Sam’s Picks

While browsing through, I noticed a section where artists pick their favorite products. And who was listed, Sam Fine. Some of his favorite products include Underplay lipstick for a nude lip, Fanplastico Lip Laquer for the most delicious red lip, and eyeshadows Amber Lights, Embark and Ricepaper. For the complete list of products, check out!

Some 2008 Beauty Finds….

Yaaaaay, it’s 2008!!!!

I woke up this morning in disarray. My room was a mess, I need to pay a $600 bill for school, and I just couldn’t take it anymore! So I grabbed one of those huge green trash bags, the ones for leaves and grass and other means of nature’s clutter, and cleaned! Wow, did I find some interesting stuff in my room! I’m a pack rat, I have issues of Honey Magazine from 2005 and Essence from 1999.

While going through the magazines, I found some AMAZING beauty finds!!! Here’s what I learned..

  • Roberta Rogers, makeup artist of Vivica A. Fox, uses MAC Orange Eyeshadow under her lower lash line to warm up the area. This helps camaflauge the look of darkness and makes the eyes look more awake. (In the picture with the article, Rogers used the MAC 109 brush and MAC Select Sheer Loose Powder)
  • If you tend to breakout, wear more matte colors instead of shimmery ones. This will make your makeup more subtle, thus bringing less attention to your breakout.
  • Wearing Purple on the eye is one of the most stunning ways to make brown skin pop. On the July 2007 issue of Essence Magazine, Kerry Washington is wearing shades identical to L’Oreal H.I.P. Concentrated Eye Shadow Duo in Charisma.

And while you’re at it, Sam Fine has updated his blog, and it’s jam packed with beauty tips, products and advice! He even highlights the exclusive MAC Harlem class, and gives you his rendition of the night. Enjoy…and Stay Scandalous!

The MAC Fetish: The Originals

This collection was really fun for me, because it re-formulated colors we love and colors that we missed. Plus, anytime a collection contains glitters, I’m super excited! The colors that I love are bold. I’ve attempted to do a quick video review of the collection, but the swatches didn’t really work out in the end. So, I have included pictures of swatches. Check out the collection at

Rozz Revival- Watermelon reddish pink (lustre)
Chintz on Chintz Sheer mid-tone yellow brown (lustre)
Utter Pervette- Soft pastel pink (lustre)
Back to Del Rio- Deep brown red (lustre)
Nouveau-Frou- Beigey grey pink with white pearl (lustre)
Retrofluid Sheer dirty deep plum with gold and red pearl
Supersequin Plummy pink with silver pearl (lustre)
Twig-Twig- Neutral brown plum (lustre)
Sandy B- Light shell pink
Russian Red-Intense bluish-red

Full on Lust- Neutral brown pink (cream)
Avarice- Mid-tone yellow red with soft red pearl (cream)
Real Desire Deep plum with red plum
Nico Now- Mid-tone grey purple with multicoloured pearl (cream)

C-Thru- Soft peached-beige with shimmer (cream)

Daisychain- Soft yellow beige with soft white pearl (satin)
Ochre Style- Mid-tone yellow brown with gold (frost)
A Little Folie- Mid-tone red brown (matte) (This is an amazing crease color!)
Memorabilia- Dirty purple (matte)
Clue Mid-tone dirty grey with silver (matte)
Alum- Mid-tone blue grey with soft blue pearl (frost)

(In the picture, left to right, Kitchmas, Steel Blue, Violet, Melon)

Kitschmas- Light airy shimmering pink/mauve pearl (frost)
Violet- Vivid bright violet-purple (frost) (Absolute MUST HAVE!)
Melon- Soft bright golden peach (frost) (Lovely brow highlight!)
Golden Olive- High frosted green gold (frost)
Steel Blue- Rich deep turquoise green-blue shone with
small pearl particle (pearl)

GLITTER (in order, left to right)
Reflects Blackened Red- Sparkling burgundy
Reflects Antique Gold- Sparkling taupe
Reflects Transparent Teal- Sparkling white with turquoise
Reflects Very Pink- Sparkling fuchsia pink
(Glitters are not eye safe, they are not recommended for use in the eye area. But, use them there at your own risk. These glitters aren’t chunky at all, and they will virtually stick to anything. To use them all over the face/body, I like to spray a sponge with fix+, then place the sponge into the glitter. I then shake off the access, and apply to the face/body. This makes it a bit more even and doesn’t get glitter all over your hands or brushes.

Ebony- Soft black
Coffee- Muted brown
Indigo- Muted greenish-blue

Black Black

I love this look, titled “Full On Lust”. The look includes several colors from the new collection, including the world-famous Parrot eye shadow! I love the color, I wear it over Sea Me Shadestick all the time, just like they do here in the look. Check out how to recreate the look. Here’s how they created the eye look:

Define the eyebrows with Charcoal Brown Eye Shadow using a 208 Brush. Apply Frisco Eye Shadow to the browbone with a 213 Brush. Using the 242 Brush, apply Sea Me Shadestick to the inner eyelid. Then blend evenly applying Parrot Eye Shadow to the centre and outer lid using a 213 Brush. Apply Charred Eye Shadow into the crease of the eye and combine with Carbon Eye Shadow blending also in the crease with
a 222 Brush. Line the upper lashline using Boot Black Liquid Eye Liner. Do the same for your lower lashline, using Carbon Eye Shadow with a 219 Brush. Use several coats of All Black Fibre Rich Lash both on the top and bottom lashes. For more detailed information and other looks to try, check it out here.

Nars Holiday 2007

There are few lines of makeup that can compete with the bold, yet classic Nars Cosmetics. I (like everyone else in the world) am a Nars Blush fanatic. Remember, I own Taj Mahal (which Sam Fine uses on his celebrity clients), Exhibit A, Taos, Crazed and Goldmember.

Just the other day as I was strolling through Neiman’s, I saw the amazing new collection. I swear, I think it is the best collection, by far! The colors attracted me immediately because they didn’t look hard to use. You know how it is for us brown girls, we have to have 30 other colors to choose from to mix in just so the one we love doesn’t make us look ashy or pale! Well, I have my eyes on Balthazar and Cheyenne eye shadow duos. They look like awesome colors to wear on a daily basis. Hopefully Santa will put them in my stocking! I did get to pick up the Sand Piper/ Daredevil set above, which is very, very pretty. Sandpiper is an awesome natural, anytime gloss. Daredevil is an eye-catching, deep red that is going to set it off on Saturday night!!! I am so loving this new collection!!! Come on over to to check it out!!!