Cover Girl Queen Collection Natural Hue Minerals Bronzer


While reading over some notes from a Sam Fine interviewthat I did a few years back, I thought about the importance of bronzer. He always stresses the use of bronzer! Last night, I tried it again over Iman foundation. I still don’t have any raves about the Iman foundation, it’s just average to me. The bronzer, however, is a different story. The shade du jour is Cover Girl Queen Collection Natural Hue Minerals Bronzer in Ebony Bronze.

When I bought this about 6 months ago, I didn’t give it a fair shot. I may have been a little heavy handed. Looking back on it, I thought the color was a bit too dark, too muddy for my liking. I felt like it made me look dirty. Yesterday though, with Sam Fine on the brain, I tried a different technique. I used a much lighter hand, and applied the bronzer in very light, soft circular motions. The result, a sculpted face with bronzer! It warmed the look of my skin without making me look over done! Perfect! In the picture, the effect is subtle, but I loved it! In the seminar after the interview, Sam used my favorite blush (Nars Taj Mahal, duh!) to highlight the cheekbone right above the bronzer. Can’t wait to try that!

Sam Fine DVD Release Party!

How excited are we all that Sam Fine is finally coming out with a makeup video? Finally, we’ll get to learn the tricks of the trade (or just the tricks that he wants to expose). He can highlight and contour a face like I’ve never seen. When I attended his seminar back in 2007, he used over five foundations to sculpt his model’s face. The launch party went down at the Warren Tricomi Salon at the luxurious Plaza Hotel in NYC. Here he is looking so fresh and so clean with Iman (the host of the party), Deborah Cox and Vanessa L. Williams.

Sam Fine, Vanessa L. Williams and Dr. Lisa Iran

Sam Fine and Taraji P. Henson (Damn T, that hair though? Yuck!)

Apparently, the drink of choice was Nuvo! (I popped a bottle or two of this on my birthday in May, I really wanted to like it but it was overly flavored in my opinion. It was as if they wanted to hide the champagne taste with fruity syrup. I’ll stick to white wine.) The DVD will retail for $24.99, available of and Can’t Wait!!!

Update: The Essence Beauty Team was there for the action! Check out their coverage of the star studded event!!!

By the way, if you don’t have his book Fine Beauty, you’re NUTS! Go get it!!! It’s a classic amongst classics!!!!

Make Up For Ever vs. MAC Foundations, The Showdown!

Everytime I turn around, Make Up For Ever has come out with something else to stun the competition. Each time that I wear it, I am thinking that Mat Velvet+ Mattifying Foundation could be the best matte foundation EVER. Bold statement, I know. I seriously can’t stop using it. In fact, here is a video tutorial on how to use it! This is precisely how I felt about the HD Foundation that I had been wearing for months on end. But then I realized, if I’m oily, why not use the foundation that makes you matte and flawless all at the same time! HD is my go to foundation for dewy, natural and fresh faced looks. The two foundations are in very heavy rotation. Want to learn how to apply HD? I’ll show you how to do dramatic, delicious dewy skin as well as everyday natural skin!

Many people tell me that I never say anything bad about MAC. Well let me tell you what I HATE. I loathe Studio Sculpt Foundation on myself. If you have normal or dry skin, this will make your skin look blissful. I put it on several clients that complained of boring, flaky and dull skin. They all looked amazing in it! Absolutely flawless. I put it on myself, and within hours I was in bumps and welts. I have the dark marks ALL over my face to prove it. Here is the quick review I posted on a few message boards while my face still itched!

Oily girls beware. I wore this foundation the other day around my jaw line just to test it out, then the next day I wore it all over my face, and my skin was perfection!!!! Absolute perfection! My face itched a few hours after I tried it on my jawline, then all day after and is still itching 4 days later. If you’re an oily girl like me and every other oily girl with bad reviews, don’t even bother. I have fine bumps and regular sized bumps ALL over my face. It’s disgusting. So, I will stick to the concealer, which is Heaven. Clearly this foundation is for drier skins b/c of the creaminess, which I knew, but had to try anyway.

So, MUFE has to be the winner in this category. I don’t like to bash products, but sorry MAC, it just isn’t cutting it to me.

FAQ Friday: Highlighting Under the Eye

This week’s video comes a comment on my Youtube video “Silver Sparkling Smokey Eyes“.

Can I use this as a higlighter for under my eyes? I have been searching high and low for something for my face and can’t seem to find anything.Makeup forever has a contour and highlight duo,but when I went to sephora they were all out…Please help

SB Says:

The first thing people usually run to in concealer. This is completely fine, try to use one that is warm toned. If you use cool toned concealers, this will make any dark circles and imperfections stand out a bit more. Remember, darker/warmer recedes and lighter/cooler brings forward! Use a brush or your ring finger, and remember to set with a powder so it doesn’t crease!

Try using a lighter dusting of powder under the eye. I’ve learned by my favorite make up artists to use a lighter loose or pressed powder under the eye. This is just another alternative. Billy B. uses Studio fix with a brush and Sam Fine uses MAC Loose Powder with a sponge. I tried the loose powder in NW35 (the same color he used on the NW50 model he was working on) and it works great!

Also, there are many liquid illuminators that do this exact thing. One of the most praised in the industry is the Touche Eclat by YSL. Just use the pen in the appropriate area, and blend with your ring finger or a brush. Bobbi Brown also has one, the Tinted Eye Brightener. I would do this before applying foundation.

Flashback: Beauty in the 90’s

It’s amazing how as time changes, so do trends. The other day, I caught a few minutes of Waiting to Exhale. I wasn’t allowed to watch it when it came out, because I was too young. But watching it now, I see exactly why it was a blockbuster for Women of Color all over the world. I also couldn’t get over the matte eye shadow and bland lip colors. True, they were professional women, but damn, were the 90’s reaaaaly that boring when it comes to beauty??? I’m assuming so. Did everyone have to wear tomato red lipstick, really? Essence has featured Angela Bassett on their site with a photo gallery marking many of her most memorable roles, including Malcom X, Waiting to Exhale and Vampire in Brooklyn. Of course, we can’t forget How Stella Got Her Groove Back and What’s Love Got to Do With It. I even found some old makeup books from the 90’s (that shall remain nameless) that showcased makeup for Women of Color, it was terrible. Absolutely terrible. And no, I am definitely not referring to Sam Fine’s Fine Beauty! Whew, I feel better now. Just had to vent!! Have a lovely weekend!!