown 4 inches from forehead and section off. Use spritzes of workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray ($15.00) to reduce flyaways as you pull back and secure with an elastic just above the occipital bone. Next, take front section and spray fabricate 03 heat active texturizer (SRP $13.00) through and backcomb lightly in sections to create the height that will show at the top of the finished style. Lightly brush back to meet with the ponytail making sure to keep the textured height, and secure all together with an elastic. Grab the ponytail and swirl it loosely into an open chignon around itself and pin as you create a ‘donut-like’ shape. Hide ends into bun and pin with hair pins to secure. Loosely pull out a few pieces on the sides and top for added texture to the silhouette. Lastyly, finish total look with workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray (SRP $15.00) for a flexible hold.”

He then tightened the bun and added the flowered side piece.  How gorgeous is this?!?! For more information on Giovanni and his work, check him out here!

Putting an End to Hair Damage for All Hair Types

Hair breakage can cause super set backs on the quest for healthier hair. While there are a kabillion products on the hair market, here are some of the products that you might want to take a gander at.

Aphogee Restructuring Treatment-This is a holy grail product that always stands the test of time. It smells like hell, it’s runny, but it’s a life saver. This product is made to stop breakage dead on, to promote healthier hair right then and there. Don’t forget to use a super creamy conditioner with it. I’ve done several posts on this product, including a step by step picture tutorial.

Nexuss Keraphix and Emergencee- I read about these on the forums years ago and they were a staple in my relaxed hair regimen. In fact, I was an avid Humectress fan, I bought it by the gallon! Keraphix is a “Restorative Strengthening Conditioner” that I would use about twice a week. I would leave it on while in the shower, then deep conditioner afterward for 10-15 minutes. Also, Emergencee was another product that can save even the most damaged hair. This “Strengthening Polymeric Reconstructor” creates an instant change in hair elasticity, strength and shine.
Redken Extreme– This entire line is a miracle. I’m really happy that I discovered it, and I’m sure it could have played a vital role in saving my relaxed hair. There is literally nothing from this line that I wouldn’t recommend. We know that the Redken brand has stood for quality for years on end, and this collection is definitely no exception. Don’t forget to check out the millions of posts that I’ve done on Redken, you know their one of my faves!

Throwback: Erin with Short Blonde Hair!

I’ve been through a lot with my hair. Over the past 5 years, I’ve been relaxed, natural and loc’ed. And while I love my natural hair, my relaxed hair days were a ton of fun too! The picture above is circa 2005. I used to go to the salon every week and get my hair wrapped, set and curled. I was rocking short flips in the front, in the back, anywhere!

There were some staple products that made my hair thrive during these days. I don’t think I had discovered Redken yet (which if I had, I probably would have stayed relaxed MUCH longer), but I was a Mizani/Nexxus/Miss Key freak!

Miss Key 10 en 1 is a Dominican conditioner that I used as a conditioner and deep conditioner. I swore by it. I lived for it. Anytime I go to beauty supply stores in NYC I am still tempted to pick up a jar, even though it did nothing for my natural hair. The Redken products that I wish I would have found are the “Extreme” collection. I used these on my natural hair, and they were great, but my hair was in pretty good shape at the time, so I didn’t really need it. But, as for my relaxed hair that was extremely chemically treated, dyed, blow dried, sizzled and anything else you could think of…Extreme would have been a God send!

My stylist Veronica has always done the BEST hair color and styles on me. They were always very rich in color and looked SO vicious. If you’re in the DC/MD/VA area, visit her salon, Hair On You. For all of my favorite products for relaxed hair, click the “relaxed hair” tag under this blog post to see the many product reviews I created back in the day. If you’re really bored, here is an online photo album with my relaxed hair progress!

The Aphogee Treatment Tutorial

Okay, so you’ve already heard me talk about Aphogee Treatments, I’m sure. The goal of this treatment is to stop breakage dead in its tracks. Salons all over the place swear by it. It has saved my hair on more than one occasion! They have renamed and repackaged their products, which was throwing me off. Couldn’t figure out why nobody had the bottles of the stuff! Anywho, here’s a trial packet of the product, and what it really looks like. It’s a liquid, very thin, very watery. It basically spilled all down my face, floor, shirt, and everywhere else.

The directions say to use the treatment of freshly washed hair. I used Giovanni Smooth as Silk Deep Moisture Shampoo. This, as well as the conditioner are cult faves of mine. I’ll never live without them.

The Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer is a MUST if you’re going to use the treatment. Seriously, it says so on the package! This is a bottle that I’ve had for a bit over a year. I liked to use it before or after a co-wash to give my hair some added moisture.

Just for some added punch, I used the last of my Redken Real Control Intense Renewal Masque. It sure was sad to see it go. This is one of the first masques that I have found that may work wonders on relaxed and natural heads. I added about a tablespoon of grapeseed oil and EVOO to the masque for some extra love.

Hair is freshly shampooed. I must admit, it feels kind of nice to cleanse my hair. I do this about once a month, since I am an avid co-washer.

Time to get it on! This mess stinks. It smells overly fragrant, obnoxiously even. It’s like the treatment stank on it’s own, so they overpowered it with a perfume-ish scent to hide the original stank. lol

Kind of blurry, but this is my hair with the stank in it.

Came down to my room to let my hair dry. Directions specifically say NOT to manipulate the hair as it gets hard. You can sit under the dryer, air dry or blow dry. Once the hair is hard, and I mean REALLY hard, it’s time to wash it out!! Then, follow with balancing moisturizer. After this, I opt to moisturize the hell out of my hair, adding the masque. Afterward, hair feeling stronger and ready for war, I twisted my hair in 10 sections for a twist-out tomorrow.

Bantu Knots!

I’m attempting the infamous wavy bantu knots tonight. I’ll be so mad if they don’t look okay!! Well, not really, I’ll just throw it in a puff!! I still have a quarter jar of Curly Meringue that I am trying to get rid of, so I decided to use it tonight! After my co-wash, I used my glycerin/water mix, Redken Anti-Snap, a bit of Shea butter and the Curly Meringue. I’m hoping that it will come out more wavy than frizzy. I probably should have made them smaller, I’m sure they would have looked better that way. We’ll see in the morning….